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[Drama 2012] Arang and The Magistrate 아랑 사또전

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A funny love story during Joseon… that set’s off like a dream…
About a female ghost name Arang, who is longing to seek the truth about her death.
Along with the help of Eun Oh, who acts like a devil that we just don’t want to meet!
Will create…
A relationship that will not be forgettable between man and ghost…*

[MBC] Lee Jun Ki, Shin Min Ah, Yeon Woo Jin, Hwang Bora
Date of airing : 15th Aug 2012
Time of airing : 9:55 pm (korean time)
Official site :  Korea / Japan 
Writer : 정윤정 Jung Yoon Jung
PD : 김상호 Kim Sang Ho
Eps: 20
Main Cast : Lee Jun Ki, Shin Min Ah
Supporting Cast : Yeon Woo Jin, Hwang Bora, Han Jung Soo, Yoo Seung Ho, Kwon Oh Joong,
Park Jun Gyu, Kim Yong Gun, Kang Moon Young, Kim Gwang Gyu

Story : A horror fusion sageuk surrounding a wrongful death against the backdrop of the Joseon Dynasty basing on the old korean folk tale "阿娘" Arang. New appointed magistrate "Kim Eun Oh" (Lee Jun Ki) who has the ability to see ghosts, meets with a female ghost "Arang" (Shin Min Ah) who had died of a wrongful death due to her wicked nanny's conspiracy.



Main Cast
credits from kpopanda / talkingcupboard

 Kim Eun Oh (Lee Jun Ki)

Arang (Shin Min Ah) 

 Joo Whal (Yeon Woo Jin)

 Female shaman, Bang Wool (Hwang Bora)

 Lee Eun Oh's right-hand man, Dol Swi (Kwon Oh Joong)

King of the underworld's officer, Moo Young (Han Jung Soo)

Jade emperor (Yoo Seung Ho)

 King of the underworld (Park Jun Kyu)
The King will be the one who punishes all the bad guys, but he looks like a fun person to be around although his job is super scary.


Officer Choi (Kim Yong Gun)

 High Shaman (Kang Moon Young)

Extended Cast

Kim Kwang Gyu as Lee Bang
Lee Sang Hoon as Hyung Bang
Min Sung Wook (민성욱) as Ye Bang
Kim Min Jae (김민재) as Geo Deol
Song Jae Ryong (송재룡) as Kim Seo Bang
Noh Hee Ji (노희지) as heaven fairy
Im Joo Eun as Moo Yeon (Moo Young's sister)
Lee Yong Yi (이용이) as Lee Seo Rim's housekeeper

Yoon Do Hyun (윤도현) as former magistrate of Miryang (ep 1)
Jung Soo Young as Bang Wool's client (ep 1)
Im Hyun Sik as ghost (ep 2)

Character Descriptions-Extended



More :




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[ENG SUBS] 120714 JGS EP05 - Arang Sato Filming









Historical Information (Translated by KPOPANDA):
‘The legend of Arang’ is a legend based on an infamous story that happened to Yeon Nam Ru Miryang, of the Kyung San Nam province.
Arang’s real name was known to be Yoon Dong Ok, the daughter of the Deputy Magistrate Officer of Miryang, Kyung San province. She is known to be an orphaned child who lived with her godmother, and grew up to be an incredibly beautiful woman. However, the godmother, who was ambitious and jealous of her beauty, used every approach including hiring assassins to harm the beautiful Arang. One day, during a night when Arang went out to see the full moon, they thought of a way to humiliate (‘ruin her innocence‘) her. Arang, who tried to resist from the criminal act and protect her virginity, was eventually stabbed to death and was hidden into a bamboo (a kind of bamboo like coffin.)
After the Deputy Magistrate Officer heard the ‘news’ about Arang having a relationship with a man in public and excaping with them, he resigned from the office. From then on in Miryang, whenever the Deputy Ambassador was called upon for the inauguration of new deputies, a suspicious spirit would suddenly appear on the first night after the inauguration. Therefore, all the officers (/officials) who heard about the news were afraids of getting this position.
During this time, a brave young official name Lee, suddenly appears and decides to voluntarily go up for the position of Deputy Magistrate Officer of Miryang. And during the first night of the position, the ghost spirit of Arang suddenly appears. Lee figures out that something is fishy therefore he promises and decides to help investigate and find the truth about her death, therefore her spirit will be able to leave peacefully. Lee hurriedly helps finds the truth about who killed Arang and her spiritly peacefully flies away. From then on, Arang’s spirit never appeared again.
Today, beneath Yung Nam Ru, contains a preserved temple for the female ghost Arang, and the other tragic stories which occured in Yung Nam Ru continues to spread…
*Deputy Magistrate Officer is the highest level official a.k.a magistrate (They are usually seen wearing red clothing in dramas.)
*Officers/Officials are lower ranked who wears blue clothing in dramas. A lower rank wears green.


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