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[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Alice In Wonder City | 給愛麗絲的奇蹟

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edited May 2012 in entertainment
Alice In Wonder City / 給愛麗絲的奇蹟

Series Details
Title: 給愛麗絲的奇蹟 / Gai Alice De Qi Ji
English title: Alice in Wonder City
Also known as: Give Alice A Miracle
Genre: Human drama
Broadcast network: CTS
Broadcast period: 2012-May-20
Air time: Sunday 22:00

He Ting Yu is a famous violinist who’s just returned from an overseas tour. Chen Hai Jie is a hardworking dreamer who came to the big city to become a world class violin player. Lan Die Fei is a charming girl who has a beautiful voice and an ear for pitch. Alice is a mysterious girl from Japan who wonders the streets searching for the secrets of her past.

The seeds of their dreams are planted in the city; they are waiting to see if one day they will bear fruit.

Aaron Yan as He Ting Yu 賀霆宇
Xiu Jie Kai as Chen Hai Jie 陳海傑
Lara as Lan Die Fei 藍蝶菲
Yang Gui Mei as Jin Li Sha 金莉莎
Tracy Zhou as Alice / Ito Seiko 伊藤聖子
Lin Li Yang as Tang Jin Cang 唐晉滄
Cherry Hsia as Lan Yu Shu 藍語書
Xuan Ye Ke Fang (萱野可芳) as Su Mei Mei 蘇美玫
Xiang Yu Jie as Chen Hai Na 陳海娜
Wu Zhen Ya (吳震亞) as Ju Li Ren 居里仁
Long Chen Han (隆宸翰) as Li Yun 李雲
Chen Yan Ru (陳彥儒) as A Pan 阿潘
Lin Xiao Yun (林筱芸) as Yu Xi Liu 雲西柳
Kagami Tomohisa (加賀美智久) as SJ (Sasaki Junior)

Production Credits
Director: Wang Li Wen 王麗文
Screenwriter: Wu Luo Ying (吳洛纓)



  • _loner__loner_ Posts: 910Member


    maybe i'll watch this.
    Please read the signature rules
  • lucky*13lucky*13 CaliforniaPosts: 3,035Member


    i don't believe this... this thread only has one post?

    ok, so i started watching the drama yesterday and has already caught up
    i am a big fan of arron yan so i HAVE TO watch this lol

    the plot is well developed, it makes you feel that people have dreams they want to strive for
    and arron is so hot and really grew stronger as an actor
    but endure the first ep, because they are the intro and story is just developing
    main girl (lara) continues to be clumsy and naive as always but not to the point you cringe and stop watching
    her counter opponent girl (tracy) seems to be mysterious and doing nice stuff to get to her mom's money
    oppenent guy (xiu) usually is a "nice guy" but he dummied down and sees all situations with a positive view
    main guy (arron) is a violin prodigy who understands a lot about peoples' emotions even though he doesn't understand anything else but music

    -spoilers- though i already spoiled a little with my character explanation

    i feel that the personalities of arron and tracy are not consistent in the drama
    arron clearly fell in love with lara because he declared he was gonna involve in this love triangle
    yet he sleeps with tracy... -__- and dates her! double -___-
    and tracy started out to be a sweet girl who appears in xiu's past as Alice
    but when she appears to find her mom, she's a rude punk
    then one day she decides to put on cream colored clothing and turns "nice" again?
    i know she's after her mom's money because she has a fiance and someone is pressuring her.. still, her change was not gradual

    anyway, when this thread gets bumped, i hope there will be some replies back so i don't feel so lonely watching this by myself


  • running_wildrunning_wild Posts: 85Member


    i'm currently watching this drama. and i'm up to eps 10. i have to say this drama has a nice cinematography.
    but the story is kinda slow paced. until now die fei is still in love with hai jie and hai jie continues to be oblivious to her feelings.
    ding yu really likes die fei that he's writing a musical for her! i've seen the preview for eps 11.
    there will be a big improvement in die fei & ding yu relationship. can't wait! i hope these two end up together.
  • WendyWendy SingaporePosts: 7,814Friend of Soompi


    Aaron Yan and Lara were in Singapore to promote the drama at the invitation of our local tv station. Here are the fancams I took at the event, which also included autography of posters for fans but I did not record the signing. After this activity, the duo went to another venue for more interaction with fans.

    1 September 2012 :

    Chatting about their roles & their time in Japan...

    Game with 2 fans..making music with glasses...

    Lara talks about OST song...

    Aaron sings OST song...

    End of event..












  • lia00027lia00027 Posts: 6Member
    Overall this drama is really good toward the ending since the last 3 ep focused on he ting yu (aaron) and dei fei (lara) love relationship, even though the beginning is slow and quite boring because not focusing on the love relationship between those two rather dragged on too many character's life which is the biggest mistake of the producers done. They should have keep it focus on he ting yu n dei fei story not chen hai jie and seiko story all the time. The founding of Lara's voice ability is too long hence makeeps before that not that interesting. Thank goodness Aaron is a saviour is this drama with his confidence and not draggy style character, and Lara's love for him is one of the main point to watch this drama.
  • ladyhotaryladyhotary ItalyPosts: 1,123Member


    it looks very interested drama
  • ladyhotaryladyhotary ItalyPosts: 1,123Member


    thanks for the link
  • mindymindy Posts: 283Member


    Is there a lot of romance in this drama?
    I am wondering if I should watch it? 
  • xiashenghanxiashenghan PhilippinesPosts: 999Member


    I'm currently watching the drama and just finished episode 11.

    Started watching it because of Aaron Yan.

    I'm sort of confused with He Ting Yu's character. One scene he likes Seiko then on scene he likes Die Fei. I'm not even sure if he's dating Seiko or just sleeping with her. T_T

    I wish their relationships was explained.

    The only consistent one is Hai Jie. He clearly loves Alice. From the very beginning up to the end.

    I also like Aaron's song. "Yuan Lai". It keeps on playing in my head especially the chorus part. >_<
  • seoulinlovenowseoulinlovenow Posts: 33Member


    Looking for nice recent Taiwan dramas to watch...

    Hmm...wonder if this is good?

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