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[US]█████████████✿☆--thekookieshop! REOPENED 12/7/2012

k o o k i e.k o o k i e. ?. . . ohmydaysWonderlandX]Posts: 3,176Friend of Soompi
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quick info.
Hi, my name is Anh! Nice to meet everyone.
18. College Student. Long-time soompi member ;D

click here for status
Buyerlisted (+25, ~0, -0) -probably more-
Whitelisted (+45, ~0, -0) *V*
I'm not keeping track of whitelistings anymore,
Please check the status for completed transactions.


- Leave a reply if you're interested in anything, do not spam. You may PM me but you must post in here first!
- Concealed cash (USD AYOR) & PayPal (RECOMMENDED).
- No backing out after confirmation or BLACKLIST. (after exchanging addresses)
- All sales are final. I'm not responsible for lost/damaged mail. (It's your own risk!)

- Ask for more pictures/modeled/measurements if needed. (:
- First to confirm gets the item. Please reply to my PMs (even if you're not interested anymore!)

- Payment must be sent within 7 days after confirmation.
- Shipping is included. (US ONLY, I'll calculate the extra shipping costs for international)

- I do trade but you must be willing to buy the item even if i don't trade.
(If your trading prices are raised, so will mines. I don't see the point of doing this though.)
(Both ship out at the same time)
- Prices are negotiable but don't be ridiculous. Happy shopping!

USE THE FORM. (you don't need to if you only want to ask a question.)
CC or PP?:
Please kindly read the signature rules.


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