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Huh Gak (허각)

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Male : Solo : Ballad
Huh Gak (허각)

ed9788eab081.jpg 7ad9a4f17f213ac7ab70a17.jpg 20101027072013473.jpg 20101027072015498.jpg

Year of birth : 1985
Height : 163 cm
Weight : 75 kg
Family : brother, Heo-gong
Debut : 2010
Awards : Winner of 2010 Mnet Super Star K 2

Heo-gak is the winner of the 2010 Mnet Super Star K 2 Challenge. He gained an immense following of fans throughout the series. Although during the earlier half of the competition it appeared that his competitor John Park had the win in the bag, Heo-gak slowly gained ground and took the grand prize with flying colors.

Heo-gak actually had a tougher childhood than most. Having to have dealt with his parent’s divorce at an early age, he dropped out of school after junior high. He then helped contribute to his family income by working as a ventilator repairman. He also did some singing gigs on the side for extra money, not to mention it fueled his passion for music. After having released his single “Whenever” in November of 2010, the song quickly rose up the ranks, dominating the top tier of all the major music charts.

# Whenever (digital single, November 4, 2010) : "언제나" "Whenever"
# Heo-gak 1st Mini Album (EP) (1st mini album, November 16, 2010) : "언제나" "Whenever", "하늘을 달리다" "Race The Skies", "행복한 나를" "A Happy Me (feat. John Park)", "My Heart"


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  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Huh Gak proclaims that his girlfriend is not his sister!

    The winner of Mnet’s ‘Superstar K2‘, Huh Gak, shared a picture of him and his girlfriend on his personal Twitter.

    On December 21st, he tweeted a picture of him and his girlfriend out on a date along with the post, “Date♥ We are not siblings!”

    Fans who saw this commented, “They say people in love start to look alike, your eye smiles are alike,” “You guys are a couple that look really good together,” and “Have a pretty and very very long relationship.”

    The two are famous as a couple for their strong affection and support for one another during Huh Gak’s ‘Superstar K2′ days, and it’s nice to see that their relationship is still going strong.
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Huh Gak and John Park release a teaser for “My Best”

    The top two finalists of “Superstar K2” - Huh Gak and John Park - recently unveiled their teaser for “My Best“, an OST track for the movie, “Glove“.

    Since the movie’s story is based on a baseball team trying to reach the top, the teaser contains snippets of John Park and Huh Gak giving advice on always having hopes for your dreams, and putting in your best efforts until the end.

  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    MV revealed for Huh Gak and John Park’s duet, “My Best”!

    Earlier, we had reported that the winner and runner-up of “Superstar K2,” Huh Gak and John Park, collaborated on a duet track for the upcoming movie, “Glove“.

    Titled, “My Best“, the MV teaser featured cuts from the movie, as well as interview clips of the two men giving advice on staying true to your dreams.

    The full MV has finally been unveiled, and as the teaser promised, the video delivered a combination of clips from the movie and from the recording studio.

  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Superstar K2 finalist CF MVs for Samsung Galaxy Tab released

    The four finalists of Superstar K2 recently joined forces with Samsung Galaxy Tab to release five CF music videos.

    Samsung released four individual MVs for each of the finalists, along with a full CF MV with all CFs combined together.

    The four singers also sang the CF songs in four different genres: Huh Gak sang a rock version, Kang Seung Yoon a dance version, John Park an R&B version, and Jang Jae In a Jazz version.

    * Huh Gak - Life is Tab (Rock Ver.)
    * Superstar K2 - Life Is Tab (Galaxy Tab CF)
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Huh Gak receives offers from YGE, Cube Entertainment, and E-TRIBE

    The Korean music industry has been on high alert ever since Huh Gak began seeking out an entertainment agency to join.

    The competition between agencies has been fierce, and three of them have managed to come out on top for his consideration. It’s not normal for agencies to offer so much so quickly, but it’s understandable in part because they’re up against unending love calls from other agencies.

    YG Entertainment is one of the three in consideration, but many are skeptical as to whether Huh Gak will be able to fit in with the company’s hip hop image. Cube Entertainment is also one of Huh Gak’s ‘top three’, and the company is preparing a plan to maximize his star potential. CEO Hong Seung Sung, who has a large amount of influence in the broadcast industry, has been aggressively seeking after the new star.

    Producers E-TRIBE were also revealed to have made an effort, and recently met with him to come up with a vision plan.

    Although Huh Gak has yet to make a final decision, the industry is watching where his feet will take him.
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Superstar K2 winner Huh Gak finds a new place to live

    “Superstar K2″ winner Huh Gak has finally found a suitable place to live with his family.

    At the time of his victory, Huh Gak had expressed his wish to use the prize money of 200 million Korean won to provide a place to live for his father and brother, and now his dreams have finally come true.

    According to a source close to Huh Gak, he leased an apartment in Incheon and will move at the end of February. To share this news with fans, he happily tweeted, “I think I found a good home. My dad and brother both like it.”

    Huh Gak is currently in the process of signing with a new entertainment agency to kick start his career as a singer.
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Huh Gak’s shrinking face draws attention

    Superstar K2 winner Huh Gak is proving his small-sized head.

    On January 28th, he tweeted a picture of himself with fellow Superstar K2 contestant, Kang Seung Yoon.

    In the picture, Kang Seung Yoon has his eyes closed with a funny expression, while Huh Gak is looking at the camera with his eyebrows raised.

    With the picture, he tweeted, “CF filming and recording done! Long time no see top4. Picture with Seung Yoon from the recording studio.”

    Next to Kang Seung Yoon, Huh Gak showed off what looks to be a smaller face than before. Fans commented, “Huh Gak’s face is shrinking. Is he dieting again?” and “It’s so good to see them reunited.”
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    miss A’s Suzy and Huh Gak take a photo together

    miss A’s Suzy recently revealed her acquaintanceship with Superstar K2 winner Huh Gak.

    On February 9th via Twitter, Suzy uploaded a photo along with the comment, “With Huh Gak!! During mama filming ^ㅁ^v”

    In the photo, the two are seen showing their victory sign, and Huh Gak’s expression seems to show that he was a bit nervous.

    Fans who have seen the photo commented, “Huh Gak’s popularity never ends?,” “Is Huh Gak’s face small? Or is Suzy’s head big? Or are they the same?” and “Good to see friendly Haemi, not irritated Haemi.”
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Huh Gak to join A Cube Entertainment

    Superstar K2’s winner, Huh Gak, has finally chosen his home.

    According to a music industry representative, Huh Gak is in the midst of finalizing his contract with A Cube Entertainment.

    The representative stated, “There is a very high chance that Huh Gak will join ‘A Cube’. He is currently in discussions with them about plans for his future career. The contract hasn’t been signed yet, but it will be signed soon.”

    A Cube Entertainment is a label under Cube Entertainment, and they are currently working on debuting a seven-member girl group named ‘A Pink‘.
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Huh Gak celebrates his 1 year anniversary with his girlfriend

    Huh Gak revealed photos of himself with his girlfriend on their one-year anniversary vacation to Jeju Island.

    He tweeted, “It feels like just yesterday when I came here with John [Park] to receive our mission from Lee Sung Chul… who knew I’d come back here… Kekeke. It feels new.”

    He added the next day, “Our last night in Jeju… We were unable to enjoy it because of the rain and show. I’m a little disappointed T.T However! It was a happy day! Huh Gak <3 Kim Da Hee, thank you for congratulating our 1st year anniversary! Big brother Gak and Park Boram! Thanks for the texts!<3″

    On the plane home, a fan apparently asked who the girl sitting next to him was. Huh Gak answered, “The person next to me is Kim Da Hee! Keke.”
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    A brand new start, Super Star K to return with season 3 soon

    The popularity of Mnet’s Super Star K 2 definitely exceeded expectations and even though the season had come to an end last year, it’s fire is still going strong as many new talents have been found with some already debuting in a positive light.

    To continue on this momentum, Mnet is already planning to make a return with Super Star K 3.

    The last season began it’s audition process on March 1st, 2010 and the upcoming third season is also set to start on a similar date.

    Huh Gak, the winner of Super Star K 2, recently made tweets relating to the return of a brand new season, stating, “Finally! Let us make a head start with the return of the nation’s audition show, and Super Star K 3! Starting from March 10th, they will start accepting ARS (1600-0199) and UCC auditions. It’s finally starting again! keke.”

    Proving that the hype of the previous season is still strong, one fan stated, “I still didn’t forget Super Star K 2… Don’t you think this is a bit too fast?”

    Huh Gak also left a message to singer Uhm Jung Hwa, who was one of the main judges for the previous season. He stated, “The third season of Super Star K is said to start soon. Will you be judging again?”

    Viewers are having even higher expectations for the third season and are eagerly anticipating for the new stories of the contestants that are to come.

    What kind of new talent will we find this time?
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Huh Gak becomes Winnie the Pooh!

    Singer Huh Gak, the winner of Mnet’s “Superstar K2“, uploaded a hilarious and adorable picture of himself wearing a set of Winnie the Pooh pajamas.

    Huh Gak uploaded the picture through his Twitter to prove to his fans that he received their gift. He captioned, “For my busy schedule tomorrow, I am going to get some honey sleep – I checked the gifts carefully in front of each of the ‘gallery members’! Thank you again! Proof!”
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Huh Gak dyes his hair

    Singer Huh Gak has decided to upgrade his look by dyeing his hair.

    On February 23rd, he tweeted, “Dye!” and uploaded a selca revealing his dyed golden-brown hair.

    Netizens and fans seemed to like his new hair color, as they complimented him saying, “Having dyed your hair, you look more cute!” and “Huh Gak oppa has fully become a celebrity!”
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Huh Gak moves into a new home with his prize money + to start activities with Cube

    The winner of Mnet’s “Superstar K2,” Huh Gak finally bought a place to live with his family.

    In the morning of March 6th, Huh Gak tweeted, “First time coming to our house after moving! I’m so happy. Because my father says he’s happy, I’m even more happy^^” – revealing his happiness about moving.

    Huh Gak signed a contract in the beginning of this year for a rental apartment in Incheon. Back on January 25th, he tweeted, “I think I decided on a good house. My father and older brother likes it, too.”

    In October 2010, when Huh Gak won “Superstar K2″, he received 200,000,000 won ($178,971) and a car. He ended up selling the car to help his sick uncle, and it was revealed that his father continued to look for a place to live.

    Meanwhile, Huh Gak is planning to start his singing activities through Cube Entertainment’s independent label A Cube.
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Huh Gak reunites with John Park and Kim Geu Rim

    “Superstar K2” castmates Huh Gak, John Park, and Kim Geu Rim recently spent some time together.

    Huh Gak tweeted on March 7th:

    “Today the Commission had a great event. I wasn’t feeling well, so this is uploaded a bit late.“

    Included with the tweet was a picture of the three Superstar K2 contestants posing together in dapper fashion. John Park and Huh Gak are dressed in stylish suits, while Kim Geu Rim showed off her feminine grace through her sleek outfit. The singers gave off a down-to-earth feeling that belies their celebrity status.

    Netizen reactions included, “They all now look like artists” , “It’s nice to see that they are friends“, and “You’re not well? Be sure to take care of yourself.”

    Meanwhile, Huh Gak contracted with A-Cube, and made his first official appearance with the agency on March 6th at the “2011 Cube Stars Party”.
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    CUBE is getting better

    Huh Gak
    A Pink

    FAQ, Sales Figures, Official Youtube Channels, CF Earnings, Acting earnings, music sites, top 100 Kdrama voted by fans, useful info & relevant threads.  
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    YG Family and Superstar K2 finalists release CFs for CJ Group!

    Back in November, Taeyang, Park Bom, TOP, CL, and Daesung, along with Superstar K2 finalists John Park, Huh Gak, and Jang Jae-in filmed CFs for the CJ Group (CheilJedang). Now, they’re back once again with another set of CF’s for the company. CJ Group is one of Korea’s largest conglomerates (or chaebols), with holdings not only in retail, banking, food, but also in entertainment (Mnet is under CJ Media label and created the show Superstar K).

    These CFs feature a wide range of CJ Group’s diverse products and services, and the concept appears to have utilized the amazing vocal ability of these artists.

    Watch : [Taeyang, Park Bom, John Park, Huh Gak]
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Huh Gak reveals diet success


    Singer Huh Gak recently revealed a slimmer look.

    On March 24th, Huh Gak uploaded a picture of himself on his Twitter along with the tweet, “The closing filming for ‘7-day Miracle‘, thank you so much and thank you again.”

    In the picture, Huh Gak displayed a more than usual eye-catching agile jaw-line. He also gave off a fresh look with his dark-rimmed glasses and backpack.

    Netizens commented, “Your diet succeeded!”, and “You look like a college student~”
  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 16,726Friend of Soompi


    Huh Gak inks ‘Little Giant’ on his back


    Huh Gak, the winner of Mnet’s Super Star K2, has a tattoo on his back!

    A close-up picture of a tattoo on the singer’s back was recently posted on an online community site board. The tattoo is in the shape of a microphone along with a crown on top which includes the phrase ‘Little Giant’ on the bottom.

    Netizens are showing positive responses including, “I hope you become a little giant,” “I think the tattoo symbolizes his determination to sing forever, it’s so cool!,” the details are alive.”

    Huh Gak has recently signed a contract with ACUBE Entertainment.
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    Cube Entertainment artists come together for ‘HEART FOR EYE’ in ‘HIGH CUT’


    ‘Boyfriend idols’ B2ST, charismatic girl group 4minute, ’sexy queen’ G.NA, and ‘Superstar K2’s hero Heo Gak combined forces for a special project. Through the style magazine ‘HIGH CUT‘, the singers participated in a photoshoot for ‘HEART FOR EYE‘, a donation project to help blind children open their eyes to the bright world.

    Cube Entertainment and ACube Entertainment’s 20 celebrities participated in the photoshoot, including A PINK and hip-hop artist Mario. It was hard gathering 20 people at once, but busy stars such as 4minute and G.NA came at once with bright smiles on their faces after completing their schedules at night. They also wore special ‘heart’ t-shirts, which have the meaning of ‘combining all hearts into one’. The stars also displayed their close relationships with each other during the shoot.

    The ‘HEART FOR EYE’ project started to raise funds to help blind children receive surgeries to gain their eyesight. All proceeds from the t-shirts will be donated to Samsung Seoul Hospital to be used for private surgeries and treatments.

    The complete photoshoot can be seen in the 51st issue of ‘HIGH CUT’, which will be released on April 21st.
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