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Quick Opinion for Hairstyle needed!

p01ntl3ssp01ntl3ss B.C, CanadaPosts: 322Member


Hi all, I have an appointment at the hair salon in 1 hour for a cut+perm, but I'm still undecided on what specific hairstyle to get. I know I want a curly bob around chin length, but I'm not sure if a more curly look or a more wavy look would suit me.

Here are the hairstyles I'm considering:
1. tumblr_lmi73yn6wa1qhhqjd.jpg
2. screenshot20120223at230.png
3. screenshot20120223at231.png
4. screenshot20120223at127.png
credits to google images

Oh, and here's a pic of my face shape for reference:

My forehead is pretty low and extremely flat, my jawline is pretty square, and my face in general is rather large I think.

If you have any suggestions/pics/etc, please post! (:

S m i l e ! :D
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