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Love in the Ice - DBSK/TVXQ/東方神起 (Partial Cover)

EruEru Posts: 274Member


edited March 2011 in performers
Well, I tried to do a partial cover, not much time to practice <--- excuse

But uh yeah, I have a lot of rough spots please comment/critique.

[url=""]My Cover Song haha[/url]

Second take :

2nd take!


  • miss_vickymiss_vicky DREAMiN, since 060605 the bamboo forestPosts: 5,121Member


    at first, i thought it was the Japanese version, but it's the Korean version.
    honestly, I listen to the Japanese one more. xD
    anyways, your short cover is nice.
    but it sound like you weren't singing loudly enough, or you were trying to keep your voice quiet.
    but that's just me, but um, do improve on your flow better though.
    thanks for sharing!
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  • EruEru Posts: 274Member


    Actually yeah, I had some trouble at some parts for having my voice be loud, and probably a part of the problem is the fact that I have no like good microphone haha.  Uhm, also yeah, my rhythmic sense, if you can call it that, was kinda off... :|  Like I said I didn't really get to practice this song that much haha.  Thanks for the comments though. o.o
  • gabysurielgabysuriel Posts: 4New Member
    You did a good job ^^ I liked it ~ you should try JaeJoong "Mine"
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