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[movie 2010] The Servant / Bang-ja Chronicles 방자전

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edited September 2011 in k-dramas & movies
Kim Joo Hyuk, Jo Yeo Jung, Ryu Seung Beom
Bang-ja Chronicles / Tale of Bang-ja / Story of Bang-ja

(international title)
The Servant



Kim Joo-Hyuk 김주혁
as Bang-Ja 방자

Jo Yeo-Jung 조여정
as Chun-Hyang 춘향

Ryu Seung-Beom 류승범
as Mong-Ryong 몽룡

Oh Dal-Soo 오달수
as Elder Ma 마노인

Ryu Hyun-Kyung 류현경
as Hyang-Dan 향단

Song Sae-Byuk 송새벽
as Byun Hak-Do 변학도

Gong Hyung-Jin 공형진
as Colored glasses 색안경 (writer)

Oh Jung-Se 오정세
as Ho-Bang 호방

Kim Sung-Ryung 김성령
as Wol-Mae 월매

Jung Yang 정양
as Wol-Rae 월래

Choi Moo-Sung 최무성
as Kwang-Cheon 광천

Moon Won-Joo 문원주
as Mal-Ho 말호

Park Jin-Taek 박진택
as Eunuch 내시

Kim Min-Gyo 김민교
as Eunuch 내시

Jung Da-Hye 정다혜
as Potato maid 감자 하녀


Written and Directed by
Kim Dae-Woo 김대우

Production Companies
Barunson Film Divsion
Sio Film

CJ Entertainment

Complete Credits

Release Date
June 3, 2010


Official Websites

Teaser Trailer
[YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube]

Main Trailer
[YouTube] [YouTube]

Rated 19+ Trailer

English subbed Trailer
[YouTube] [YouTube]

Character Video

100 Days Making Of


Ma's Lessons in Seduction

Exploring Living Habits in the Joseon Dynasty

Production Press Conference
<more videos @ post #11>

Press Screening
<videos @ post #12>

VIP Premiere
[MediaFire] [MegaUpload] [SendSpace]
<more videos @ post #15>

Korea Times

Kim Dae-woo, a well-known screenwriter who made his directorial debut with Forbidden Quest (2006), has made another period film. A sort of spoof of Chunhyang, the story is about the beautiful young girl (Jo Yeo-jeong) who courts a nobleman (Ryoo Seung-bum), except in her heart she secretly desires his servant (Kim Joo-hyuk). []

Bang-ja is a servant for the noble Lee Mong-ryong. While drinking at a gisaeng's house, Mong-ryong sees a girl named Chun-hyang and instantly falls in love. He orders Bang-ja to arrange a meeting with her. But Bang-ja, who also falls for her, seeks advice from an old man who teaches him the art of seduction. He successfully wins her heart and body, but under the condition that he will help her to get married to Mong-ryong. Everything seems to go as planned until Mong-ryong finds out their relationship. [Chosun Ilbo]

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    edited September 2011

    Kim Joo-Hyuk 김주혁
    {Soompi thread}
    Birthdate: 3 October 1972
    Height: 180 cm
    Weight: 70 kg
    Education: Major in Theater and Film - Dongguk University
    Management agency: Namoo Actors
    Fan cafe:


    2010 방자전 The Servant
    2008 아내가 결혼했다 My Wife Got Married
    2006 사랑따윈 필요없어 Love Me Not
    2005 청연 Blue Swallow
    2005 광식이 동생 광태 When Romance Meets Destiny
    2004 어디선가 누군가에 무슨 일이 생기면 틀림없이 나타난다 홍반장 Mr. Handy
    2003 싱글즈 Singles
    2002 YMCA야구단 YMCA Baseball Team
    2001 세이예스 Say Yes

    TV Dramas
    2008 SBS 떼루아 Terroir
    2005 SBS 프라하의 연인 Lovers in Prague
    2002~2003 SBS 흐르는 강물처럼 Like a Flowing River
    2001~2002 SBS 라이벌 Rival
    2000 MBC 사랑은 아무나 하나 Can Anyone Love
    2000 SBS 서울탱고 Tango in Seoul
    1999~2000 SBS 카이스트 KAIST
    1998 SBS 흐린 날에 쓴 편지 Letter Written on a Cloudy Day

    Music Videos
    2003 The Jun - 다만... "Only..."

    2008 Blue Dragon Awards - Best Couple Award <with Son Ye-Jin> (My Wife Got Married)
    2006 Baeksang Arts Awards - Best Actor <TV> (Lovers in Prague)
    2005 SBS Drama Awards - Best Actor <Top Excellence>, Top 10 Stars (Lovers in Prague)
    2005 Korea Best Dresser Awards - Best Dressed of the Year

    Jo Yeo-Jung 조여정
    Birthdate: 10 February 1981
    Height: 163 cm
    Weight: 45 kg
    Blood type: AB
    Education: Major in Theater and Film - Dongguk University
    Management agency: Eyagi Entertainment
    Fan cafe:
    Cyworld minihompy:


    2010 방자전 The Servant
    2006 흡혈형사 나도열 Vampire Cop Ricky
    2002 좋은 사람 있으면 소개시켜줘 A Perfect Match

    TV Dramas
    2009 KBS [2009 전설의 고향] 묘정의 구슬 2009 Hometown of Legends] Myo-Jung's Pearl (episode 9)
    2009 KBS 집으로 가는 길 The Road Home
    2008 tvN 쩐의 전쟁 디 오리지널 War of Money The Original
    2006 MBC 얼마나 좋길래 How Much Love?
    2004 MBC 조선에서 왔소이다 I'm From Chosun
    2004 KBS 애정의 조건 Terms of Endearment
    2004 MBC 천생연분 Match Made in Heaven
    2003~2004 SBS 흥부네 박 터졌네 A Problem at My Younger Brother's House
    2003 SBS 태양의 남쪽 South of the Sun
    2002~2003 KBS 장희빈 Jang Hee-Bin
    2002~2003 SBS 야인시대 The Rustic Period
    2001 SBS 소문난 여자 Well-Known Woman
    2000~2001 KBS 천둥소리 Roll of Thunder
    2000 SBS 덕이 Virtue
    1999~2000 MBC 남의 속도 모르고 You Don't Know My Mind
    1999 MBC 마지막 전쟁 Last War
    1998~1999 SBS 나 어때

    2005 그리스 Grease

    Music Videos
    2008 Kim Jong-Wook - 그대만이 "Only You"

    Variety Shows
    2008 MBC 우리결혼했어요 We Got Married [Season 1 - Episodes 9-17]
    200? MBC 섹션TV Section TV
    1999 MBC 테마게임 Theme Game

    Ryu Seung-Beom 류승범
    {Soompi thread}
    Birthdate: 9 August 1980
    Height: 178 cm
    Weight: 68 kg
    Blood type: B
    Education: Daedong Technical High School (dropped out)
    Management agency: Wellmade StarM
    Fan cafe:
    Cyworld minihompy:


    2010 방자전 The Servant
    2010 용서는 없다 No Mercy
    2009 디 엔드 The End (short)
    2008 다찌마와 리: 악인이여 지옥행 급행열차를 타라! Dachimawa Lee
    2008 라듸오 데이즈 Radio Dayz
    2007 만남의 광장 Underground Rendezvous (cameo)
    2006 아치와 씨팍 Aachi & Ssipak (animated, voice)
    2006 가족의 탄생 Family Ties (cameo)
    2006 사생결단 Bloody Tie
    2005 야수와 미녀 Beast and the Beauty
    2005 주먹이운다 Crying Fist
    2004 빽 Back (Internet short)
    2004 아라한 장풍대작전 Arahan
    2004 이공 Twentidentity 비밀과 거짓말 Secrets and Lies (short)
    2002 품행제로 Conduct Zero
    2002 묻지마패밀리 No Comment
    2002 복수는 나의 것 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (cameo)
    2002 피도 눈물도 없이 No Blood No Tears
    2001 와이키키 브라더스 Waikiki Brothers
    2001 킬러들의 수다 Guns & Talks (cameo)
    2000 다찌마와 리 Dachimawa Lee (Internet short)
    2000 죽거나 혹은 나쁘거나 Die Bad

    TV Dramas
    2010 MBC 파스타 Pasta (cameo, episode 9)
    2004 SBS 햇빛쏟아지다 Sunlight Pours Down
    2003 MBC [한뼘드라마 Nursery Story] 크리스마스의 연인 Christmas Lovers
    2002 KBS 고독 Solitude
    2001 SBS 화려한 시절 Wonderful Days

    2003 비언소 Bieonso

    Music Videos
    2009 Leessang feat. Jung In - 헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자 "The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Boy Who Can't Leave"
    2008 Yoo Hee-Yeol feat. Shin Min-Ah - 즐거운 나의 하루 "My Happy Day"
    2008 Yoo Hee-Yeol feat. Shin Jae-Pyung of Peppertones - 여름날 "Summer Day"
    2007 Leessang feat. ALI - 발레리노 "Ballerino"
    2005 Leessang feat. ALI - 내가 웃는게 아니야 "I'm Not Laughing"
    2003 Han Young-Ae - 외로운가로등 "Lonely Street Lights"
    2002 The Name - 더네임 "The Name"
    2000 Kim Jang-Hoon - 혼잣말 "Soliloquy"

    2006 Bloody Tie OST Digital Single (Leessang feat. Hwang Jung-Min and Ryu Seung-Beom) - 누구를 위한 삶인가? "Who Are You Living For?"
    2004 Double K 1집 Positive Mind (Double K feat. Mr. R) - "따블이에게"
    2002 류승범의 댄스 타임머신 Ryu Seung-Beom's Dance Time Machine

    2008 Mnet 20's Choice Awards - Hot Fashionista
    2007 Baeksang Arts Awards - Best Actor <Film> (Bloody Tie)
    2007 Golden Cinematography Awards - Best Actor (Bloody Tie)
    2006 Premiere Rising Star Award
    2005 Mnet KM Music Festival (MKMF) - Best Music Video Acting (Leessang's I'm Not Laughing)
    2002 Baeksang Arts Awards - Best New Actor <TV> (Wonderful Days)
    2001 SBS Drama Awards - New Star Award (Wonderful Days)
    2001 Grand Bell Awards - Best New Actor (Die Bad)

    Kim Dae-Woo 김대우
    Born on September 20, 1962, Kim started his film career by winning the 1991 KOFIC Script Contest. A star scriptwriter with The Affair (1998, directed by E J-yong), The Foul King (1999, directed by Kim Ji-Woon), and Untold Scandal (2003, directed by E J-yong), he is now an acclaimed director with Forbidden Quest (2006) who focuses on the themes of 'courage' and 'happiness' while looking into the social taboos of lewdness, scandals, and foul play. <flash>

    2010 방자전 The Servant (Director, Screenplay)
    2006 음란서생 Forbidden Quest (Director, Screenplay)
    2003 스캔들 - 조선남녀상열지사 Untold Scandal (Screenplay)
    2000 반칙왕 The Foul King (Screenplay)
    1999 송어 Rainbow Trout (Screenplay)
    1998 정사 An Affair (Screenplay)
    1997 용병 이반 Ivan the Mercenary (Screenplay)
    1994 해적 Pirate (Screenplay)
    1994 결혼이야기 2 Marriage Story 2 (Screenplay)
    1993 사랑하고 싶은 여자, 결혼하고 싶은 여자 The Girl for Love and The One for Marriage (Screenplay)



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    hmm what is the genre of this movie?
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    01 02 03 04 05

    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
    image image image image

    image image image

    image image image

    image image

    image image

    image image

    image image

    image image

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    image image image

    <clickable thumbnails>
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    LOL..Mel..all the hot movies are coming from the (House)maid, Servant.. image
    thanks for the thread..another great one to look out for especially when it has two awesome actors!!

    Dazed..confused..and so in love..
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    inezjang wrote on 20 May 2010 - 01:34 PM:
    LOL..Mel..all the hot movies are coming from the (House)maid, Servant.. :P

    Haha, I hadn't noticed that! Way to sexify... drudgery. *rolleyes + hentai leer* :lol:

    Sets <clickable thumbnails>
    th_Bang_ja_Chronicles_16.jpg th_Bang_ja_Chronicles_14.jpg th_Bang_ja_Chronicles_10.jpg
    th_Bang_ja_Chronicles_19.jpg th_Bang_ja_Chronicles_9.jpg th_Bang_ja_Chronicles_8.jpg
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    Movies to Watch in 2010

    KBS Global [2009-12-07]

    The film industry is already preparing for next year. Many renowned filmmakers have returned to Korea to produce movies about war and sequels to hit movies.

    Director Lim Kwon-taek will produce his 101st movie “Scooping Up The Moonlight.” Directors Kim Tae-yong and Lim Sang-soo will produce remakes of “Late Autumn” by Lee Man-hee and “The Housemaid” of Kim Ki-young, respectively. Films about war will also be introduced to mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.

    ◇The return of maestros

    “Scooping Up The Moonlight,” which will be produced under the auspices of the Jeonju City government, is Lim Kwon-taek’s first film to be shot with digital cameras. It is a story about seventh-grade public servant Jong-ho, who wants to become a fifth-grade official. To achieve his dream, he takes charge of the traditional Korean paper “hanji” at the municipal government and becomes completely mesmerized by it. Jong-ho is played by actor Park Jung-hoon, who will appear in a Lim production for the first time. Actress Kang Soo-yeon will work together with Lim for the first time since her appearance in the 1989 movie “Come Come Come Upward.”

    Actress Yoon Jung-hee, who was one of the top three actresses of the 1960s along with Moon Hee and Nam Jung-im, will make a comeback for the first time after her 1994 movie “Two Flags.” She will appear in Lee Chang-dong’s new movie “Poem.” It is a story about a 60-something woman who raises her teenage granddaughter and receives basic living subsidies. One day she signs up for a literature class and begins to write her own poems for the first time. The movie is slated to open in early May.

    ◇War movies

    Four films about war will open next year. They will deal with diverse subjects, including student soldiers and maritime clashes between South and North Korea. The majority of them will be large-scale productions costing more than 10 billion won.

    Director Lee Jae-hwan’s “Into The Gunfire,” which is to open in June, is about a 12-hour battle that was held between 71 student soldiers and the North Korean Army at the end of the Nakdong River battle during the Korean war. Actors Kwon Sang-woo and T.O.P. of the music group Big Bang will play student soldiers. Actor Cha Weung-won will appear as a North Korean commander, while actor Kim Seung-woo will play a South Korean commander. It is a blockbuster production that will cost 15 billion won to produce and market.

    Director Lim Yeo-bin, who produced “Terrorist” in 1995, will this time produce “The Red Muffler 2,“ which will be a sequel to late Shin Sang-ok’s movie “The Red Muffler.” The grandson from the original production will appear as an Air Force pilot. The production cost have reached 8 billion won, and the movie is scheduled to open in October on National Army Day.

    The second Yeonpyeong Clash of 2002 will be reenacted in the 3D film “We Are Beautiful” (tentative title) and “Yeonpyeong Maritime Clash.” The former will be produced by director Kwak Kyung-taek, who produced “Friend” in 2001. The shoot will begin in March and the movie will open in late 2010. It will cost about 20 billion won to produce.

    Director Baek Un-hak, who produced “Tube” in 2003, will produce “Yeonpyeong Maritime Clash.” It will cost 12 billion won and will open in May.

    ◇The revival of classics

    The 1960s hits “The Housemaid” from director Kim Ki-young and “Late Autumn” from Lee Man-hee will be reproduced as modern films. “The Housemaid,” which starred Kim Jin-kyu, Ju Jung-nyeo, Lee Eun-shim and Uhm Aeng-ran, drew the spotlight for its subtle portrayal of human desires in a two-story house. The modern version of the movie will be directed by Lim Sang-soo and will star actress Jeon Do-yeon, who received the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in “Secret Sunshine” in 2007. She will play the housemaid, who in the original version was played by Lee Eun-shim. The movie is slated to open in May, and the shoot begins this month.

    The remake of “Late Autumn” will be directed by Kim Tae-yong, who also directed “The Birth Of A Family” in 2006. It is a story about a female inmate who obtains parole for good behavior and falls in love with a man who is wanted by police for forgery.

    “Late Autumn” continues to inspire many filmmakers even after many years. Director Kim Ki-young introduced his version in 1975 under the title “The Promise Of The Body” while director Kim Soo-yong unveiled his own version in 1981. Actor Hyun-bin will play the forgery criminal who in the original version was played by actor Shin Sung-il, while the role of the female inmate who was originally played by Moon Jung-sook will be portrayed by Chinese actress Tang Wei. The shoot began last month, and the movie is scheduled to open next year.

    ◇ New productions by star filmmakers

    Director Kang Woo-seok, who produced the “Public Enemy” series, will be back this time with the film “The Moss.” It is based on the same-titled web cartoon by Yoon Tae-ho. It is a thriller set in a remote farming village. Park Hae-il and Chung Jae-young play a young resident and the chief of the village, respectively, who want to unravel the secret of the village. The movie is set to open early next year.

    Director Na Hong-jin, who produced the 2008 hit “The Chaser,” will be back with “Murderer.” It is an action thriller about Korean-Chinese Ku-nam (Ha Jung-woo) who comes to Korea to carry out an assassination, and another assassin, Myeon-ga (Kim Yoo-seok), who is deployed to kill him. Ha and Kim appeared together in “The Chaser” as well. The production cost was set at 11 billion won and the film is slated to open next summer.

    Director Lee Jun-ik, who produced “The Court Jester” in 2005,” this time will produce “Like the Moon Escaping from Clouds.” It is an action film based on Park Heung-yong’s same-titled cartoon about Lee Mong-hak’s revolt. Actor Hwang Jung-min will play the legendary blind swordsman Hwang Jung-hak, while actor Cha Seung-won will play Lee Mong-hak, whose goal is to stage a revolution.

    Director Kim Ji-un, who produced “Bittersweet Life” in 2005, will make a comeback with the thriller “Tropical Night” starring actor Choi Min-shik. It is a story about a man whose fiancee is killed by a psychopath and who decides to catch the criminal himself. Director Ham Jae-rim, who produced “Purpose Of Love” in 2005, will introduce a big-screen version of the same-titled cartoon “Trace.”

    Director Song Hae-song, who is known for his 2006 movie “Our Happy Time,” will unveil his remake of the 1986 Hong Kong noir “A Better Tomorrow” next year under the title “Invincible.” It stars Song Seung-heon, Joo Jin-mo and Kim Kang-woo as characters that were originally played by actors Chow Yun Fat, Ti Lung and Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing.

    Director Lee Hyun-seung, who is famous for the 2000 movie “A Love Story,” will produce the action thriller “Night Fog” (tentative title), starring Song Kang-ho and Kim Seung-woo. Director Kim Dae-woo, who produced “Forbidden Quest” in (2006), will make a comeback with the modern interpretation of the Legend of Chunhyang that will star Kim Ju-hyuk, Ryu Seung-beom and Cho Yeo-jung.

    ◇ Promising “small” films

    Director Hong Sang-soo will present his 10th movie “Ha Ha Ha” early next year. The movie depicts two friends who chat about their recent trips to Tongyeong over drinks. Actor Kim Sang-kyung plays filmmaker Cho Mun-kyung, who wants to go study in Canada, while actor Yoo Jun-sang plays his friend and film critic Park Jung-shik.

    Director Shin Yeon-shik’s movie “Fair Love,” which received rave reviews at this year’s Pusan International Film festival, is also to open soon. It is about a 50-something single man Hyung-man (Ahn Sung-ki), who runs a small camera repair shop, and a college student played by Lee Ha-na who is his junior of 26 years. Their encounter inspires them to discover the genuine meaning of love.

    Other new movies to open next year include “Cafe Noir” from film critic-turned-filmmaker Chung Sung-il, “Escape” from independent film director Lee Song-hee, and “Norway Forest” from new director Noh Jin-soo.

    ◇ Drawing visitors with sequels

    Movie fans will be treated to the sequels of many popular movies next year. The sequel of the 1999 hit “Attack The Gas Station,” which drew 2.4 million viewers and featured Yoo Oh-sung, Lee Sung-jae and Yoo Ji-tae, is slated to open early next year. Like the original, the sequel will also be directed by Kim Sang-jin. The cast will include Ji Hyun-woo, Cho Han-seon and Moon Won-joo. Ji Hyun-woo will play “One Punch,” who streamlines the attack of a gas station to make a fresh start. Cho Han-seon plays the hot-tempered and reckless “High Kick,” a former soccer player. Just as in the original, the boss of the gas station will be played by Park Young-kyu. The sequel will also star Kim Soo-ro, whose role as “Iron Bag” in the original made him a star overnight.

    The sequel to the movie “Le Grand Chef,” which drew 3 million viewers in 2007, will be entitled “Le Grand Chef - Kimchi War” and will open in February. It is about the rivalry between Korean kimchi and Japanese “kimuchi.” Actor Jin Ku plays Korean cuisine chef Sung-chan, while actress Kim Jung-eun plays a Japanese chef.

    The sequels to the 2008 hit horror movie “Death Bell,” which drew 1.64 million viewers, and “Heart Is…” starring Sung Dong-il will open next spring.

    2010 Korean Cinema Lineup

    By Lee Hyo-won, Korea Times Staff Reporter
    12-27-2009 16:54

    The past year represented hope and revitalization for Korean cinema. While problems such as piracy linger on, the forecast for 2010 cinema appears promising with diverse projects in the making.

    Cineastes are finding inspiration from the past and are bringing remakes of Korean classics as well as unique period movies. Big action flicks are gearing up for the 60th anniversary of the Korean War (1950-53) while much-anticipated sequels will cater to fans. Furthermore, a couple of Hollywood projects will head here for shoots.

    2009 in Review

    Both commercial blockbusters and unique indie films pulled the industry out of a three-year slump and cineastes made their mark near and far.

    Kim Choung-ryoul's documentary "Old Partner" rewrote box-office history for the genre, while Yang Ik-june's "Breathless" made waves by sweeping almost two dozen prizes at international festivals. Park Chan-ok's low-budget drama "Paju" was well-received among critics and moviegoers and the micro-budget road movie "Daytime Drinking" gained popularity near and far.

    The positivity peaked in the summer. The success of the sports movie "Take-Off" fed directly into the big-time box office scores set by the tsunami blockbuster "Haeundae," which drew over 10 million audience members in Korea for the first time in three years since "The Host" in 2006.

    Stars shined strongly through the big screen. Korean actors debuted in foreign works, most notably Lee Byung-hun in "G.I. Joe" and Rain in "Ninja Assassin," while Kim Myung-min made headlines for shedding 20 kilograms for his role in "Closer to Heaven."

    Celebrity directors also made long-awaited returns. Park Chan-wook revisited the Cannes Festival with his vampire flick "Thirst" while Bong Joon-ho made a splash with the thriller "Mother."

    On the flip side, illegal online distributions of "Haeundae," before its release in Chinese theaters, and of "Thirst," before DVD sales opened in the United States, led to big financial blows and signaled the red light on piracy. The country's top stars, including Jang Dong-gun and Kim Tae-hee, stepped up as representatives for the anti-piracy campaign: "Good Downloader."

    Meanwhile, imported 3D movies tapped into the local theater market. While the number of theaters catering to the genre remains relatively small, there seems to be growing reception for 3D films. Animations such as "Monster vs. Aliens" and "Up" drew family audiences while "Avatar," new in theaters, has drawn over 1 million audiences in the shortest timeframe among 2009 films.

    2010 Forecast

    Back to Classics

    During Korean cinema's Golden Age of the 1960s, well over 100 films rolled out per year (more than 200 from 1968 to 1969), and cineastes are finding inspiration in films from that time. Classics never go out of style, and next year, "The Housemaid" (1960) and "Manchu" (1966) will be reborn as modern reinterpretations.

    Kim Ki-young's psychological thriller "The Housemaid" fetes its 50th anniversary next year with the remake by Im Sang-soo. Award-winning actress Jeon Do-yeon will play the film's lead character, a housemaid who becomes entangled in a dangerous love triangle with a middle class couple. It's slated for release in May.

    The upcoming reinterpretation of Lee Man-hee's "Manchu" will bring together top Asian stars, hallyu heartthrob Hyun Bin and Chinese actress Tang Wei, who is best known as the heroine of Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution." The joint Korea-United States project will be directed by Kim Tae-yong ("Family Ties") and will be set in the U.S. Kim Ki-young based his 1975 film "Promises" on "Manchu," while Kim Su-yong also made a version of the film in 1981.

    Another whiff of the past comes through Yoon Jeong-hee, a top star in the 1960s. She will return to the big screen after a 16-year hiatus in "Si" (Poem) by Lee Chang-dong, former culture minister and director of "Secret Sunshine." The movie is about a woman in her mid-60s who, while raising her teenage grandson, makes her first attempt at composing poetry. It is scheduled for release in May.

    Tradition Prevails

    The popularity of exotic period movies is expected to continue. Kim Dae-woo, who mixed modern humor with Joseon Kingdom (1391-1910) palace life in "Forbidden Quest," finds inspiration in the folk tale "Chunhyang" for a modern rendition called "Bang-ja Jeon" (Bang-ja Chronicles). It will star top talents Kim Ju-hyuk, Ryu Seung-beom and Cho Yeo-jung.

    "The King and the Clown" director Lee Jun-ik returns with an action-packed Joseon-era piece, "Gureumeul Beoseonan Dalcheoreom" (Like the Moon that Escaped the Cloud). Actor Hwang Jung-min stars as a legendary blind swordsman opposite Cha Seung won, who plays a revolutionary.

    Master director Im Kwon-taek will present his 101st film, "Dalbit Gireo Oligi" (Scooping Up the Moonlight), about the art of making "hanji" or Korean traditional paper. Starring award-winning actress Kang Soo-yeon, the movie is due to premiere at the Jeonju International Film Festival in April.

    Korean War in Memoriam

    Next year marks the 60th anniversary of the Korean War and big budget action flicks boasting male bravado are in tow. "Pohwa Sogeuro" (In the Crossfire), to open in theaters in June, will depict a 12-hour conflict that ensued between 71 student soldiers and a North Korean troop along the Nakdong River. Directed by Lee Jae-han, the film boasts a star-studded male cast, including T.O.P., a member of the K-pop band Big Bang; Kwon Sang-woo; Cha Seung-won; and Kim Seung-woo.

    Director Kim Yeo-bing will bring "The Red Muffler 2," which is virtually a sequel to the famous 1964 Shin Sang-ok film about pilots during the Korean War. The grandson of the lead actor of the classic film will star in the movie. Plans are for an October release.

    Meanwhile, the 2002 maritime conflict between the two Koreas near Yeonpyeong Island has inspired two films: "Areumdaun Uri" (Beautiful Us) and "Yeonpyeong Haejeon" (Yeonpyeong Naval Battle). The first film, directed by "Friend" helmer Kwak Kyoung-taek, is scheduled to go into production in March for a year-end release as a 20-billion-won 3D film. The latter movie, directed by Baek Un-hak ("Tube"), is a 12-billion-won project that will open in theaters in May.

    Star Directors, Actors

    Kang Woo-suk, who appeared as a producer this year with "Baekyahaeng" (Walking the White Night), will return as a director with "Ikki" (Moss). The "Public Enemy" series helmsman has based his new thriller on the eponymous Web cartoon series by Yoon Tae-ho. Popular actors Park Hae-il and Jung Jae-young star in the movie, about a hermetic rural village harboring secrets. It is slated for release in the first half of 2010.

    Na Hong-jin, who made a name for himself through the 2008 hit film "The Chaser," teams up with his former male leads, Ha Jung-woo and Kim Yoon-seok, in another thriller, "The Murderer." Ha plays the role of a Korean-Chinese hit man who himself becomes a target of another hit man. The 11-billion-won project is targetting a summer release.

    Kim Ji-woon ("Bittersweet Life") will offer fans a horror thriller, "Ayeoldaeui Bam" (Night in the Subtropics). "Old Boy" star Choi Min-sik will play the role of a vengeful man who sets out to catch the psychopath who killed his fiancee.

    Song Hae-sung, who directed "Maundy Thursday," will remake the 1986 Hong Kong noir flick "A Better Tomorrow" starring heartthrobs Song Seung-hun, Joo Jin-mo and Kim Kang-woo.

    "Il Mare's " Lee Hyun-seung has cast actors Song Kang-ho and Kim Seung-woo in "Bamangae" (Night Mist).

    The dominance of testosterone-driven films, however, means not-so-great news for productions of melodrama and for actresses. The makers of "Sinaro Project," a romantic comedy, are reportedly having difficulty casting male actors, many of whom are already tied up with other projects.


    Moviegoers can look forward to sequels of box office hits. Kim Sang-jin's "Attack the Gas Station" starring Yoo Ji-tae drew in 2.4 viewers in 1999. Kim will handle the megaphone for the second installment, which will star younger actors, including Ji Hyun-woo and Jo Han-sun. It is touted for release in January.

    The culinary comic book-turned-hit film "Le Grand Chef" (Shikgaek) will also be followed by a sequel dubbed "Kimchi War." Jin Gu, who received critical acclaim for his supporting role in "Mother," will star as an aspiring chef who competes to make kimchi against his Japanese counterparts. It will open in theaters in February.

    Also awaiting fans are sequels to the 2008 teen slasher "Death Bell" and the 2006 tearjerker "Hearty Paws."

    Hollywood in Korea

    Next year the country will be host to not only local projects but also Hollywood films. Erin Brevig, who directed last year's computer graphics-packed "Journey to the Center of the Earth," will direct a big-budget 3D film about the Korean War, said Madmedia. The script is set to be ready by early next year and preproduction is to be completed by October. The shooting is scheduled to begin here around November. Brevig is said to have been inspired after watching Kang Je-gyu's Korean War blockbuster "Tae Guk Gi: Brotherhood of War." It is slated for release in 2012.

    Another Tinseltown venture that will find its way to Korea is an American remake of the local horror movie "Phone." Imprint Entertainment, which produced the "Twilight" saga, drew up a budget of $10 million for the project, Miro Vision, the Korean leg of the project, recently announced at a press conference. The filming will begin in Korea during the second half of 2010 for a 2011 release.
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    Cannes market: Expect the expected

    Sellers descend on the Croisette with realistic goals

    By Scott Roxborough and Stuart Kemp, Hollywood Reporter
    May 11, 2010, 10:20 AM ET


    CANNES -- Damn the volcanoes, a mini-tsunami and the fear-driven global economy: The show must go on.

    Marche du Film attendees who've made it through the financial turmoil of the last two years aren't letting a little Icelandic ash or a wet and windy Cannes blow them off course.

    Sellers are arriving quietly confident that, with slimmer slates and more realistic expectations, sufficient deals will be done to justify the still eyebrow-raising cost of doing business here.

    "We came out of Berlin very positive. Buyers are more selective, they are more savvy, but they are still buying," said Helen Lee Kim, president of international at Lionsgate. "But nowadays you have to have a project that hits the bullseye, with a clear demo, a crystal-clear marketing concept. Before, if you got it anywhere on the board, you'd get the presales."

    Lionsgate is hoping to hit the market sweet spot with Marc Forster's action-drama "Machine Gun Preacher," which has Gerard Butler attached as well as futuristic teen gladiator title "Hunger Games," based on the best-selling trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

    And while a slightly better Sundance and an almost buoyant Berlin proved that buyers are willing to spend, with fewer slots on shrinking release schedules, anyone able to sign a check still has the upper hand.

    One U.S. acquisitions chief said few are expecting the unexpected.

    "Our team is smaller and we are focusing on fewer titles. There's a strong Asian presence in the lineup this year from seriously interesting directors, which usually creates buzz."

    Tony Jaa's "Ong Bak 3," which Sahamongkolfilm is selling, CJ Entertainment's "The Servant" from director Kim Dae-Woo and Fortissimo's "Norwegian Wood," Anh Hung Tran's adaptation of the Haruki Murakami best-seller, are just a taster of the Far East movies generating heat as Cannes kicks off.

    "While many films from Asia continue to fall into the art house category, we feel there's a bit of a comeback in commercial interest as the films grow in budget and gain in their technical sophistication," said Fortissimo head Michael Werner.

    Going into the market, the Cannes Marche head Jerome Paillard said registrations were up 5% on the same period last year. And he expects final numbers to be on par with 2008, marking a recovery from the dip experienced last year. Some 300 companies will be exhibiting in the Palais, with 150 or so more registered but choosing to take hotel suites or apartments in Cannes as offices instead. Of note is the fact that Latin distributors are particularly noticeable this year as exhibitors as are movies being made in 3D.

    Buyers are less impressed by the festival lineup this year, which remains strongly auteur-driven, with few anticipated as crossover titles.

    "The festival's taste has stayed the same, full of difficult, challenging and experimental films, but the market has moved on," said Thorsten Ritter, head of Germany's Bavaria International. "It's harder and harder to find a distributor to pay for these festival films."

    Bavaria's Cannes has a mainstream tilt, including the South African drama "Black Butterflies," from Oscar-nominee Paula van der Oest and starring Carice van Houten and Rutger Hauer.

    Every rule demands an exception, and Doug Liman's "Fair Game" is the odd one out as the only Competition movie to wear its mainstream sensibilities on its sleeve.

    E1 Entertainment took U.K. and Irish rights to the real-life drama, starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn, ahead of its festival bow. But such high-profile pickups for fest titles may be rare.

    What marketgoers can expect are more creative partnerships between U.S. and international companies as everyone pools their resources to find more efficient, and less risky, ways to produce and sell globally.

    A just-announced deal between Fox International Productions and Fortissimo Films will see Fortissimo handle international sales on several of Fox's local-language titles.

    In another U.S-international hook up, French producer/distributor Celluloid Dreams and L.A-based production/sales outfit XYZ Films will use Cannes to launch a joint venture.

    "The approach these days is, it's all about the Cannes foreign market," said CAA's Micah Green. "We don't care about the domestic. We don't need to presell these movies. The pressure is on selling international at a level consistent or beyond sales agents' expectations."

    Green also points to future deals being dependent on the balance of the sales agents delivering on their estimates at Cannes this year.

    Jay A. Fernandez contributed to this report.

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    VIP Premiere - May 31, 2010

    Arirang Showbiz Extra Entertainment Report: Premiere of the movie 'The Servant'

    'The Servant' is created with a cheeky imagination and it held a special premiere. A lot of stars were present at this screening to check out the shocking acting transformations of the main actors, and we'll take you to the scene of action today.

    via Arirang TV


    Videos: [MediaFire] [MegaUpload] [SendSpace] [Streaming] [YouTube]
    (English subbed) Arirang Showbiz Extra [MediaFire] [[url="http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=S6Q7I9S5"]MegaUpload[/url]] [SendSpace] <credit: cutiepie's drama goodies>
    Y-Star [Streaming]


    more @



    Ryu Hyun-Kyung

    Kim Sung-Ryung

    Jung Yang

    Choi Kang-Hee

    Han Hye-Jin

    Jung Ryeo-Won

    Park Shi-Hoo

    Park Ye-Jin

    Yoo Seon

    Jin Goo

    Lee Sang-Woo, Song Chang-Eui

    Kim Hye-Sung, Jo Dong-Hyuk

    Shin Se-Kyung

    Lee Yoon-Ji

    Yoo Min

    Lee Young-Eun

    Im Won-Hee

    Yoo Joon-Sang

    Jo Jin-Woong

    Jeon Se-Hong

    Hwang In-Young

    Kim Sung-Kyung

    Lee Jin, Sung Yu-Ri

    Ok Joo-Hyun

    Lee Soo-Young

    Kim Chang-Ryul

    Bae Seul-Gi

    Nam Gyu-Ri


    Shin Min-Ah, Gong Hyo-Jin

    Son Ye-Jin

    Director Bong Joon-Ho

    Not pictured: Kim Ok-Bin, Jo Eun-Ji, Choi Daniel, Ahn Nae-Sang, Im Hyung-Joon, Kim Hee-Jung, Ma Dong-Seok, Director Kang Hyung-Chul, Director Park Gwang-Hyun, Director Ahn Byung-Gi, Director Lee Myung-Se, Director Lee Hyun-Seung, Director Im Pil-Sung .

    credit as labelled + Yahoo + Daum
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    KBS 2TV '해피투게더 시즌3' (Happy Together Season 3) - June 3, 2010

    Watch @ Tudou | Download @ Cashewmania or tektastic!

    via Newsen

    via Newsen

    via Newsen

    via Newsen

    via Newsen

    via Newsen

    via Newsen

    via BNT News

    via TV Report

    via Newsen

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    Kim Joo Hyuk and Kim Young Chul Hate Taking Pictures

    KBS Global [2010-06-07]

    On the episode of KBS 2TV's “Happy Together” that was aired on June 3, Cho Yeo Jeong, Kim Joo Hyuk, Kim Sung Ryung, and Kim Young Chul appeared as guest members.


    On the program, Kim Joo Hyuk and Kim Young Chul both disclosed the fact that they do not like to take pictures, but they have different reasons, so their story drew attention. At first, actor Kim Joo Hyuk revealed that he feels nausea whenever he has to take a picture. Other people including the MCs wondered how an actor can feel sick when taking pictures. Kim also said that he has not even taken a self shot that many people are taking for fun these days. He gave the reason by saying, “I hate my appearance in a photograph.”

    After listening to his explanation, Cho Yeo Jeong said, “That is why you made those kinds of facial expressions. When we film a movie, a staff member who takes stills comes to us with a camera, then Kim Joo Hyuk makes comic facial expressions.” With her disclosure, Kim Joo Hyuk admitted his behavior, saying, “I intentionally did it to ruin the photos and make him not use the photos.”

    Comedian Kim Young Chul also revealed his reason. He does not like to take a picture because he cannot shut his mouth completely. He said, “These days, people take a photo with a natural pose even for a passport photo, but in the past, I had to keep my mouth closed when I took a graduation picture. I wanted to shut my mouth, but it stayed closed for only three to five seconds. When the photographer shouted at me to shut my mouth, my feelings were hurt.” He actually tried to shut his mouth on the set, but his mouth opened after exactly three seconds, so it drew a big laugh.

    At the end of the episode, the preview was shown of the next episode, in which the Wonder Girls--who made a comeback with a title song “2DT”--will appear. The episode of “Happy Together” with the Wonder Girls will be broadcast on June 10 at 11:05 pm on KBS 2TV.

    Writer : Contributing Reporter Kim Min Ha
    Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi
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    Kim Wants to Imitate Jo's Ladylike Manner

    KBS Global [2010-06-07]

    Actress Kim Seong-ryeong, who appears in the new film "Bang-ja Chronicles," says she wants to learn the feminine mannerisms of co-star Jo Yeo-jeong.


    On KBS-2TV's "Happy Together" on Thursday, Kim said, "Jo talks in such a cute and lovely way that I want to imitate. I witnessed her sweet femininity shooting the film with her." The other cast members agreed that people who talk like Jo are loved by others around them.

    Comedian Kim Yeong-cheol, another guest on the show, suggested that MC Park Mi-seon should give it a try. Park and MC Sin Bong-seon then entered a mini-battle to offer greetings to a producer of the show in the most ladylike manner. Their high pitched performances were hilarious.


    Kim, known for her ageless beauty, is the same age as MC Park, a fact revealed by MC Yu Jae-seok. MC Park Myeong-su responded in disbelief, saying Park must be at least five years older than Kim.

    Kim picked singer Gang Su-ji as her good friend of the same age, which made MC Park Mi-seon somewhat annoyed.

    Kim, born in 1967, bashfully admitted, "When I reveal my age, people do say that I look younger than my age."

    Following a chat with the cast of Bang-ja Chronicles, the girl group Wonder Girls also came out on the show.

    Writer: Honorary reporter No Ji-won
    Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi
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    Arirang Showbiz Extra Cinema Spotlight: The Servant

    'Chunhyangjeon' is a very familiar tale to all Koreans; a story of love, fidelity and chastity. However... This time, there is an additional man who is seeking the love of the beautiful Chun-yang. The 'Chunhyangjeon' that we know turned into an impudent story of lies and deceit. Fate has intertwined these three and their secret relationship, yet their true colors are about to be revealed.

    via Arirang TV

    (English subbed) [MediaFire] [[url="http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=H4L7OFQU"]MegaUpload[/url]] [SendSpace]

    credit: cutiepie's drama goodies
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