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melkimxmelkimx momoPosts: 6,099Administrator


are people in the US familiar with muji? they're a japanese home goods company that specializes in kind of really functional items with a kind of minimalist aesthetic. the price point is supposed to be pretty low, but at least in korea... it's not expensive, but there are cheaper options. today i just bought a clear plastic jewelry box for 22,000 won, which is about $20 USD... which isn't bad, except that there are similar ones for one-fifth the price. but to me, muji's products just look a bit nicer, so it's worth it to me. i used to visit the one in NYC, where my brother lives, and he kind of became a fan. besides home accessories and furniture, they have clothes, stationery, toiletries, and weird things like shrink-wrapped scarves and cutout images of NYC.

now personally, i think their aesthetic is a little cold. no frills, usually no bright colors. but i love their organizing items for some reason. and they make some really cute items that i love!







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