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[OFFICIAL] ♥ Infinite 인피니트 Thread ♥

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My love is INFINITE
Infinite Official Thread
Woollim Ent's 7 member idol group









Mini Album Title: Infinite's 1st Mini Album - First Invasion
Released Date: June 11, 2010
01. ∞
02. 다시 돌아와 - Come Back Again (title song)
03. She's Back
04. 날개 - Wings
05. 붙박이 별 - Fixed Star
06. 맡겨 - Entrust



Official Website:
International Forum(s):


Credits to: Infinite's Fancafe Aria, woolliment @ yt & michkay, baeby, msjuliette90 @ nolimitinfinite, ciaelx @ soompi

PM me if you want your forum, blog, etc added!

credit: depheera @ nolimitinfinite
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  • Mardi09Mardi09 underrated ❤ where underrateds roamPosts: 4,928Friend of Soompi


    Thread will close until debut.
  • Mardi09Mardi09 underrated ❤ where underrateds roamPosts: 4,928Friend of Soompi


    edited June 2010
    Their single has released. The thread is now open.
    Sorry for the wait!~
  • bobaTEAnabobaTEAna Posts: 26Member
    edited June 2010
    well I guess we can start off with their new music video !

    INFINITE- Come Back Again MV

    I love their dancing outfits, very chic and different from the manly/beasty looks the other boy bands are going for at the moment. I'm not too fond of the other outfits though, like myungsoo's choker thing.... but the part of the dance when they like, motion for you to come over while doing the charleston is hotttt.These guys look promising. ^O^

    Fer real, their dancing looked legit ever since I saw them practice in an episode of their tv show.

    Homepage Intro

    Infinite Intro
    *with an appearance from jiae, their little sister from "You're My Oppa"

    Practice Video
  • twist&fall-twist&fall- ? Brunei Posts: 4,620Friend of Soompi
    edited June 2010
    No words could describe how happy i am right now. LOL.
    the ending is too cute! i want that fox <3
  • The.Infinite.7The.Infinite.7 Posts: 29Member
    edited June 2010
    WHOOOOO HOOOO!! First MV release. Infinite fighting!!! I love you guys so much already and will be your fan from this point on! <3 The MV was very cute and well thought out! loved the dancing and L looked gorgeous as always! Now that my spazz is done...I'm off to make billions of gifs out of this MV!!! <3

  • xSoaPiExSoaPiE BostonPosts: 159Member
    They look amazing! Loved the mv and the dancing. The fox was so random lol
  • Elmas24Elmas24 IndamnesiaPosts: 53Member
    yay the thread is opened..
    they're looking mighty fine esp this um Myungsoo/L kid XDD

    is their documentary show subbed already?? just wondering

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  • ShenluShenlu .. ♥ Ok Taecyeon → ♛ EnglandPosts: 1,194Member
    I totally don't know what to make of the music video image their song is quite catchy, the members are adorable (though I already knew that) but the MV makes me go 'O_o... LOL XD...o_O' XD It's so random, but I suppose that's good as it's different~ I'm excited to see how they do on their debut stage and such ^^

    Their names STILL remind me of couple names in the rest of the kpop world LOL.
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  • NiñaNiña Posts: 2,020Member


    edited June 2010
    Heck yeah Infinite's thread is finally open now baby, woot woot!
    I am so freaking loving these boys like seriously, especailly my SungGyu<3
    ~It's kinda scary knowing that I was with them during their pre-debut x;
    Their show "You are my Oppa" is hilarious, with Epik High, haha.
    I love their new songs by the way! They really looked HOT in the MV! *O*
    The ending I was all like "WTF?!?" and then I started to burst out of laughter.
    These boys can really dance and sing, kekekeke!

    Edit: V Mhm, Myungsoo is so sexy and he's fit!

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  • OnJongOnJong Posts: 119Member
    edited June 2010
    Yes finally been waiting on this. I got some gifs and pics to share. The new mv just floored me. I love Sung Gyu.

    credit to infinite's tumblr page and whoever made the gifs on the pics.

    New website
  • jyhrjyhr Posts: 25Member
    I really liked the music video. I had high expectations for these boys so I'm glad they're bringing something new to the scene right now; it was definitely needed. I hope these boys do well and not disappear like a few other new groups have recently. I hate to be predictable but right now L is definitely my favorite.
  • noquieronoquiero San JosePosts: 78Member
    I dig the music. I dig the choreo. I like them already.
  • tohoblaqtohoblaq Posts: 2,198Member


    I love their debut song! It's really catchy. I'm a sucker for guitar sounds. ^^
    I hope they impress with their live performances.
    The MV was kinda random, especially the ending. LOL But I like the choreography already.
    Go Infinite! They're definitely the best rookie band that came out in 2010, so far.
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  • buddhahobuddhaho Posts: 2New Member
  • The.Infinite.7The.Infinite.7 Posts: 29Member
    edited June 2010
    DoongWoo and SungJong = LOVERS<3 We already have Infinites first couple. Fighting WooJong!! Run to your destiny!!
    image image
  • no1chronoptimistno1chronoptimist VIP Real World, Fixing Life, Will be back soon! Posts: 354Member
    new fan! they sound and look good in the video. i'm watching their show right now. I can't wait for their live performances and for their album to drop.
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  • patak.ulanpatak.ulan Posts: 138Member
    edited June 2010
    i like this new boy group, the mv concept is fun and clean. the guitars of the song are really nice too. I like how they aren't trying too hard to be sexy 'cause it makes me a bit sick whenever other idols show off too much of their bodies. the choreo was cool looking image makes me wanna learn it. it also reminded me a bit of michael jackson. i currently have my eyes on woohyun (?)

    i'm gonna wait for their live performance. i hope they're good and live up to my expectations.
  • RaixRaix AustraliaPosts: 3,692Member


    edited June 2010
    Their songs are nice, I like kinda rocky based dance tracks but I'm kind of disappointed. Especially since they're being guided by Epik High. There's nothing really special about their style that I can hear. I do like their style fashion-wise though, and the dancing was good. :3
    I'm not a big boy band person cause there are so many out there so my opinion might be a little prejudiced.
  • JULiE`JULiE` Georgia, USAPosts: 592Member


    edited June 2010
    I haven't seen the MV yet, but I already love these guys cause of their show. hehe.
    and I've listened to their mini album, it's awesome image
    Can't wait for their debut perf. tomorrow image
  • Kui4evaKui4eva Posts: 1,913Member
    Right now, they kind of look all alike to me except for Sungyeol. This guy is definitely my favorite. From everybody's consensus, it seems L is going to be the most popular one in the group. I am beginning to like their song. It sounds very appealing to my ears. Looking at the group pics, I realize that Sungyeol is always standing in the middle. I hope they do well.
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