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tinhieutinhieu yakusoku wa iranai. Posts: 554Member
tutorial~ 5Gum wrapper collage
My assortment of gum wrappers... I'm missing pink (and more?) though -.-;;
...and I am still collecting them... trolololo
From the many colours, you can make almost anything with these gum wrappers.

  • Glue stick (liquid glue is not recommended, it takes long to dry and messy)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • 5Gum (yeah.... don't forget... lol)
    • 5Gum wrappers
    • 5gum pack (optional)

  1. Draw your picture (this tutorial is simplified)
  2. Start to peel your gum wrapper (separate the foil sheet from the wax sheet)
    1. Hint: Try to "fatigue" the edge(s) until you can peel it off
    2. Hint: Try to peel the foil off in a straight, slow, even manner (don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect)
  3. Place the wax sheet over your picture (sticky side up) and trace your picture
  4. Put the foil back on the wax and gently press them together (I used the gum pack to do this)
  5. Flip the wrapper over, now you should see your trace ^____^
  6. Cut it out.
    1. Erase the picture gently, so that the pencil lines become faint (for anesthetic purposes)
  7. Glue the foil on top of your picture
  8. Place any sheet of paper over your foil and press it down.... to smooth our any creases.
    1. If you don't put anything over top, the foil underneath might slide and the paper layer prevents creasing
  9. Viola!


  • Card Decorations
  • Art
  • More? hehe^^
I made another one (Hello Kitty) as a card for my friend's birthday. Forgot to take a pic though.

Give this a try. I'd like to see your creations!! ^_____^ 



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