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ReckLESS_ReckLESS_ Posts: 93Member


edited June 2011 in beauty & fashion
what did YOU buy?
Just wanted to start a sharing thread so fellow soompiers can share what they bought on EBAY!
I know that there's a thread already made for purchases people made, but this is exclusively meant for items bought off EBAY, if this needs to be taken down due to somewhat similarities, no big deal :) I don't mind. Thanks!

Recently I purchased a silicone facial scrub 6494.jpg

some cheap earbuds for my ipod, $(KGrHqIOKioE3FYNJ40UBN6)Q!N!V!~~0_12.JPG

and a cool band for dummies who suck at tying ballerina buns on their heads:) D0885_3.jpg

*all pictures taken from the seller I bought from.


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