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"Why do you like me?"

wat do you say to that?
I dont know why but this is the hardest question for me to answer, even if its being asked by the guy im in love with.
I was wondering if anyone else had issues with responding to this question? For me i think my problem is i dont want to give a corny answer like "youre cute" "youre smart and ambitious" etc etc, not that i think less of people when they say that. But if someone is asking me that then they're probably someone really important to me and i dont wanna short change them with some cliche answer, but because of that I end up not really being able to say anything and i start to think why DO i like them?

This started bothering me because recently my close friend/crush has asked me multiple times why i liked him and usually i say "i dont know i cant describe it" which i know probably bothers him and makes him question if i really do like him. I mean i could answer him because there ARE reasons why i like him; I like his honesty, how he acts silly in the most retarded ways but cute at the same time, the way he cares so much for me and fusses over even the littlest things like i have a cough, as well as more practical/professional things like i admire that hes hardworking and very reliable member (we work together), which i think speaks a lot about his character. But for some reason i feel like those answers are...cliche?( i dont know wat other word to use).

Do you think I should tell him that even if i feel like im being cliche? And does it bother a guy when a girl wont tell him why she likes him? does that make him question her feelings? because im starting to get a vibe that hes questioning how i really feel and generally im a pretty reserved/protective about my true feelings.

Im also just curious about how other people respond.. or how people feel about this question. I think im over thinking things hahaha.


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