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[OFFICIAL] Leeteuk (Suju) & Sora Couple We Got Married



  • lovinsoraralovinsorara Posts: 70Member


    This pic is really a good medicine for my longing acute coma,,Suju First Lady knows how to appreciate and support her husband's family by her own way,charandaaaa
    And i accidentally found video in youtube with title Leeteuk's uncontrolable laughter, and theres something interest that u can found by ur self if u have eagle eye,,,good luck,,
  • gdara123gdara123 Posts: 156Member


    Hi FD's!!! It has been a long while I did not visit soompi and there a some pages I need to back read, anyway I just wanted to share some of my observation with Sora being in the fan meeting of IJW and her old Interview about Leeteuk.

    Sora at IJW fan meeting excerpt ( credit to cookingdrama tumblr)

    Q: When filming on scene, were there any interesting episodes?
    SR: Interesting?....I think it was tiring...
    JH: I’m not sure about ‘interesting’ things that happened, but we were always busy trying to film the next scene.
    SR: The ‘married couple life’ scenes and similar scenarios took 36 hours to film on set. The previous day would take 8 hours, then the next day in the daytime it would take an hour and then we’d finish.
    JH: The hotel room, the ‘married-couple’ room (scenes) from start to finish all required us two. There was no time to rest, we had to keep on going.

    Then Sora says something like “first time in 20 years of MBC’s history?” not sure what she means but everyone laughs...then the MC says the director of SBS might be here(?) and then Sora says she hasn’t done an MBC drama before.
    (This part was quite unclear…)
    Then the MC praises Sora again and Joo Hwan adds “yeah, she’s really easy-going” Then Sora says 98% of her fans are girls.
    Q: Lastly, what are you two’s real personalities like? Okay for a boyfriend? (asking Sora?)
    SR: Oh, it seems like the style of girl (he likes) is quite different…
    MC: really? what kind of style?
    SR: I asked Oppa what (style) he likes…
    He said (he likes) the type to first fall into love and confess first (?) (I think he likes girl that are initiative? hahaha)
    Q: What features (of his) are attractive? (or what ‘points’ of attraction)
    SR: He’s unexpected. He can be blunt, and thoughtful. He’s quiet, and also likes to joke around. And he can also have 2 sides to him.
    After that the MC comments that it’s like ‘split personality’ (?) Joo Hwan says he’s not ‘in-between’ (as in personality wise, I guess he’s either to one end of the extreme)
    The MC then asks him who that is like (I think who’s personality is like that) and he doesn’t understand at first. Then the MC goes “ you know, that popular drama right now, “The Heirs”. Kim Tan…
    JH: Ahhh, Lee Min Ho sshi…
    SR: Oppa is kinda right now...~~~(trying to say he's out-dated ahahah)
    ah right, sorry. I’m pretty up-to-date with the news...I’m trendy~
    (The MC then jokingly apologizes forgetting that Joo Hwan is not ‘up-to-date’ with stuff, haha)
    Then the MC asks for Sora to give some last words before leaving...
    SR: When I received the invitation to be a guest, I thought maybe I wouldn’t be welcomed (since they are all girl fans). (But), I received a big welcome, I’m really happy, I really liked it. There were also a lot of jokes…
    Then not sure here she says something like she wanted to share something/ reveal something but…
    and then the audience goes crazy and the MC tells everyone to say “하나만 !” (something like ‘just one’ (thing)!!!)
    SR: I’ll reveal a fact/point about (Joo Hwan’s) body (first I was unclear whether she was referring to herself or him, but it looks like it was him!)
    While doing the drama there was almost no time to exercise…
    (then i’m not to sure on this part) but she says something like instead of losing weight, it seems Joo Hwan was hiding quite a lot of muscle? LOL….
    and then if I’m correct, she asks him to ‘show’ it (and then the audience goes crazy)
    but then he’s unwilling to….hehe and then they give up in the end.
    The MC then asks if there’s anything else she can think of for the fans to see and then she says she doesn’t think so…
    SR: Ah, how about what if I suggest something the fans might want?
    MC: oh what, what?
    SR: How about showing us “buing buing” ?
    fans go crazy*
    MC: thanks! really!!! (because it is hard to get joo hwan to show something, haha)
    Sora then adds : if that can’t do, how about “1+1= kwiyomi?
    fans go crazy again*
    A helpless Joo Hwan goes: I really don’t know how to do it! *sweating bullets*
    SR: camera team, get ready!
    SR: combine buing buing and then do kwiyomi afterwards~ (AHHAHAHA)
    MC: oh, and add “데헷”~ (tehhet~ some cute action)
    Joo Hwan unwillingly goes: “Oppa” is 32! Going to be 33! (IOW he’s saying he’s too old for this stuff! hahaha)
    The MC goes it’s okay since he has a babyface!
    Then Sora teaches him how to do it…
    Joo Hwan is still nervous *haha*
    SR: you’ll do fine! (hehe)
    Then Joo Hwan finally does the buing buing and kwiyomi combo and the fans go wild~~~
    after, Joo Hwan jokes: I think I have to retire after this….
    SR: it was worth it~
    Then Sora takes a picture before leaving and they thank her~~~
    (I like how Sora’s so random at times...haha~ : ) Sora knows how to create atmosphere~~~ )

    OLD INTERVIEW OF SORA referring to WGM and Leeteuk just to show the differences I'm referring

                        Recently your couple life with Leeteuk in We Got Married has ended:

    It was such a bittersweet thing to me to be involved for almost a year in the programme. Even I didn’t do that much filming with Leeteuk but lately we’ve been receiving and sending (exchanging) text messages to say hello and ask each other’s well-being. As Oppa will be enlisted in army next month, I’m going to visit him once around next year. If I go find (visit) him too early, the senior military soldiers who notice this might rather be uncomfortable with it.”

    -Any differences dating with a real boyfriend (compared to couple life in We Got Married):

    “Leeteuk Oppa is a very caring and mature person much more than you think he is. Honestly, you can’t say that 100% of our appearances in We Got Married are all acting. Within the broadcast (during filming), it was at least same/equal as the actual dating. From my personal experience, it (the show) brings out my inner femininity.”

    About Leeteuk~

    “He is really a good person that I could learn a lot from him. Even though he has been hurt much, he didn’t show/reveal it. Since he’s a leader, he needs to appear/look as if he’s able to hold/bear himself from moaning and grumbling. He has a lot of sense of responsiblity so he looks matured/grown up but he can be childish too. He can be **pitiful at times, but sometimes he has manly side too.”

    “Since, I’ve been beside him watching his struggling side during hard/difficult times, I had this kind of mind/feeling that I want to look after/to take care of him. I didn’t really feel the age differences between us. Sometimes, he feels like a little brother to me.”

    “If possible, I would like to visit him (during army). I’ll write letter to him too next time when I have the earnestness (to do so). Apparently, there should be so many letters will be sent to him. My letter could be buried/hidden amongst the massive amounts of letters sent by his fans and he might not see/notice my letter. So next time, when I have the keen, I’ll write letter to him”

    **(due to the fact that he has a lot of burden to bear as a leader of an idol group)

    At first, because I’m introvert, I couldn’t express myself well. People thought I’m cocky due to the fact that I couldn’t even greet them because I was too shy. It’s just my nature that I couldn’t approach people and be friendly first. Nevertheless, all these traits have changed a lot now.

    It was the same when she appeared as a virtual couple with Super Junior Leeteuk in MBC’s “We Got Married”. At the beginning, she couldn’t approach him first, but with the help of the other party (Leeteuk), her heart/mind opened little by little.

    “Leeteuk Oppa did express himself a lot. After filming ended, I received “It was hard right?” this kind of text message from him. Since he already opened up his heart like that, I wanted to give more to him. At the beginning, if Leeteuk Oppa did the talking for about 85%, I did the remaining 10% by laughing & 5% by talking but later on, it changed a lot.”

    “I’m not a pretender, I’am a frank type of person. And when I date, no matter what I will treat my boyfriend with the very best I can. Rather than feminine charm (aegyo), I guess I use more of a friend-like feeling/vibe to approach my boyfriend. The favorite things (hobby)that my boyfriend interested in, I’ll do them together with him. Later when I’m married for real, I think I’ll do the wifely duty very well,” she laughed.


    Sina: Last year you received the Best Couple for Variety for WGM, do you keep in contact with LeeTeuk after his enlistment, how/what are your feelings?
    Sora: [WGM] is different from other variety as it does not have any script, it’s ‘live improvisation’. We only expressed as how we like it. I think we received the Popularity award because I let down my fears (burden) and was able to express ourselves comfortably. Also I’m very thankful to Lee Teuk because it is also due to his good fortune/blessings. Thank you. ^^
    In reality, during the last episode I was very reluctant and sad, to add LeeTeuk would enlist after filming “WGM”. I felt more regretful because we also didn’t had time to drink and the chance to tell him “to take good care of yourself”.


    My opinion and analysis will be on the next post so that It won't be confusing......




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  • sky5joyoussky5joyous Posts: 3,097Member


    Hello “Dimples” !  Thank you “Kang Sora International Fanclub” for the information : look at Sora (0:37 - 0:46) and her friend Shin So Yul (0:55 - 1:12) .
    "There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky ; 
    there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul"  Victor Hugo
  • sky5joyoussky5joyous Posts: 3,097Member


    Hello “Dimples” !

    Her new DP evokes me a moment in WGM, when she looks forward the return of his Prince PJS !!! ;)



    Just for laughs ! Number 1 posted on his blog ( ) this photo …


    … Sora copies her “biological oppa” ?! :)) 

    "There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky ; 
    there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul"  Victor Hugo
  • SamanthaLSamanthaL Posts: 8Member
    Hey Guys!
    Right now i'm conducting a poll of WGM on my blog and it would be really cool if you guys could go and check it out and vote for your fav couple! You could also maybe like leave a comment or two if you want on why they are your fav couple.. HEHE I just really wanted to see if there would be like an couple that finished ( like adam or something) that would be able to win against a newer couple! So please if you can click on the link below an vote for you fav couple! Thanks so much!

  • sky5joyoussky5joyous Posts: 3,097Member


    Hello “Dimples” !  Thank you “Kang Sora International Fanclub” for the video : 
    "There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky ; 
    there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul"  Victor Hugo
  • hueyhuey 휴이가오고 있어요 보여줄게Posts: 847Member


  • sky5joyoussky5joyous Posts: 3,097Member


    Hello “Dimples” !

    Thank you @huey for yours posts today ! I like the present of PJS has for name “Darin Coffee brown” because the name of bag I remember that Sora likes the coffee “Americano” ! ~O)

    Thank you also “Kang Sora International Fanclub” for the photos : and .

    For this event of “L’inoui”, Sora is in BUSAN !!! She wears a blue necklace (maybe the ring with dark blue stone, look my post of 10 december page 1258). ;)) 


    She likes very much the blue bag !!! because she loves PJS !!! They live in their blue world !!! 


    "There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky ; 
    there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul"  Victor Hugo
  • sky5joyoussky5joyous Posts: 3,097Member


    Hello "Dimples" !
    Thank you also “Kang Sora International Fanclub” for the information :
    "There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky ; 
    there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul"  Victor Hugo
  • sky5joyoussky5joyous Posts: 3,097Member


    Hello "Dimples" !
    Thank you for the photos : Sora wears 2 jewels with the sapphire color, her ring seems to be the same ring that she wore during the Baseball Golden Gloves Award !
    Sora sees somethink ...
    ... a blue sapphire bag matching her jewels !

    :)) :)>-
    "There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky ; 
    there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul"  Victor Hugo
  • lolowawlolowaw Posts: 430Member


    Hello dear FDs I miss you all
    sora Tweet [Trans] Busan is really... much warmer... envy~~~~ RT
    But I'm still delusional ?????????
    We know that Sora is a kind of person who often feel cold .......but
    Why sora always remember Busan, and why envied ?
    Is Busan is the only place in Korea warm ? Or is it that your memories with your other half is what makes Busan warm ?
    I understand Sora envy, you are right Sora, in that envied ? Do you miss to walk on the red carpet, with the person whom you said you will appear with him next year, when the festival came this year, you can not appear because your schedule, weak excuse, right? It's surely impossible this year, but it is not impossible next year and even if your schedule is busy you will allocate\Dedicates time to go because next year you will walk with your other half on the red carpet , Busan will be the official place to declare your love to the world .

  • lolowawlolowaw Posts: 430Member


    edited December 2013
    Sora reached to the third place Sora has a strong will, and whenever she lost the weight she become more brilliant and beautiful, as Lt's said _ Sora fighting
  • lolowawlolowaw Posts: 430Member


    edited December 2013
    Naturally, when we say hello with our own hands we open our fingers, as what sora do the in these two images. Correct me
    But don't Sora trying to send a V sign ! 
  • sky5joyoussky5joyous Posts: 3,097Member


    Hello « Dimples » !

    Thank you “Only Kang Sora” for the information : 31 december 2013, SBS drama awards 2013 live streaming .


    I complete my previous post about similarities between our DC and Dohee/Junsu of “Ugly alert”.

    PJS does the “V-sign” too, look the posts of @jungsora2love 4 june page 1190  , 7 june page 1193  or like 15 june 2013...


    At the top of my fan art "V in Ugly alert and backstage" (look my post of 18 december), the V-signs of Sora are the video captures of the …

    …episode n° 57, 7 august 2013  (29:21), like in the episode n° 52, a “V-text” with the same photo of 2 actors is visible in the phone of Na Do Hee (Sora’s character).

    2 days before the broadcast of the episode n° 57, Sora posts on twitter 2 messages and a photo that reminds me of this episode because Sora wears a blue tee-shirt with white stars and a blue pair of pants. She writes…



    …but, in this episode, Na Do Hee (Sora’s character) and his boyfriend Gong Jun Su (Im Joo Hwan’s character) spend time together (9:49 – 10:58 ; 15:36 – 16:26 ; 19:17 – 23:52). I remember post of @smileagain2012 page 1218 : “Park Jungsu has been transferred to 12th division on 2 august”. In her post, Sora thinks about PJS not Gong Jun Su : she’s smart !

    … episode n° 58, 8 august 2013 (5:54 : DH was reading at home when she got a call from JS, she says “What is it ? Did you want me to listen to your voice ?”) and episode n° 66, 20 august 2013 (25:11), the photo used for a “V-text” is visible for a “V-call” in the phone of Na Do Hee (Sora’s character). 

    … episode n° 68, 22 august 2013 (second, third, fourth, fifth picture), Sora did four « V » in a scene (5:09 – 7:05). Before the signs, the dialogue of this scene refers to a rank in the army for the character of Sora :


    DH: It’s hard to find a model that is like me. Quickly, take pictures. (…)

    DH: Did you only think I have a nickname at East Gate (a place in Korea)…the count of Asura ? At the company, my nickname is the devil lady.   (…)

    JS: You are a talented drill sergeant, Na Do Hee.

    DH: I’m really curious what is stored in your brain…really amazing…really amazing.  Did you just took a picture of me ?

    JS: What ? Give it to me.

    DH: No…strike a pose.

    The second picture matches this last line, Na Do Hee (Sora’s character) asks his boyfriend to do a “V-sign” and does the sign to show him. Sora starts her mission, PJS is right “Sora is mischievous” (episode n° 8 WGM).

    She does a “virtual kiss” and a “military salute”. In the 3 next pictures, Sora does the “V-sign” a long time, maybe she was worried that the cameras couldn’t capture and she is right because the sign isn’t good on camera.

    In this episode, a “V-text” (18:47 - DH writes “Good morning. Deliver coffee to the secret base”. ) is present in the phone of Gong Jun Su (Im Joo Hwan’s character), it’s the same photo of 2 actors but only Sora is visible on his phone, like in the episode n° 94, 2 october 2013, (11:56 – 12:00, JS was working when he got the text from DH, she says : “I’m at the place where we first got soak in the rain.”) and the episode n° 98, 8 october 2013, (3:57).

    to be continued …  :)>- 

    "There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky ; 
    there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul"  Victor Hugo
  • gigigigi IndonesiaPosts: 3New Member
    Breaking news!! Leeteuk changed his twitter ava, a pict with a quote ' you made me complete',, sorry i'm on mobile phone, couldn't post the pict,, :( maybe i'm delusional,, but the background of the pict is sky,, Sky=Sora :D

    The same sky, different place. We're separated for now, for this instant, something to never forget. Please remember
    - Only U
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