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Tiny Black Spot on Lip?

theninthtracktheninthtrack pholoverPosts: 2,482Member


edited May 2010 in fitness & sports
I have a very tiny black spot on my lower lip. It doesn't hurt and it's not a lump, just a spot (I wouldn't know it's there without if I didn't check the mirror). I wonder if it's normal to have something like that on your lip? I reckon it's a mole, but I just find it strange that it's there on my lip. I bite my lips a lot also, it's a habit since forever. My lips are also not in a good condition as they're very dry now and peeling off too. Could that be it?

I think it's been there longer too because I can remember vaguely noticing it but didn't think much of it because it's so small. It's hardly noticeable, but I do wonder if it's harmful.
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