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DalShabet (달샤벳) ♥ Official Thread #1



  • The Real CZThe Real CZ 한지민은 나의 천사 Posts: 2,057Member


    Hey Chris, no idea you came to Soompi. I like the Christmas Time MV and song. They're supposed to make a comeback soon, aren't they?
  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
    ^ Wow, you actually liked a Dal★Shabet song? I'm shocked~
    Yes, their comeback is going to be on January 26th! The song is called "HIT U".

    Dal★Shabet on the set of "HIT U"









  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
    Dal★Shabet leaving for the Golden Disk Awards
















  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
    edited January 2012
    Dal★Shabet attending the 26th Golden Disk Awards
    They won the 'Best Newcomer' Award!!!!



  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
    edited January 2012
    Dal★Shabet selected as exclusive models for ‘SONOVI’



    Members Viki, Serri, Ah Young, Jiyul, GaEun and Subin of Dal★Shabet have been selected as exclusive models for the Korean bag and general merchandise brand SONOVI.

    After signing a one year contract with SONOVI, the girls of Dal★Shabet successfully completed their first advertisement shoot at a studio in Seoul last week.

    While actively searching for the newest faces to represent their brand, the representatives at SONOVI decided that Dal★Shabet would be the perfect fit.

    They explained, “We chose them because we feel that with their pure and bubbly concept paired with their stylish image, they will be able to properly convey our brand’s concept as well.”

    “They were rated as the best new rookies of 2011, and we feel that they have a lot of potential to grow from here on out, eventually making their way overseas. We feel that through this partnership, both parties will be able to accomplish bigger things,” they continued.

    At the shoot, all six Dal★Shabet member expressed their unique appeals, and successfully completed their first scheduled event of the year.

    In related news, the Dal★Shabet girls will be making their comeback on the 26th with their fourth mini-album.
  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
    edited January 2012

    Dal★Shabet will be attending the MBC Music Festival on January 31st, 2012!
  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member

    Dal★Shabet proudly shows off their Golden Disk Award


    It seems that Dal★Shabet is still in shock over winning an award from the ‘26th Golden Disk Awards‘.

    On January 14th, Dal★Shabet uploaded a picture onto their official Twitter and wrote, “Together with the Golden Disk Rookie Award! Isn’t it beautiful? See how it looks like Serri’s Penguin lips? But Ah Young… You’re not supposed to eat your hand~ It’s not something you eat~ Very cute and pretty Dal★Shabet fighting!”

    The Dal★Shabet members are seen gathered around their Golden Disk Award after getting off stage. Ah Young appears to be chomping her finger in an odd moment of aegyo, while the other members pose prettily for the camera.

    Netizens responded with, “No matter what people say, 2011’s best rookie was Dal★Shabet!” and “Haha, Ah Young, it’s real! You don’t have to bite your finger to check.”

  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
    Dal★Shabet reveals ‘Hit U’ concept photo



    With Dal★Shabet’s upcoming fourth mini album ‘Hit U’ set to be released on January 26, the ladies have just revealed a new concept photo for the comeback!

    These idols previously showed us their cute image with their songs “Supa Dupa Diva”, “Pink Rocket”, and “Bling Bling”, but this time they are unveiling a maturer side of themselves. With smoky make-up and charismatic appeal, the girls exude a sexy, feminine image. Dal★Shabet’s concept photos taken by famous photographer Hong Jong Hyun.

    A staff member from their agency said, “Dal★Shabet’s new album ‘Hit U’ will show a whole different side to the group and you will get to see their change and potentional in their new album.”

    The staff member continued, “[Dal★Shabet] are no longer rookies and will be showing a more mature side to each of the members. We hope for your interest and support.”
  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
    [120118] GaEun for 'SONOVI'


  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
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    Dal★Shabet says ‘Happy Lunar New Year’ in pretty hanboks


    The girls of Dal★Shabet took a break from their fourth mini-album preparations to send fans their Lunar New Year greetings.

    On January 20th, the girls shared a video message reflecting on the past year and their hopes for the future.

    “2011 was a really big year for us,” they began. “We debuted in January and released three albums, and were honored to receive the ‘Rookie Award’ at the year-end award ceremonies. We know that this is only possible because we have all of you. We want to sincerely thank our fans who have never stopped showing us their love and support.”

    Dal★Shabet continued, “We hope that you will fulfill all your dreams in 2012, and that you will be able to fly as high as ‘dragons’ in the new year.”

    “Please look forward to Dal★Shabet’s new album which will drop after the long weekend. We ask for your continued support!”

    The girls will participate in several Lunar New Year’s programs on the 22nd and 24th. They will spend Lunar New Year’s Day with their respective families.

    After the holidays are over, Dal★Shabet will launch their full-fledged comeback activities on the 27th.
  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
    [120121] Viki for Issue Daily






  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
    edited January 2012
    Dal★Shabet’s Jiyul to play a pregnant woman in ‘PaPa’


    Dal★Shabet member Jiyul will be making a surprise appearance in the film ‘PaPa’.

    ‘PaPa’, which will premiere on February 1st, 2012, stars Park Yong Woo and Go Ara, and Jiyul will also be appearing as a pregnant woman.

    Jiyul will transform into a completely different person from how she’s portrayed on stage. She’ll leave behind her sexy and cute ways shown on stage in music shows to become a mature woman who’s looking forward to giving birth soon.

    A rep from Jiyul’s agency, Happy Face Entertainment, recently told enews, “Jiyul is a member that’s talented not only in singing, but also in acting. Because she’s wanted to take on acting, she practiced her acting skills regularly for a long time.”

    Jiyul starred in the music video for “That Man, That Woman” sung by 4MEN and MI in 2011, and was praised for her emotional acting. More recently, she starred in the music video for “Hit U”, a single by her own group, Dal★Shabet, as a saddened girl who ruthlessly shoots at her boyfriend with the two guns in her hands.

    ‘PaPa’ tells of the events that follow when a manager named Chun Seop (Park Yong Woo) fakes his marriage in order to avoid becoming an illegal immigrant in America, which he visited to find the star he was in charge of.
  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
    edited February 2012

    January 31st me2day updates

    “Out of the dark, oh yeah~~~!! ♥  The Reason We Became Witches is so we can Hit U, ah.  Jackpot!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thank you for the support you’ve been showing for Hit U♥♥Please be careful outside and don’t catch cold!!  Love you all♥~~*^^*”


    “Hello there~~^.^ It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a photo….ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m back!!  Do you enjoy my high fashion pose~~~~I hope soㅎㅎㅎ”

  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
    [120204] Fan-signing event



















    source: naver
  • mhmmchrismhmmchris Posts: 72Member
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    Dal★Shabet’s Ah Young laughs about her unibrow from ‘Music Bank’

    Dal★Shabet‘s Ah Young laughed with embarrassment after she saw a screencap of her ‘unibrow’ from the group’s performance on KBS‘s ‘Music Bank’.

    The girl group gave their all during a hot performance of their new song, “Hit U”, as they danced, strutted, and belted out notes in leopard-print outfits.

    Yet despite their impressive performance, viewers couldn’t help but chuckle over a particular close-up of Ah Young. A long strand of hair got caught on her eyebrows, making it seem as if Ah Young had spontaneously grown an unibrow.

    After the performance, Ah Young shared the screencap and lamented, “I didn’t even realize I looked like this on the broadcast.. *sigh* Why wasn’t I aware of this? Ah, I’m upset, but why am I laughing?”

    Netizens commented, “You’re still pretty, Ah Young!”, “Omo.. I didn’t even recognize you unni”, and “It’s okay, your performance was still great.”
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