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[OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 2 ♥



  • codenameonecodenameone INDONEISAPosts: 65Goguma


    here the seat plan
    2013 CNBLUE BLUEMOON World Tour Live in Jakarta on October 19th,ticket price and seating plan

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  • fifiyonfifiyon Posts: 215Member


    Whaaaat? blue moon at jakarta have confirmed?....aigooooo. but ok....
    although I've got tickets for the concert malaysia ... I will watch again to jakarta.
    Thank to boice indonesia......jjjjjiiiaang!!!!!.
  • fifiyonfifiyon Posts: 215Member


    @orchidia oenni....yesss yuuuuuk. But you know there will be a special event of Yongseo Indonesia? ........ Yongseo Indonesia, let's make something yuuuuuuk.....!!!.
    Tapi Yongseo indonesia ada dimana yaaah?....
  • fatenismfatenism Posts: 84Member


    fatenism said:
    Guys. i found some youtube videos made by gogumas. in one of them, there's a pic of Seohyn wearing the same green jacket Yonghwa wore on Strong Heart (the one where he shouted "Seohyun, Saranghanda" many times kekekeke). Anyone knows which variety show is Seohyun at the time? I want to watch that video so baaaddd.Pleaseeeeeeeee
    hellooo,well I'm not really sure about this talkshow name but you could watch it right here hehehe
    enjoy :)
    Thanks a zillion for the links. LOVE U SO MUCH, MANI MANI KAMSAHAEYO
  • nissy06nissy06 Posts: 88Member
    edited July 2013
    uwaaaaaa~ CNBLUEE to JAKARTAAAA ~ let's go together indonesian goguma yaaaa ~

    PS. tp kok di tennis indoor yah.. itu kan kecil bgt.. hati2 cepet sold out nih.. T_T

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  • ota14ota14 Posts: 2New Member
    :) hai my first time posting in here but everyday i always check this forum because i really love this forum :x
    I'm from medan, indonesia. Can someone from indonesia help me in the BM jakarta ? I'm not have friend to join in this concert but i'm really really want watch it :( maybe, i can find Indo goguma to be my friend in BM jakarta. Actually BM jakarta's date near from my birthday, I hope my parent allow me to watch it but I know my parent will worried about me if I'm alone in jakarta
    *sorry for my bad english
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