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Singers' Vocal and Octave Ranges

xblubearxblubear Posts: 174Friend of Soompi
edited March 2011 in entertainment
EDIT: with newer charts, these are from a Michael Jackson forum so it explains the comparison

Whitney Houston's vocal range should be around 3 octaves

is this belting or would head voice count too?

I guess both would count including chest and mixed voice as long as the singer can hit the notes

some fanmade videos that demonstrate the vocal range (updated with more and other members' contributions)

Christina Aguilera

Beyonce (live)

Georgia Brown (the record notes)

Mariah Carey (live)

Celine Dion (live)

Whitney Houston (live)

Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson

Myles Kennedy

Alicia Keys

Leona Lewis

Freddie Mercury

Britney Spears

Carrie Underwood

Ann Wilson

Jane Zhang

Justin Timberlake / Usher / Ne-Yo (all in the same video)


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