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Akkanee's Heart (Duangjai Akkanee)

SweetieNinjaSweetieNinja Posts: 71Member
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Romantic Comedy : Starring Nadech Kukimiya & Yaya Urassaya



Akkanee's Heart
From the novel 4 Hearts of the Mountains by Sonkrin

Akkanee's Heart or Duangjai Akkanee is the second story in the 4 related series "4 Hearts of the Mountains"
which is Thara Himalaya, Akkanee's Heart, Pathapee's Love's Trick and Wayupak's Enchantment.

Country: Thailand
TV Station: ThaiTV3
English Title: Akkanee's Heart
Thai Tilte: Duangjai Akkanee
Released: November 5th, 2010
Episodes: 10
Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Director: Yuttana Lorpanpaiboon
Production Company: No Problem


Nadech Kukimiya (Barry) as Akkanee (Fai)
Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya) as Ajjima (Jeed)
Prin Suparat (Mark) as Pathapee (Din)
Pakorn Chatborirak (Boy) as Wayupak (Lom)
Kimberly Anne Woltemas as Thipthara (Nam)
Ronadech Wongsaroj (Naem) as Pruk
Sumolthip LeungUrai (Kubkib) as Milk
Santisuk Promsriri (Noom) as Montree
Jintara Sukkhaphat (Mam) as Supansa
Metanee Buranasiri as Pisarn
Chokchai Boonworametee (Boy) as Sila
Panamkorn Tangtadsawad (Sand) as Kraipop
Krerk Chiller as P'Noo Tor


Because of the conflict between 2 families from the father generation makes Akkanee and Ajjima be enemies with each other since they were kids. When they grows up and take care of their own dairy farm which there's the white fence as a border, the quarrel and fight often happens between them. However, under their harshness against each other, they secretly care about each other.

Eventually, a friend’s wedding brings them closer and makes them realize that they like each other more than they hate each other. Their former classmate from their university days invited and asked them to participate in his wedding in Krabi. Jeed is asked to be a bridesmaid and Akkanee is the best man. As they prepare for the wedding, they see more of each other and something started to click between them.

When many incidents leads them to open their hearts to each other, they have to face the big barrier. Ajjima's father is still stubborn and doesn't accept this son-in-law-to-be. What can Akkanee get through the barrier?








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