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[Movie 2012] The Concubine 후궁: 제왕의 첩

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Jo Yeo Jeong, Kim Min Joon, Kim Dong Wook, Jo Eun Ji
  The Concubine



Movie: The Concubine (English title) / Royal Concubine: Concubine of King (literal title)
Revised romanization: Hugoong: Jewangui Chub
Hangul: 후궁: 제왕의 첩
Director: Kim Dae-Seung
Screenplay: Hwang Yoon-Jeong, Kim Dae-Seung, Kim Mi-Jeong
Producer: Hwang Yoon-Jeong
Release Date: June 6, 2012
Distributor: Lotte Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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Movie depicts a tragic love triangle story between Hwa-Yeon (Jo Yeo Jeong), Kwon-Yoo (Kim Min Joon) and King Sungwon (Kim Dong Wook).


1. Filming began November 3, 2011 and finished February 28, 2012.


Jo Yeo Jeong - Hwa-Yeon
Kim Min Joon - Kwon-Yoo
Kim Dong Wook - King Sungwon
Jo Eun Ji - Geum-Ok

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    Cho Yeo Jung’s revealing performance in Royal Concubine
    October 01, 2011 10:45 pm - dolmetscherin7


    An actress, Cho Yeo Jung will do revealing performance in Royal Concubine right after The Story of Bangja.

    She was chosen as heroine of Royal Concubine. According to her company, appearing that movie is on the docket and it is positive.

    The movie depicts the Joseon Dynasty period. Many revealing performances interrupted filmmakers from casting a female character. However, she made a decision to appear on that movie due to a director and scenario.

    Royal Concubine’s hero is Kim Min Jun and it will start filming after the casting is completed.

    Original Source: tvreport

    Jo Yeo Jeong to Bare it All Again in New Film
    2011-11-03 13:23 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, JinHo

    Filming for Royal Concubine, which has garnered immense interest from the screenwriting stage to casting, will begin on November 3 with confirmed leads Jo Yeo Jeong and Kim Dong Wook.

    Royal Concubine is an erotic historical film set in the Joseon era, and it reveals the secret story of the royal palace, portraying the desires of the king and the woman he loves, the other man she loves and those who love the king’s throne.


    Jo, who turned heads with her performance in The Servant last year, plays Hwa Yeon, a woman who has no choice but to be a royal concubine. Expectations are high for the actress who is expected to shed her clothes once again for the film.

    Kim stars as King Seong Won who can have anyone he wants but is only after one woman, while Kim Min Jun plays Kwon Yu, a man torn between love and revenge.

    The film also marks director Kim Dae Seung’s comeback to the big screen. His previous works include Traces of Love, Blood Tears, and Bungee Jumping of Their Own. A source from the film said, “The nudity will be provocative and intense, making claim to ‘the eroticism of historical dramas set in the royal palace’ and displaying the authenticity of historical dramas for its dramatic completion.”

    A talented production crew has also been enlisted to create a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing film. The source revealed, “By means of high density changes in emotion, a collision of powerful energy will be displayed on screen, through the erotic mood and intimate mise-en-scène, to achieve a sense of accomplishment. You can look forward to the birth of a work that will take Korean films to new horizons.”

    Photo credit: Royal Concubine

    Source: enewsworld

    Jo Yeo-jeong revealing movie "Royal Concubine"? Drama?


    Actress Jo Yeo-jeong is thinking hard about doing another revealing act in the movie "Royal Concubine" after she did "The Servant".

    Her officials say, "She is trying to decide if she should or not star in the movie "Royal Concubine. It is something very looked forward to in the movie industry so she is thinking hard".

    "She has met the director and spoke about many things. However, there is also a drama offer she got and she hasn't decided on anything".

    "Royal Concubine" is a mellow historical drama based in the Chosun times. Kim Dae-seung from "Bungee Jumping of their Own" and "Blood Rain" is directing. It is a very high expected drama for it's high quality scenario.

    Meanwhile, Jo Yeo-jeong was greatly reviewed for her exposure in the movie "The Servant" which was viewed by more than 3 million people.

    Source: hancinema

    Jo Yeo-jeong and Kim Dong-wuk in "Royal Concubine"


    Actress Jo Yeo-jeong and actor Kim Dong-wook will co-star in the movie "Royal Concubine", which has been an interest for many even before its production.

    "Royal Concubine" is a historical melodrama movie based in the Chosun era, directed by Kim Dae-seung from "Bungee Jumping of their Own" and "Blood Rain". It has been in the rumor mill because of its script, but also because of the leading female role.

    The leading actress is Jo Yeo-jeong. She chose "Royal Concubine" as her next project following "The Servant" and according to an official, Kim Dong-wuk, who is favored for his performance in various works, is also on board.

    Jo Yeo-jeong has especially been well praised for her oustanding performance in the movie "The Servant", in which she was prominently featured, something she will attempt again in "Royal Concubine".

    The officials for the movie said, "There won't be too many scenes in which she is featured, but they will leave an impact".

    "Royal Concubine" starts shooting next month.

    Source: hancinema
    Original Source:

    By KANG Byeong-jin 02.07.2012

    Korea’s most anticipated films of 2012

    With the start of the new year, the Korean film industry looks to its brightest prospects. KANG Byeong-jin profiles eight highly anticipated films of 2012.



    Hoogoong: Jaewang-eui chub (The Emperor's Concubine) (English title TBA)

    In production. Directed by KIM Dai-seung. Starring JO Yeo-jung, KIM Min-jun, KIM Dong-wook. Produced by HwangKiSung Films. Distributed by Lotte Entertainment. Release due in first half of the year.

    Kim Dai-seung, who previously directed <Blood Rain> and <Traces of Love>, is now in production for a story about a girl who ends up in the palace as a royal concubine against her will.

    It is set approximately during the early Joseon Dynasty.The daughter of a non-mainstream military official, SHIN Hwa-yeon(Jo Yeo-jung) one day becomes a royal concubine. It is her parents’ desire for power that has sent her to the palace. But she has someone she has grown up with and been in love with - a man called Kwon Yoo (Kim Min-jun). Having entered the palace, Hwa-yeon is torn between her relationship with Prince Seo-won (Kim Dong-wook) who is about to be crowned king, and her love for Kwon Yoo.

    The problem is the fact that the palace where she lives is a place where one must have power in order to survive. Before she knows it, Hwa-yeon is thrown into the middle of a struggle to survive.

    Since <Blood Rain>, director Kim Dai-seung has been dealing with the blind spots of people who throw themselves into hell. With <Hoogoong: Jaewang-eui chub> - which roughly translates to “Royal concubine: concubine to the king”, he is set to expand the world of greed and desire. The sexual relationship between king and royal concubine is also part of the nature of power that the film talks about and expands to human relationships.

    The sets and costumes, as well as the music, are planned to be unlike those in Kim’s previous works in that they are endeavoring towards breaking the rules to maximize the greed and desire expressed in the film. Jo Yeo-jung, the heroine of <Bangja> will play the royal concubine Shin Hwa-yeon.


    Jo Yeo-jeong's shocking exposure in "The Emperor's Concubine"


    Movie "The Emperor's Concubine" well known for actress Jo Yeo-jeong's shocking exposure has finally cranked up after four months of production.

    "The Emperor's Concubine" completed a production worth 4 months all over Seoul, South Yangjoo, Yangjoo, Yongin and more, finally cranking up on the 28th last month.

    The crank up shoot was completed with the scenes related to the start of the movie. After the shoot, the staff and actors had a party of their own and patted each other's backs for the work they'd done and also encouraged each other about the future work to be done.

    Main actress Jo Yeo-jeong said, "I am so happy I don't even feel it. I am really excited for this movie".

    Actor Kim Dong-wuk then said, "I am grateful to those who helped me do this and I will cherish this memory forever".

    Director Kim Dae-seung said, "I will do my best for all the cast and staff to feel like it was worth it".

    "The Emperor's Concubine" is about the tragic relationship between three people caused by the people who overlook the king's throne and their desires behind the palace is expressed erotically.

    This movie is very looked forward to as it is done by Kim Dae-seung who also created "Blood Rain" and "Bungee Jumping of their Own".

    Meanwhile "The Emperor's Concubine" is due to be released in the first half of the year.

    Source: hancinema
    Original Source:
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    Source: ehwahong

    Source: ehwahong


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    Source: cyworld
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    Jo Yeo-jeong's shocking exposure in "The Emperor's Concubine"


    Movie "The Emperor's Concubine" will be out in June.

    According to Lotte Entertainment on the 25th, "The Emperor's Concubine" has been confirmed to be released on the 6th of June.

    "The Emperor's Concubine" is about two men who fall in love with Hwa-yeong (Jo Yeo-jeong) who had to be a concubine for love and had to change to live.

    The main cast of the movie Jo Yeo-jeong, Kim Dong-wuk and Kim Min-joon are an issue for their exposure. Other cast includes Ahn Seok-hwan, Lee Kyeong-yeong, Park Cheol-min, Jo Eun-ji and more.

    "The Emperor's Concubine" is directed by art director Jo Geun-hyeon and music director Jo Yeong-wook.

    Source: hancinema
    Original Source:
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    How erotic? Beyond adult rated


    The screens are bound to become much heated up. Various movies with shocking exposure scenes are continuously being released. The message behind the movies by Jeong Ji-woo, Kim Dae-seung and Lim Sang-soo are very much looked forward to as much as the exposure levels.

    "The Scent" which is being released on the 11th of April is a multi genre movie which will fulfill the five sense of the audience. Based on a story about an adultery-specialist detective (Park Hee-soon) who gets involved with a murder case at a scene and is framed for it, meets a widow with extreme appeal and Park Si-yeon is compared with Sharon Stone here.

    "A Muse" directed by Jeong Ji-woo which is being released on the 26th this month, is about the shocking love of a high school student and an old man in his 70s. The preview of sexuality of the high school girl has already been once restored by the judges.

    While Eun-gyo the pure but provocative high school girl and Park Hae-il who has transformed into a 70-year-old man draws attention, those who have read the original are worried that the stimulating scenes might be too emphasized, discoloring the abundant contents of the movie. The desire to have something unreachable, aging and youth, and the original's depth of making one think about an artist's muse might reflect on the "Lolita Complex". However, this is one of the reasons that makes this movie so anticipating.

    Lim Sang-soo's "The Taste of Money" shows the shocking truth of money with 'edge'. This movie is about the desire and love and hatred of a wealthy man who is enslaved by money. The poster shows middle aged Yoon Yeo-jeong wanting the body of Kim Kang-woo.

    "The Emperor's Concubine" is an erotic historical movie by Jo Yeo-jeong and Kim Dong-wook which will be released on the 6th of June. This movie revolves around the king who loved a woman who loved him back and the people that want the king's throne.

    Directed by Kim Dae-seung, many are looking forward to his beautiful imagery and depth of the movie. This movie is expected to bring prospect of movie in the year 2012.

    Source: hancinema
    Original Source: nate
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    [한국 영화 파격 화제작④] ‘후궁: 제왕의 첩’ 궁은 뜨거운 욕망의 공간
    ◆한국 영화 파격 화제작 Big 4

    [후궁: 제왕의 첩]


    OPENS 06.06
    STAFF 감독ㆍ김대승 | 각본ㆍ김대승 김미정 황윤정 | 프로듀서ㆍ황윤정 박성일
    CAST 화연ㆍ조여정 | 성원대군ㆍ김동욱 | 권유ㆍ김민준
    DETAIL 러닝타임ㆍ미정 | 관람등급ㆍ미정

    화연은 후궁으로 입궐한 여인이다. 그러나 왕이 죽고 난 뒤, 권력을 둘러싼 정치적 혼란 속에서 살아남기 위해 버텨야 하는 상황이다. 선왕을 이어 왕위에 오른 성원대군은 그런 화연을 욕망한다. 한편 화연을 궁에 보낸 후, 증오에 불타오르던 그녀의 연인 권유는 우여곡절 끝에 입궐한다. 이윽고 궁은 정치적 음모와 더불어 세 인물의 엇갈린 욕망으로 끓어오르기 시작한다.

    key point
    궁(宮)은 절대 권력이 존재하는 공간이다. 권력을 가진 자는 그것을 유지하기 위해, 권력을 가지지 못한 자는 가진 자의 것을 빼앗기 위해 안간힘을 쓴다. 그렇게 수많은 욕망이 어지럽게 뒤엉킨다. 애정이 얽혀 들면 욕망의 온도는 한층 뜨거워지게 마련이다. <후궁: 제왕의 첩>은 세 남녀의 엇갈린 사랑과 증오를 가감 없이 담아낸다. 파격적이고, 관능적으로.

    애정을 욕망하고 권력을 탐하다

    원하는 것을 갖지 못하면 죽어야 하는 곳, 궁. 그 안에 세 주인공이 있다.


    김대승 감독이 힘주어 이야기하듯, <후궁: 제왕의 첩>(이하 <후궁>)은 ‘욕망의 드라마’라는 한 마디로 표현 가능한 작품이다. 별도의 원작은 없다. 김대승 감독과 황윤정 프로듀서, 그리고 김미정 작가가 함께 각본을 썼다. 그런데 왜 하필 과거, 그것도 왕권이 존재하던 시대로 시간을 돌려야 했을까. 김대승 감독은 “단순히 옛날이야기를 하려고 사극을 선택하는 연출가는 없을 것”이라고 말한다.

    “사극이라는 장르는 우리가 살고 있는 세상 속에서 현재의 모습을 보다 은유적으로 돌아보기 위한 장치다. 이 영화는 다름 아닌 욕망에 대한 이야기이고, 욕망이 인간을 어떻게 가두며 불행하게 만드는가를 그린다.” <후궁>의 주 공간 배경은 왕실이지만, 완벽한 픽션인 만큼 시대 고증으로부터 자유롭다. 다만 기본적인 시대 배경 설정을 위해 제작진이 기점을 삼은 때는 조선 시대 초기다. 황윤정 프로듀서는 “고려 후기와 겹치면서 정치권력도 불안정했던 시기인 데다가, 새로운 문화적 표현도 가능했을 것”이라고 그 이유를 설명한다.

    중심인물은 세 명이다. 중심에는 후궁 화연이 있다. 그녀의 입궐에는 아버지 신참판(안석환)의 정치적 야망도 어느 정도 연관되어 있다. 후궁으로 입궐하기 전, 화연의 연인은 권유였다. 그는 우연히 신참판의 목숨을 구해준 인연으로 신참판의 집에서 화연과 함께 지내며 정을 나누었던 사내다. 권유는 왕이라는 절대자가 권력으로 짓밟아 깨져버린 애정을 하릴없이 안고 있다가, 차츰 그것을 증오와 복수라는 감정으로 바꿔나가는 인물이다.

    이복형인 선왕의 죽음 이후 왕위에 오른 성원대군은, 선왕의 후궁이었던 화연에 대한 욕망을 더 이상 숨기지 않는다. 그는 아들의 왕위를 어떻게든 보좌하려는 대비(박지영)의 정치적 열망으로 인해 생긴 마음의 상처를 화연을 통해 치유하려 한다. 화연에 대한 성원대군의 점령욕은 어떤 큰 사건을 겪은 권유가 궁에 입궐한 이후 더욱 극심해진다. 김대승 감독은 인물들이 던져진 궁을 “권력을 잡지 못하면 쫓겨나거나 죽어야 하는 곳”으로 설명한다.

    과연 세 사람의 얽히고설킨 애정은, 죽은 선왕을 보좌하던 세력과, 대비와 성원대군을 중심으로 한 반대파의 팽팽한 대립으로 인해 한층 걷잡을 수 없는 소용돌이로 빨려 들어간다. 황윤정 프로듀서는 이 점을 “<미인도>(2008), <방자전>(2010) 등의 ‘사극 멜로’ 작품과의 차별점”이라고 말한다. “정치적인 이야기와 권력을 향한 사람들의 욕망이 팽팽하게 그려지면서 스토리 자체가 굵고 남성적인 분위기가 될 것”이라는 얘기다.


    김대승 감독의 감성과 조여정의 파격이 만났을 때

    아무리 정치적인 소재를 바탕에 깔고 간다고 해도, 기본적으로 <후궁>은 멜로에 방점이 찍히는 이야기다. 이는 결국 ‘얼마나 파격적인 애정 신을 보여줄 것인가’라는 궁금증과 연결된다. 김대승 감독은 “배우의 노출 수위 뿐 아니라 정사 신 자체가 굉장히 강하고, 또 다양하게 등장한다”고 말한다.

    “인간의 기본적인 욕망을 드러내는 것이기 때문에 피할 수 있는 장면은 아니다. 하지만 정사 자체를 표현하기 위한 정사 신은 하나도 없다고 생각한다. 대부분의 정사 신은 감정 신이다. 캐릭터들의 감정 변화가 정사 신 안에서 다 드러난다. 행위 자체가 강렬하게 그려질 수밖에 없었던 이유다.”

    김대승 감독은 <번지 점프를 하다>(2000) <가을로>(2006)를 통해 가슴 시린 감성을 탁월하게 담아낸 연출가다. 그런 그가 그려낸 ‘파격’이기에, 얼핏 수위의 강도를 짐작하기엔 모호한 부분이 없지 않은 것이 사실이다. 황윤정 프로듀서는 “기존의 김대승 감독의 연출 스타일과는 확연히 다른 영화가 될 것”이라고 귀띔한다.

    “물론 김대승 감독 특유의 섬세한 감성은 작품 기저에 깔려 있다. 그야말로 인물들이 품은 욕망과 감정의 ‘끝’을 보게 될 것이다.” 황윤정 프로듀서는 “예쁘고 감각적이기만 한 화면이 아니라, 조명부터 카메라 워크까지 전혀 새로운 느낌의 파격적인 정사 신이 탄생했다”고 덧붙인다.


    수위가 높아질수록, 욕망의 중심에 놓인 인물인 화연의 역할은 그만큼 중요해진다. 문제는 화연을 연기하는 조여정이 <방자전>을 거친 배우라는 사실이다. <방자전>은 조여정이라는 배우를 재발견하게 된 영화라고 해도 과언이 아니다. 파격적인 노출 연기를 감행한 덕분에 그녀는 아직까지 ‘춘향’으로 강렬하게 인식되어 있다.

    조여정이 <후궁>의 화연을 연기하는 것은 안정적인 캐스팅이기도 하지만, 한편 이미지의 ‘재탕’처럼 보일 위험 소지도 있다. 이번 작품에서도 조여정은 파격적인 수위의 노출을 감행했고, 그 자체로 화제를 몰고 올 테니 말이다.

    하지만 황윤정 프로듀서는 “단연코 조여정에게서 한 번도 보지 못했던 모습을 보게 될 것”이라고 말한다. 김대승 감독도 조여정에 대한 믿음을 숨기지 않는다. “화연은 궁이라는 정글에 던져진 여인으로, 살아남기 위해 권력을 가져야만 하는 처절한 인물이다. 감정의 폭이 굉장히 넓은 것은 당연하다. 지고지순한 사랑을 안고 있는 인물이었다가 생존의 위협을 느끼고, 다시 그 위협을 슬기롭게 극복하는 과정을 전부 표현해야 한다.

    조여정은 파격적인 수위의 촬영에도 불구하고 ‘과연 조여정이 아니면 이 많은 감정을 어떻게 표현할 수 있을까’ 싶은 모습을 보여주었다. 화연 역에는 조여정이 적역이라고 생각한다.” <후궁>은 현재 후반작업 중이다. 김대승 감독의 감성과 조여정의 파격이 만나 탄생한 격정 멜로 사극 <후궁>은 오는 6월에 그 은밀한 정체를 드러낼 예정이다.


    Source: movieweek

    Google Translation
    [Korea Movie Cheap hwajejak ④] 'Harem: The Lord of the mistress' place is the hot space of desire

    Cheap Korea hwajejak ◆ Big 4 Film

    [Harem: King's concubine]

    OPENS 06.06
    And Kim, Dae - Seung STAFF Director | Screenplay and Kim, Dae - Seung Kim, Mi - Jeong, pp.26 | Merchant producer and pp.26
    CAST hwayeon and joyeojeong | member army and Kim, Dong - Wook | Kim Min-june solicitation and
    Running Time and tentative DETAIL | Rating tentative and

    As a concubine is a woman hwayeon ipgwolhan. But the king died and I, after the political power to hang in there is a situation of chaos in order to survive. His father followed the army of members of the throne is such a desire hwayeon. Meanwhile, the court sent hwayeon then invited her lover climbed burning hatred of the twists and turns to go to court. Then the palace of political intrigue, with three figures begin to rise to boiling and mixed with desire.

    key point
    Palace (宫) there is a space of the absolute power. Those in power to maintain it, who do not have the power that the party has struggled to wrest writes. Dwieongkinda dizzy so many desire. The temperature of the desire for affection, even tteugeowojige entangled are bound. "Harem: The Lord of the concubine> mixed love and hate of the three men put to the produce, without subtracting. Unconventional, and voluptuous.

    Tamhada desire affection and power

    If you want to die have that place, arch. There are three characters in it.

    As directed by Kim, Dae - Seung story forcefully, "Harem: The Lord's concubine" (hereinafter "harem>), the 'drama of desire' is a work that can be represented by a node. There is a separate original. Kim, Dae - Seung, pp.26 director and producer, and wrote the screenplay with the author, Mi - Jung. But why the past, it also exists in a time when the kingdom would turn to the time. Kim, Dae - Seung director "just an old story to try to choose the directors do not think drama," he says.

    "The genre of drama in a world in which we live than the current figure for metaphorical dolahbogi device. This movie is nothing but a story about desire, and desire to make a man unhappy with how to draw shut up. "<Harem> the royal background, the main space, but as a complete piksyeonin era free from historical research. Just basic historical background to the starting point for setting up crew when the Chosun Dynasty chogida ginseng. Pp.26 producer "considered too unstable political power, which reviews and overlapping sigiin foresight, can also have a new cultural expressions," he explains why.

    The central figure three. In the center there is hwayeon harem. Go to court, the father of her sinchampan (Ahn, SH) is associated with some degree of political ambition. Before you go to court as concubines, lovers of hwayeon was encouraged. He accidentally saved the life of a rookie edition rookie edition by the ties of tablets at home we had lived with hwayeon sanaeda. Absolute power in the solicitation by the king underfoot are faced with the shattered love no one time, slowly, it is hatred and revenge is a figure of a new chapter of emotions.

    His father on the throne after the death of his half brother, the right members of the army, who was the consort of the kings hwayeon does not conceal a desire for more. Somehow the throne of his son to the throne contrast (Bis) resulting from the political aspirations of the mind tries to heal wounds through hwayeon. Support for the occupation army hwayeon York suffered any big event after the solicitation ipgwolhan palace becomes more severe. Kim, Dae - Seung director of the figures thrown Palace "can not grasp the power to cast out or die," Where is explained.

    Shaggy the affections of three people really dead, the throne of His father was a force, and the contrast and opposition members of an army mainly due to the tense confrontation can not even get out of hand enters sucked into a vortex. The producer, pp.26 this point, "" Belle too> (2008), "Torrent Contents> (2010), and 'Melo drama' work with the distinction," he says. "Political stories and lust for power of the people drawn tight as a thick, masculine atmosphere of the story itself is going to be" the story.

    Kim, Dae - Seung director of exceptional sensitivity and tighten the definition is met

    No matter how laid on the basis of political material can go, basically <harem> stresses the melodrama is taken of the story. This eventually "will show you how radical love of God 'is connected with the questions. Kim, Dae - Seung director, "the actor's level of exposure as well as the affair itself is a very strong signal, and appeared variously," he says.

    "A basic human desire to avoid revealing the scene because it is not. But the affair itself, to express love affair do not think there is one God. God is the most emotional affair is God. Change the characters' emotions in God all Ortho revealed. Act of reason had no choice but to be drawn intense. "

    Kim, Dae - Seung director <bungee jumping "(2000)," to fall "(2006) through the heart ache go directing embodies excellent sensitivity. Then, he portrays the 'exceptional' because, at first glance might imagine the intensity of the water level is not without ambiguity that is true. Pp.26 producer, "directed by Kim, Dae - Seung directing style from traditional film to be totally different," he is hinted.

    "Of course, Kim, Dae - Seung director distinctive delicate sensibility lies at the base of the work. Their desires and feelings of people literally embraces the 'end' you will see. "Pp.26 producer" as long as pretty and sensual as a screen, lighting, camera work from a whole new feel to the birth of God's radical love affair, "he adds.

    The higher level of desire lies in the center becomes more important figure in the role of hwayeon. To defer the problem by tightening hwayeon Scratch <Torrent Contents> to learn is the fact that the rough. <Torrent Contents> called the tightening actor Jung rediscovered the film is not an exaggeration to say that. Month.The smoke exposure, thanks to breakthrough, she still "Chun-hyang" is recognized as intensely.

    Tighten Scratch <harem> to postpone the hwayeon cast but also stable, while the image of the 'rehash' to look like there are security risks. In this work, tighten Chung conducted a breakthrough level of exposure, and the topic itself says I'm gonna drive.

    However, pp.26 producer "never far from tightening the information you will see like never seen," he says. Jung Kim, Dae - Seung tighten their faith in the director does not hide. "Hwayeon thrown into the jungle gungyiraneun the woman, desperate to survive, is a figure that should have the power. It is natural that a very wide breadth of emotions. And purest love was the man holding the threat of survival, feeling again the process of overcoming the threat altogether wisely, should express.

    Tighten Chung Despite shooting breakthrough level of 'If it is not really tighten the information could express many emotions I' not what showed. Tighten the two stations jeokyeok hwayeon think that information. "<Harem> is the current post. Kim, Dae - Seung director of the emotion and passion born Mello met by tightening the definition exceptional drama "harem> is coming in June is expected to reveal his secret identity.
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    Movieweek, April 2012 No.523

    SPECIAL 한국 영화 파격 화제작 BIG 4






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    Jo Yeo Jeong′s Erotic ′The King′s Concubine′ Poster Unveiled
    2012-04-22 11:10 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, InKyung
    Translation Credit : Stewart Ho

    Jo Yeo Jeong′s upcoming movie The King′s Concubine was released on April 23. The dramatic poster shows Jo Yeo Jeong making a teary-eyed expression while half-nude.

    In the past, in The Servant, she previously caused a stir for her nude scene. Many are curious if Jo Yeo Jeong will showcase another bed scene for The King′s Concubine.


    The King′s Concubine is an erotic historic movie revolving around the individuals within a palace who are crazy about love, revenge and power, and is directed by Kim Dae Seung. The movie also stars Kim Dong Wook and Kim Min Joon.

    A movie advertisement agency representative shared, "This movie poster features a beautiful, yet erotic-looking Jo Yeo Jeong. We feel Jo Yeo Jeong will show a new side to her through this role as ′Hwa Yeon′ inside the palace, where one can only surviv by changing.

    The King′s Concubine will premiere on June 6.

    Photo credit: All That Cinema


    The poster of 'Royal Concubine' revealed
    작성자: Son Jin-Ah | STAR N News – 10시간 전


    The official poster of movie 'Royal Concubine' was revealed.

    On 22nd, the poster of Cho Yeo-jeong and Kim Minjun's new movie 'Royal Concubine' was revealed.

    In the poster, Cho Yeo-jeong is looking gorgeous, and her sad eyes are drawing people's attention.

    'Royal Concubine' is an erotic historical movie, and it was directed by Kim Dae-seung, who directed Bungee Jumping of Their Own' and 'Blood Rain'.

    The movie will be released on June 6th.


    Jo Yeo-jeong unveils herself as erotic mistress in ‘Royal Concubine’
    아시아투데이 원문 기사전송 2012-04-24 01:48


    Royal Concubine, a historical film that deals with the royal palace where love, revenge and power mingled together, starring Jo Yeo-jeong, Kim Dong-joon and Kim Min-joon, released a teaser poster on April 22.

    Actress Jo Yeo-jeong’s bare torso is the most apparent in the poster that shows the ultimate eroticism. Her lustful body and dismal eyes reflect her role of Hwa-yeon, a mistress who inevitably changed herself to survive in the palace where anything could happen.

    Royal Concubine, directed by Kim Dae-sung, will open June 6 to the public.

    [아시아투데이=최재욱 기자] 화제작 '후궁:제왕의 첩'이 베일을 벗었다.

    조여정·김동욱·김민준 주연의 영화 '후궁: 제왕의 첩'(감독 김대성, 제작: ㈜황기성사단)은 22일 티저 포스터를 공개했다.

    후궁: 제왕의 첩'은 사랑에 미치고, 복수에 미치고, 권력에 미치고, 미치지 않고는 살 수 없는 지독한 궁에서 벌어지는 애욕의 정사(情事), 광기의 정사(政事)를 그린 에로틱 궁중 사극.

    공개된 티저 포스터는 '후궁: 제왕의 첩'을 통해 완전한 여인으로 태어난 조여정의 아찔하고 아름다운 자태가 시선을 사로 잡는다. 미치지 않고는 살 수 없는 지독한 궁에서 살아 남기 위해 변해야 했던 여인 화연 역을 맡은 조여정은 관능적인 매력과 슬픈 눈빛을 통해 지금껏 보여주지 못했던 새로운 모습을 기대하게 한다.

    에로티시즘의 궁극을 차별화된 고급스러움으로 표현한 이미지는 ‘왕이 가질 수 없었던’이라는 문구와 어우러져 영화가 보여줄 드라마에 대한 궁금증과 호기심을 자극한다.

    '후궁: 제왕의 첩'은 6월 6일 개봉된다.

    { ⓒ '글로벌 종합일간지' 아시아투데이 }

    최재욱 기자

    Source: nate
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    VOD Links: daum | hancinema | naver | youtube | youtube

    ‘Royal Concubine’ teaser trailer

    VOD Links: jdtv | tagstory | youtube

    ‘Royal Concubine’ teaser trailer (second version)



























    Source: nate
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    I'm sure as hell not gonna miss this one, she was awesome in THE SERVANT.
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    "The Emperor's Concubine" Jo Yeo-jeong's still cut


    Jo Yeo-jeong takes on the role of Hwa-yeon who had to become a concubine for love and her destiny.
    In the still cut that was revealed on the 1st of May showed a woman with an affectionate look on her face.

    Jo Yeo-jeong said, "When I first read the scenario I thought it was amazing and I wanted to do it right away. Hwa-yeon is a character who doesn't avoid the waves coming at her but rather fights it.


    She continued, "I hoped that people can read what's on the character's mind by looking at the eyes. It's an intense movie which you just can 't take your eyes off from".


    Director Kim Dae-seung said, "Jo Yeo-jeong's greed for acting perfected the movie".
    Meanwhile, "The Emperor's Concubine" is an erotic historical movie about sexual love and lust and mad political affairs. The cast includes Jo Yeo-jeong, Kim Dong-wuk, Kim Min-joon, Park Ji-yeong, Lee Kyeong-yeong, Park Cheol-min, Jo Eun-ji and more To be released on the 6th of June.


    Source: hancinema
    Original Source:

    영화 '후궁…' 한국영화 최초 경희궁 내 쇼케이스 개최
    2012-05-02 10:57:28


    사극 ‘후궁 : 제왕의 첩’(감독 : 김대승, 제작: ㈜황기성사단)이 한국영화 행사로는 최초로 경희궁 숭정전에서 대규모 쇼케이스를 개최한다.

    2일 제작사에 따르면 이번 쇼케이스는 오는 11일 오후 8시, 숭정전 앞 초대형 야외무대에서 열린다. 영화 속 의상을 소개하는 패션쇼와 김대승 감독을 비롯해 조여정 김동욱 김민준과 박지영 박철민 조은지 등 주-조연 배우들이 대거 참석해 영화에 대한 얘기를 나누는 시간을 갖는다.

    총 2부로 나뉘어 진행되는 행사 가운데, 1부 행사는 ‘후궁: 제왕의 첩’ 속 의상을 선보이는 패션쇼와 영화 OST에 참여한 가수의 특별 공연과 더불어 영화의 스페셜 영상이 공개되고, 2부 행사에는 감독 및 배우들과 함께하는 미니 토크쇼와 관객들을 대상으로 한 이벤트가 진행된다.

    행사 중에서 특히 아련하게 비춰지는 달빛 아래, 경희궁 숭정전 앞에 특별히 마련된 런웨이 무대에서 열릴 패션쇼에서는 고풍스러움이 드러나는 영화 속 의상들이 소개된다. 이번 ‘후궁: 제왕의 첩’의 영화 의상은 ‘고지전’ ‘박쥐’ ‘친절한 금자씨’ 등 감각적인 현대 의상을 주로 선보였던 조상경 의상감독이 처음으로 사극에 도전한 것으로 시대를 초월한 독특함이 묻어나는 한복 의상을 만나볼 수 있다.

    조여정 김동욱 김민준의 열연과 변신 또한 박지영 이경영 박철민 조은지 등 연기력으로 정평이 난 대표적인 연기파 배우들과 대한민국 최고의 실력파 제작진이 참여해 드라마적 밀도와 뛰어난 영상미학을 완성한 ‘후궁: 제왕의 첩’은 김 감독의 연출력으로 예술성이 돋보이는 최고의 에로티시즘을 선보일 것으로 기대를 모으고 있다. 개봉은 다음 달 6일.

    김재범 기자(cine517@)

    Source: etoday

    Google Translation
    Movies 'harem.' South Korea's first film showcase held in Gyeonghuigung

    Drama 'Harem: The Lord of the concubine' (Director: Kim, Dae - Seung, production: ㈜ Astragalus four-star) for the first time as South Korea Gyeonghuigung movie sungjeongjeoneseo large showcase event will be held.

    The showcase comes two days according to the manufacturer 11 days 20:00, sungjeongjeon will be held in front of the giant outdoor stage. To introduce the fashion costumes in the film, including director and Kim, Dae - Seung Kim, Dong - Wook Kim Min-june and Young Park Park, Chul - Min joeunji joyeojeong etc. Note - The supporting actors are talking about large numbers attending the film has time to share.

    Divided into two parts total proceeds of the event, a minor event, "Harem: The Lord of the mistress' clothes in fashion shows and films featuring artists who participated in the OST of the film, with special performances and special image is open, part 2 events and a director a mini-talk show with actors and audiences continue to be an event.

    Of events, especially the moonlight illuminated ahryeonhage, Gyeonghuigung sungjeongjeon held in front of the specially prepared runway fashion show stage exposure on the old-fashioned luxury costumes in the film is introduced. The "Harem: The Lord of the mistress' of the movie costume 'gojijeon' bat '" Sympathy for Lady Vengeance' and modern costumes sensational costumes josanggyeong seonboyeotdeon mainly directed to be challenged for the first time in a timeless drama particularity Loose Hanbok costume will be available.

    Joyeojeong Kim, Dong - Wook Kim Min-june's Hot and transformation also Ji Lee Kyoung Young Park, Chul - Min joeunji such concealment has a reputation I'm leading a Method actor, okay with the Republic of Korea the best talented crew participated dramatic density and excellent image aesthetics completed 'Harem: The Lord of the mistress' Kim directed yeonchulryeok Eroticism in art as a compelling showcase the best that is anticipated. Released on the 6th of the following month.
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    영화 ‘후궁’. 지독한 광기의 정사 예고하는 본 포스터 공개
    동아일보 원문 기사전송 2012-05-08 18:18



    영화 ‘후궁:제왕의 첩’(김대승 감독)의 본 포스터가 공개됐다.

    8일 공개된 포스터는 농염한 표정의 조여정을 사이에 두고 김민준과 김동욱이 그녀를 바라보고 있다. 세 남녀의 묘한 긴장감과 ‘지독한 궁, 광기의 정사’라는 파격적인 는 에로틱 궁중장사를 예고한다.

    비녀를 움켜쥔 도발적인 포즈의 조여정과 이를 애절하게 바라보는 김동욱과 야성미 넘치는 김민준의 시선이 세 남녀의 어긋난 사랑을 암시한다.

    사랑 때문에 후궁이 되었고 살기 위해 변해야 했던 여인 화연(조여정 분), 사랑 때문에 모든 걸 빼앗긴 남자 권유(김민준 역)와 단 한 여인의 사랑을 갈구하는 성원대군(김동욱). 세 사람의 파격적인 사랑은 어떻게 될까?

    한편 조여정, 김동욱, 김민준 등이 출연하는 영화 ‘후궁’은 미치지 않고는 살 수 없는 지독한 궁에서 벌어지는 애욕의 정사, 광기의 정사를 다룬 에로틱 궁중 사극이다. 6월 6일 개봉.

    동아닷컴 이슬비 기자

    Source: nate

    Google Translation
    Movies 'harem'. This poster of the madness that awful affair public notice

    [Dong guarantee]

    Film Harem: The Lord of the concubine (Kim, Dae - Seung director) of this poster was unveiled.

    Foster open and strong expression of eight days between tightening Chung and Kim, Dong - Wook Kim Min-june left staring at her. Three men and a strange tension 'awful arch, an affair of the madness called unconventional royal burial will notice the erotic.

    Tighten clutch in a provocative pose hairpin Jung Kim, Dong - Wook look at it and wild lamentations filled the eyes of Kim Min-june love eogeutnan of the three men suggests.

    Because of love, concubines, and women who must change to survive hwayeon (joyeojeong minutes), a man lost everything because of love solicitation (Kim Min-june station) and only members of an army of women longing for love (Kim, Dong - Wook). Radical of three people, what happens to love?

    Meanwhile joyeojeong, Kim, Dong - Wook, Kim Min-june starring movie 'harem' insane, can not live without passion, the love affair going on compulsive palace, palace of madness erotic drama affair is discussed. Opened on June 6.

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    oh wow, I want to see this.

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    Royal Concubine Showcase briefing.

    Source: jangin_ent

    Source: nariyoung
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    [사진]'스케일이 다른 후궁:제왕의 첩 쇼케이스 현장'
    OSEN 원문 기사전송 2012-05-11 21:19


    [OSEN= 곽영래 기자] 11일 오후 서울 경희궁 숭정전에서 영화 '후궁:제왕의 첩'의 쇼케이스가 열려 조여정, 김동욱, 조은지, 박철민, 김민준, 박지영과 모델들이 런웨이에서 포토타임을 갖고 있다.

    '후궁:제왕의 첩'은 11일 오후 8시 한국영화 최초로 경희궁 숭정전 앞에 특별 제작된 초대형 야외무대에서 쇼케이스가 열렸다.

    1부 행사에는 조여정, 김민준, 김동욱, 박지영, 박철민, 조은지 등 배우들이 참석한 가운데 영화에 등장하는 한복의상을 선보이는 영화 의상 패션쇼가 펼쳐진다. 이어 영화 OST에 참여한 가수 서영은의 미니 공연이 열리며 영화의 본 예고편과 3인의 캐릭터 영상, 프로덕션 메이킹 영상 등이 최초로 공개됐다.

    '후궁:제왕의 첩'은 가질 수 없는 화연(조여정)만을 바라보는 슬픈 제왕 성원대군(김동욱), 모든 걸 빼앗겼음에도 화연을 애틋하게 그리워하는 권유(김민준), 사랑 때문에 후궁이 됐고 살기 위해 변해야 했던 여인 화연의 이야기를 그린 영화다. 내달 6일 개봉. /

    Source: nate

    Google Translation
    [Photos] 'Scale another harem: The Lord of the concubine showcase'

    [OSEN = gwakyoungrae News] Seoul, April 11, 2009 Gyeonghuigung sungjeongjeoneseo film Harem: The Lord of the mistress' of the open showcase joyeojeong, Kim, Dong - Wook, joeunji, Park, Chul - Min, June, Bis, and the model has the runway photo time.

    'Harem: The Lord of the mistress' 20:00 Korea is the 11th film in front of the first specially designed super-Gyeonghuigung sungjeongjeon showcase was held on an outdoor stage.

    Part 1 The event joyeojeong, June, Kim, Dong - Wook, Ji, Park, Chul - Min, etc. joeunji actors of the film, attended the award of Hanbok fashion show featuring costumes movie unfolds. Suh Young Eun lead singer participated in the movie OST held a mini concert of film footage, this trailer and the three-member string, making video production and was released for the first time.

    'Harem: The Lord of the mistress' can not have a hwayeon (joyeojeong) will look to the Lord sad army members (Kim, Dong - Wook), the aeteuthage hwayeon miss everything ppaeatgyeoteumedo solicitation (Kim Min-june), because of love went into concubines must change to survive Green was the story of a woman hwayeon movie. Released next month on the 6th.

    VOD Links: youtube | youtube | tvdaily | tvdaily | daum | daum | daum


























    Source: nate

    [Photo] Cho Yeojung's beauty more gorgeous than that of the beautiful costume
    By Jang Yoon-Hee | STAR N News


    On 11th, the major showcase of movie 'Royal Concubine' took place at a special stage installed at Gyeonghuigung, and approximately 200 media officials, and 400 audiences were invited.
    The official trailer and character trailers were revealed for the first time, and the actors, actresses, and the chief director talked about the movie and costumes.
    On the other hand, the movie 'Royal Concubine' will be released on June 6th.


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    조여정·김동욱·김민준, '고쇼' 등장..욕망 토크
    스타뉴스 원문 기사전송 2012-05-07 08:01

    [머니투데이 스타뉴스 최보란 기자]

    조여정 김민준 김동욱 박철민(왼쪽 위부터 시계방향) ⓒ스타뉴스

    배우 조여정 김동욱 김민준 박철민이 나란히 예능 나들이에 나섰다.

    7일 복수의 방송관계자에 따르면 영화 '후궁:제왕의 첩'의 주역들인 조여정 김동욱 김민준 박철민은 지난 5일 진행된 SBS 공개 시추에이션 토크쇼 '고쇼' 녹화에 참여했다.

    한 관계자는 "이들은 '고쇼'에서 '욕망의 화신'이란 작품의 주인공 선발 오디션에 임하는 콘셉트로 녹화에 참여, 숨겨뒀던 끼와 재능을 발산했다"라고 전했다.

    이번 오디션 콘셉트는 미치지 않고는 살 수 없는 지독한 궁에서 벌어지는 애욕의 정사, 광기의 정사를 그린 에로틱 궁중 사극 '후궁'의 내용과도 맞물린다.

    조여정 김동욱 김민준 박철민은 제작사 고에 캐스팅되기 위해 어떤 매력과 입담으로 자신이 '욕망의 화신'임을 입증할 지 궁금증을 자극한다.

    이들이 출연하는 '고쇼'는 오는 25일 방송예정이다. 11일과 18일에는 박해미 안문숙김완선이 출연분이 2주 연속으로 전파를 탄다.

    한편 '고쇼'는 서혜진PD가 개인사정으로 하차, 5일 녹화는 최영인CP가 직접 연출을 맡았고 다음 녹화부터는 민의식 PD가 지휘를 맡는다.


    머니투데이가 만드는 리얼타임 연예뉴스
    <저작권자 ⓒ '리얼타임 연예속보,스타의 모든 것' 스타뉴스, 무단전재 및 재배포 금지>

    Source: nate

    Google Translation
    Joyeojeong, Kim, Dong - Wook, June, 'Gosho' desire Talk emerge.

    Park, Chul - Min Kim, Dong - Wook Kim Min-june joyeojeong learn side-by-side entertainment outings.

    Seven days, according to multiple broadcasters film Harem: King's concubine "who are the protagonists of the last five days joyeojeong Park, Chul - Min Kim, Dong - Wook Kim Min-june Situational talk publicly advanced SBS 'Gosho' took part in the recording.

    One official said, "These are the 'Imperial Palace' from 'the incarnation of desire' What is the main character of the work selected to participate in an audition recording imhaneun concept, hidden talents kkiwa gave off work early," he said.

    The audition can not live without affecting the concept for the court, going on grueling affair of lust, madness of erotic love affair painted royal drama 'harem' coincides with the information.

    Park, Chul - Min Kim, Dong - Wook Kim Min-june joyeojeong goe the manufacturer to be cast into a certain charm and joke his "incarnation of desire" to prove that the support should stimulate curiosity.

    That they appeared 'Imperial Palace' will be broadcast in the coming 25 days. On 11 and 18 minutes bakhaemi ChoiSungKook gimwanseon starring aired two weeks in a row.

    Meanwhile, the Imperial Palace "and get off at the seohyejin PD is due to personal reasons, five days recording choeyoungin CP was responsible for directing the next recording, conducted by PD minuisik smell the future.















    Source: j_pinky
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    조여정, 김동욱·김민준과 커플양말 ‘깜찍’
    이투데이 원문 기사전송 2012-05-13 12:04

    [이투데이/온라인뉴스팀 기자]


    배우 조여정이 김동욱, 김민준과 함께 커플양말 인증샷을 공개해 화제다.

    조여정은 지난 12일 자신의 트위터에 '오늘 해피투게더 녹화 때 동욱이가 같은 양말 신자며 직접 준비해온 땡땡이 양말. 와 예쁘다 우리'란 글과 함께 한 장의 사진을 올렸다.

    공개된 사진 속 조여정과 김동욱, 김민준은 물방울 무늬의 커플 양말은 신고 미소를 지어 보이고 있다.

    이를 접한 네티즌들은 "커플양말 귀엽다", "방송도 영화도 완전 기대", "다들 귀여워요"등의 다양한 반응을 보였다.

    한편 세 사람은 영화 '후궁: 제왕의 첩'에 함께 출연해 호흡을 맞췄다.

    [이투데이/온라인뉴스팀 기자(]

    Source: nate

    Google Translation
    Joyeojeong, Kim, Dong - Wook, Kim Min-june socks and couples 'cute'

    Tighten the two actors Jung Kim, Dong - Wook, Kim Min-june with a couple shots to disclose socks certification topic.

    Chung tightened in the last 12 days his Twitter 'Happy Together today when the recording has been prepared directly sinjamyeo DongWook polka socks, two socks the same. And beautiful. We "raised text and pictures together.

    Tightening in the photos released Kim, Dong - Wook Jung, Kim Min-june for a couple of polka dot socks are reported showing smile.

    Netizens faced it "couple cute socks," "fully expect broadcast movies", "cute guys" had a variety of reactions.

    Meanwhile, three people in the film Harem: The Lord of the mistress' appeared together in a focused breathing.

    '후궁' 김민준, 조여정 위해 모든 것 버린 남자 '로맨스의 화신'
    티브이데일리 원문 기사전송 2012-05-13 10:05


    [티브이데일리 선미경 기자] 김민준이 사랑을 위해서라면 어떤 것이라도 내던질 수 있는 로맨스의 화신으로 변신했다.

    김민준이 영화 '후궁:제왕의 첩'(감독 김대승, 제작 (주)황기성사단)에서 로맨스의 화신으로 변신해 조여정과 강렬하면서도 애절한 사랑을 한다.

    '후궁: 제왕의 첩'에서 김민준은 조여정이 연기한 화연의 연인이라는 이유로 모든 것을 빼앗긴 채 사랑과 복수 사이에서 갈등하는 남자 권유 역을 맡았다. 김민준은 사랑 때문에 전부를 잃었으면서도 여전히 가슴에 품은 사랑으로 갈등하는 애절함을 연출해 남성미로 대표되던 이미지와 더불어 색다른 매력을 보여줄 예정이다.

    이번에 공개된 스틸에서 김민준은 남성적인 강렬함과 연인을 바라보는 그윽한 눈빛, 사랑 때문에 모든 것을 빼앗겨야 했던 비애를 보여주며 드라마에 대한 호기심을 자극한다.

    시나리오의 힘에 끌려 출연을 결심했다는 김민준은 권유 역할에 대해 "그는 남자라면 당연히 가지고 있는 사랑에 대한 로망을 대표하는 캐릭터이며 사랑을 위해 죽음까지도 초월할 수 있는 인물"이라고 설명했다.

    김대승 감독 역시 "김민준은 연기의 폭이 넓고, 선이 굵은 연기를 하는 배우"라며 "사랑이 증오로 바뀌고 증오가 복수가 되지만 결국 사랑을 잊지 못해 갈등하는 캐릭터를 때로는 거칠게, 때로는 순수한 눈빛으로 완벽하게 표현했다"라고 극찬했다.

    '후궁: 제왕의 첩'은 사랑에 미치고, 복수에 미치고, 권력에 미치고, 미치지 않고는 살 수 없는 지독한 궁에서 벌어지는 애욕의 정사, 광기의 정사를 그린 에로틱 궁중 사극으로 김민준과 조여정을 비롯해 김동욱, 박지영, 이경영, 박철민, 조은지 등이 출연한다. 내달 6일 개봉.

    [티브이데일리 선미경 기자사진제공=(주)황기성사단]

    Source: nate

    Google Translation
    'Harem' June, all for a man who joyeojeong 'incarnation of Romance'

    [TV seonmigyeong Daily News] Kim Min-june for the sake of love, anything you can toss was transformed into the embodiment of romance.

    Kim Min-june the film "Harem: King's concubine (Kim, Dae - Seung director, production (weeks), Astragalus four-star), the incarnation of a romance disguised as a tightening Jung is intense and wrenching love.

    'Harem: The Lord of the concubine at hwayeon played by Kim Min-june Chung tightening of the reason of lovers after losing everything in a man torn between love and revenge played the role of solicitation. Kim Min-june, so all of the lost love ever faces is still a sad heart that embraces love yeonchulhae masculinity represented by the conflict that was going to show the image with the unusual attraction is

    The public still strong and masculine lover Kim Min-june from looking at the eyes, sweet love, sorrow, so that everything shows ppaeatgyeoya intriguing drama is about.

    Has decided to drag the power of scenario starring Kim Min-june about the role of the solicitation "of course if he has a man for love, romance and love for the character to represent a man who could transcend even death," he explained.

    Kim, Dae - Seung director, too, "Kim Min-june huge range of smoke, thick smoke, actors lines," said "the love turns to hate, hate, revenge, but I have not forgotten after all, sometimes wildly conflicting characters, sometimes with her eyes completely pure was represented, "he praised.

    'Harem: The Lord of the mistress' love, spanning, multi-spanning, power mad, can not live without sacrificing an awful affair of passion going on palace, palace of madness erotic drama Green affair with Kim, Dong - Wook Kim Min-june and tightened, as well as information, Ji, Lee Kyoung Young, Park, Chul - Min, joeunji and will perform. Released next month on the 6th.

    Source: nate

    Source: nate

    Source: nate

    New Preview Stills Released for Upcoming Movie, ‘The King′s Concubine′
    2012-05-13 11:08 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Kim Ji Young
    Translation Credit : Stewart Ho

    The buzz for the upcoming movie, The King′s Concubine, is already proving to be hot, especially with actress Jo Yeo Jeong′s male fans.

    The movie’s production agency recently revealed new preview images from the movie. In it, Jo Yeo Jeong is seen in a scandalous position while looked on by Kim Dong Wook and Kim Min Joon.


    The King′s Concubine is a movie about the female figure, ‘Hwa Yeon’ who had to change herself after joining the royal palace as an official concubine. It marks Jo Yeo Jeong’s first movie appearance since the 2010 The Servant.


    Since unveiling its sensual movie poster featuring a slightly unclothed Jo Yeo Jeong, the movie has been attracting much attention.

    The movie will premiere on June 6.

    Source: enewsworld

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    후궁, OST ‘꽃이 진다’ 브라보!


    조여정, 김동욱, 김민준 주연의 영화 ‘후궁:제왕의 첩’에 대한 관심이 개봉 전부터 뜨겁다.

    영화 ‘후궁:제왕의 첩’은 사랑에 미치고, 복수에 미치고, 권력에 미치고, 미치지 않고는 살 수 없는 지독한 궁에서 벌어지는 애욕의 정사(情事), 광기의 정사(情事)를 그린 에로틱 궁중 사극으로 오는 6월 6일 개봉을 앞두고 있다.

    지난 11일 경희궁에서는 개봉에 앞서 영화 ‘후궁:제왕의 첩’의 쇼케이스가 펼쳐졌으며, 주연배우들의 영화 의상 패션쇼와 함께 영화의 주제곡인 서영은의 ‘꽃이 진다’가 최초로 공개됐다.

    이번 OST의 기획 및 제작은 박정현, 휘성, 빅마마, 거미 등 실력파 가수들의 앨범 타이틀 곡을 작곡한 이현정 작곡가와 그룹 신화, 린, 신혜성, 빅뱅 등 수많은 인기가수들의 앨범에서 작사,작곡을 맡아 온 전승우 작사가가 참여했다.

    향후 영화의 주제곡인 서영은의 ‘꽃이 진다’는 영화의 아름다운 영상을 담은 뮤직비디오와 함께 각 뮤직사이트 채널을 통해 곧 음원을 공개할 예정이다.

    한경닷컴 키즈맘뉴스 송혜리 기자(


    Google Translation
    Harem, OST 'flowers is Bravo!

    Joyeojeong, Kim, Dong - Wook, Kim Min-june movie "The Harem: The Lord of the mistress' interest in the hot before opening.

    Film Harem: The Lord of the mistress' love, spanning, multi-spanning, power mad, can not live without sacrificing an awful affair of passion going on Palace (情事), an affair of Madness (情事) Erotic drawn into court drama following are scheduled to be released on June 6.

    Gyeonghuigung the last 11 days in advance of the opening film "Harem: The Lord of the mistress 'was played out of the showcase, costume fashion shows and film actor of the movie's theme song with Suh Young Eun's" Flowers are' was unveiled for the first time.

    The OST of the planning and production of the Lena Park, Wheesung, Big Mama, spiders, etc. of the album title song composed by the talented singer songwriter and group myths Hyun Lee, Lin, Shin Hye Sung, Big Bang, and many of popular singers from the album lyrics and music lyrics take the whole jeonseungwoo Gaga attended.

    Suh Young Eun future of the movie's theme song "Flowers are 'beautiful images of the film containing the music videos and music sites, each with the source through the channel will unveil soon.

    VOD Link: youtube

    [영상] 2인분으로 부른 서영은의 후궁 주제곡 " 꽃이 진다 " 열창


    How bad is Jo Yeo-jeong's exposure?


    Many are interested in the level of actress Jo Yeo-jeong's exposure in the movie "The Emperor's Concubine".

    "The Emperor's Concubine" is also sub-titled, "The Erotic Historical" and brings a question to how exposed is 'exposed'.

    Jo Yeo-jeong was seen running away from the king who tries to undress her, undoing her dress and smiling in the bath.

    She takes on the role of Hwa Yeon, the woman who had to change to live.

    Having once enchanted the audience with her act in "The Servant", she's come back this time once again with more exposure.

    Meanwhile, "The Emperor's Concubine" is a movie about the life of a woman who had to change herself to live.

    Source: hancinema
    Original Source:

    VOD Links: naver | hancinema | filmsmash

    Royal Concubine trailer

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    May 15, 2012

    Korean Movies Get Racier to Fend off Hollywood

    With red-letter days for both mothers and children, May is often considered the "Month of the Family" in Korea, but theaters across the country are filled with films that are anything but family-oriented. In fact, a whole crop of sexually explicit flicks await moviegoers this month.

    "The Scent," which was released last month, features explicit scenes of actress Park Si-yeon in the nude that continue to draw viewers. "A Muse," which opened two weeks later, stirred controversy by showing sex scenes between a teenage girl and a man in his 70s. "The Taste of Money," which has been invited to the 65th Cannes Film Festival, will hit local theaters this week after already grabbing headlines for its steamy sex scenes between veteran actress Yoon Yeo-jeong (65) and Kim Kang-woo (34). The trend is likely to continue in June with the release of "Royal Concubine" starring actress Jo Yeo-jeong.

    From left, "Royal Concubine," "The Scent," "A Muse," and "The Taste of Money"

    While these movies may contain powerful messages, such as remorse over growing old ("A Muse") or criticism of the importance people place on money ("The Taste of Money"), they are hardly congruent with a month traditionally associated with family values.

    Nonetheless, this marketing strategy of relying on racy content worked well in 2010. In May and June of that year, "The Housemaid" and "The Servant" drew 2.3 million and 3 million moviegoers, respectively. As they generated a further W2 billion (US$1=W1,147) in DVD and other sales, movie industry bigwigs soon caught on to the fact that such films are well received even at this time of year.

    Ramping up the level of sexually-explicit content in domestic films is also increasingly being viewed as a way to fend off Hollywood. Hollywood summer blockbusters swamp the market at this time of year, and 2012 is no exception, with the "The Avengers" drawing 5 million viewers since its release on April 26, and "Men in Black 3" expected to become another hit when it opens here on May 23.

    "Korean moviemakers tend to shun releasing films in May," said Lee Chang-hyun at CJ E&M. "But R-rated films can compete with Hollywood blockbusters by targeting the niche market for adult viewers."
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    김민준 “사극하며 헬스장 식스팩 없앴다”
    뉴스엔 원문 기사전송 2012-05-17 07:42


    [뉴스엔 이민지 기자]

    김민준이 식스팩을 없앤 이유를 밝혔다.

    영화 '후궁' 주인공인 김민준 조여정 김동욱은 5월 16일 방송된 SBS '한밤의 TV연예'의 '스타 직구 인터뷰'에서 진솔한 인터뷰를 가졌다.

    김동욱은 "조각미남이라고 불리는데 몸매는 타고 나신 거냐"고 물었다. 이에 대해 김민준은 "나도 그런 줄 알았다. 운동을 안 해도 어느 정도 허리가 유지됐던 것 같다. 30대 중반을 넘어서니까 조금 문제가 있는 것 같더라"고 설명했다.

    식스팩에 대해 김민준은 "사극하며 현대적인 헬스장 근육은 없앴다. 동욱이랑 합의 하에 식스팩을 조금 줄이자고 했다. 영화를 보고 혹시 몸이 좀 미흡하다고 느끼신다면 연출된 부분임을 상기하셨으면 좋겠다"고 말했다.

    김동욱은 "시작할 때는 6개가 있었는데 없애려고 많이 먹기도 하고 결국엔 원팩이 됐다"고 밝혔다. (사진=SBS '한밤의 TV연예' 캡쳐)

    이민지 oing@

    Source: nate

    Google Translation
    Kim Min-june "eliminating the drama and gym sikseupaek"

    Six Pack Elimination of Kim Min-june said the reason the two.

    Movies' harem 'heroine Kim, Dong - Wook Kim Min-june joyeojeong the May 16 broadcast of SBS' Midnight's TV Entertainment 's "Star fastball interview' held at the candid interview.

    Kim, Dong - Wook "The piece was called handsome, her figure are you a born actor," he asked. Kim Min-june about it is, "I thought it was. Not have to exercise some degree which was kept back seems beyond the mid-30 would seem to have a little problem," he explained.

    Kim Min-june for about six pack "muscles, eliminating the drama and modern gym. DongWook Six Pack and a little under an agreement made ​​julyijago. To see the movie if you feel that you lack some body parts that staged the hope you wish," said .

    For Kim, Dong - Wook "was six to get rid of a lot when you start eating and was eventually wonpaekyi" said its

    후궁 조여정 “배드신 파트너 중 김민준이 최고”
    매일경제 원문 기사전송 2012-05-16 22:10


    [매경닷컴 MK스포츠 김지나 기자] 배우 김민준과 조여정이 배드신 호흡에 대한 솔직한 심경을 전했다.

    16일 방송된 SBS ‘한밤의TV연예’에 영화 ‘후궁 제왕의첩’의 세 주인공 김민준 조여정 김동욱이 출연했다.

    직접 질문을 만들고 답하는 ‘직구인터뷰’에 응한 이들은 영화만큼이나 높은 수위의 질문을 던져 시청자들의 호기심을 자극했다.

    김민준은 영화 ‘방자전’ 이후 ‘후궁’을 통해 두 번째 배드신에 도전한 조여정에게 “이전 김주혁 류승범을 포함해 나, 김동욱과 ‘긴밀한 신’을 촬영했다. 그 중 누구와 호흡이 가장 잘 맞느냐”는 질문을 던졌다.

    부끄러운 듯 고개를 숙인 조여정은 “김민준”이라며 “동욱 씨도 꽤 적극적인 편인데 오빠는 더 하다. 오빠는 부끄러울 수 있는 부분도 솔직하게 말해줘서 굉장히 편했다”고 답변했다.

    이에 김민준은 흡족한 듯 고개를 끄덕이며 “역시 우리 둘이 가장 잘 맞는다”고 정리해 현장을 웃음바다로 만들었다.


    Source: nate

    Google Translation
    Joyeojeong harem "of baedeusin partner Kim Min-june is the best"

    [IPD Group, MK Kim Jina Sports News] Actor Kim Min-june Chung and tighten two baedeusin breath of heart, according to Frank.

    The 16th broadcast of SBS 'TV entertainment of the night' in the film "Harem jewanguicheop 'joyeojeong Kim, Dong - Wook Kim Min-june two of the three main character has appeared.

    Create your own questions to answer 'fastball interview' movie as much as they responded to high levels of questions was to stimulate the curiosity of viewers.

    Kim Min-june the movie Torrent Contents after 'harem' baedeusin challenged through the second to tighten the information "before me, including ryuseungbeom Kim Joo Hyuk, Kim, Dong - Wook and 'strong signal' were shot. One of them is the best matneunya and breathing "and asked the.

    Tighten head bowed shy Chung, "Kim Min-june," said "Mr. Dong Wook oppa no rarity is quite aggressive. Nothing to be ashamed of your brother that you can really come in handy for telling me frankly, "he replied.

    Kim Min-june this seemed a satisfactory nod "is also best suited the two of us," he laughs sum made ​​the scene.

    조여정 “애정신 가장 적극적인 배우는 김민준”
    뉴스엔 원문 기사전송 2012-05-16 21:52


    [뉴스엔 이민지 기자]

    조여정이 김민준의 적극적인 모습을 밝혔다.

    김민준 조여정 김동욱은 5월 16일 방송된 SBS '한밤의 TV연예'의 '스타 직구 인터뷰'에서 진솔한 인터뷰를 가졌다.

    김민준은 조여정에게 "전작에서 김주혁, 류승범, 저희 둘(김동욱 김민준)이 있는데 긴밀한 신에서 어떤 남자가 가장 적극적이었냐"고 물었다.

    조여정은 바로 "김민준씨요"라고 답해 웃음을 자아냈다. 그는 "동욱씨도 굉장히 적극적인데 김민준씨는 부끄러울 수 있는 부분도 이야기 한다. 나보고 편하게 해줘서 고맙다고 그랬는데 나는 오빠가 참 편하더라"고 설명했다. (사진=SBS '한밤의 TV연예' 캡쳐)

    이민지 oing@

    Source: nate

    Google Translation
    Joyeojeong "the most aggressive actor Kim Min-june aejeongsin"

    [Newsen yiminji News]

    Tighten the aggressive appearance of Scratch said Kim Min-june.

    Kim, Dong - Wook Kim Min-june joyeojeong the May 16 broadcast of SBS 'Midnight's TV Entertainment' s "Star fastball interview 'held at the candid interview.

    Jung Kim Min-june to the tightening "from the previous Kim Joo Hyuk, ryuseungbeom, the two of us (Kim, Dong - Wook Kim Min-june) There is a man most closely jeokgeukjeokyieotnya in God," he asked.

    Chung tighten it, "You want to talk to Kim Min-june," he drew laughter answer. "I, Mr. Dong Wook Kim Min-june is a very active part in the story he should be ashamed of. Me that she is comfortable to thank you for my brother so I was comfortable," he explained.

    VOD Links: youtube | youtube

    SBS 한밤의 TV연예 One Night of TV Entertainment 2012-05-16

    Source: nate

    Source: nate

    Source: nate

    Source: nate

    Which SNSD Member Does Kim Dong Wook Keep in Touch with?
    2012-05-17 19:00 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, KyungNam
    Translation Credit : Erika Kim

    Kim Dong Wook revealed he was close with Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Sunny.

    The May 16 broadcast of SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment featured the stars of the film The King’s Concubine, Jo Yeo Jeong, Kim Dong Wook and Kim Min Joon. In the interview, the stars asked each other questions they always wanted to ask.


    To Kim Min Joon’s question asking how he gets actress’ phone numbers so easily, Kim Dong Wook answered, “They give them to me first.”

    Kim Min Joon then followed up with another question, asking, “I heard you know the numbers of the SNSD members.”

    Kim Dong Wook answered, “Yes. I personally keep in touch with Sunny. My stylist works with SNSD also.”

    Kim Dong Wook also worked with SNSD members Yuri and Sooyoung on the KBS drama Unstoppable Marriage.

    The King’s Concubine is an erotic film about the love, lust and lunacy of the palace. It will premiere on June 6.

    Photo credit: SBS

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