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Jello.Jello. OINK OINKK. :]CanadaPosts: 1,868Member
do you sew ?
mods - i couldn't find a sewing thread, so i thought of starting one. please close if i'm wrong.

So, a lot of times instead of buying a piece of expensive clothing online or in store, I sew it myself. It saves me a lot of money, and even though I rarely get it exactly the same, I get results that I am happy with. This year, I want to start sewing big projects, like a dress or something similar.
Does anybody know any websites that offer some free clothing patterns / project ideas?
Also, do any of you sew? Post what you've sewed in the past, what you want to make, and any ideas that you want to share.
And feel free to post pictures!


  • PixicIxicPixicIxic BC, CanadaPosts: 76Member


    I sew sometimes but never completely finish one item. So far, i've only managed to sew tank top =(

    Can you post pictures of what u've done, please image
  • ystarburstystarburst Maryland, USAPosts: 175Member
    *waves hand around in the air* I sew!! image Mostly it's for cosplaying, but most of my cosplay outfits start out as something basic. I've made a 3/4 sleeve wrap shirt, a fitted dress, and a cute jumper just to name a few.

  • HeroineHeroine Posts: 2,835Member


    would this get merged with the show me your creations thread? cause that involves sewing too. Well, I don't make clothes, I just make a lot of plushies, dolls etc.
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  • LovelySeoulLovelySeoul Posts: 118Member
    I actually just got into knitting! I am knitting a scarf and I am like 1/10 of the way done x_x;;
  • ExquoiseExquoise Posts: 1,357Member
    yes, please post up your creations image I need motivation....
  • Laura605Laura605 Posts: 20Member
    I sewed a skirt 3 years ago. image which, I only recently realised, I still have.
    but the fabric i used to make it doesnt match any of my shirts or shoes cause its all bright and flowery.
    and its also starting to fall apart because of my noobish skills, as in the stitching is coming undone.
    I feel like sewing stuff again though since watching gossip girl episodes and jenny's (i think is her name?) sewing ambitions.

  • soompier1soompier1 Posts: 2,187Member


    edited January 2010
    I know how...but I suck
    yay for etsy !

    edit: there's no sewing thread but there is a post your creation thread so idk if I should remove these pics, since they are already in that thread


    sorry the pictures are in gif. format because they're from my blog XP
    I know people don't read but I'll restate: I didn't sew these, details on my blog
  • huongfacehuongface Posts: 1,099Member
    i love sewing!!! i reconstruct a lot of clothes.

    check it out:;l=3b301d4d54
    image image
  • hellomeliahellomelia Oregon.Posts: 2,774Member


    I wish I knew how to...image

    I hate it when I see a cute piece of clothing but wish I could reconstruct it a little to fit my taste. Maybe I outta learn.

  • iPhetsiPhets Perth, AustraliaPosts: 4,235Member
    edited January 2010
    TRYING to make the a jacket for cosplay atm.
    i only have a few hours to do it...
    will post pics if i ever find this thread again =)

    a friend is helping me so its not as bad though =))
  • &lt;3goesDOKIDOKI<3goesDOKIDOKI Posts: 6,159Member
    ooh i wanna see pictures. i love seeing customized clothing or handmade things.
    too bad i can't work a sewing machine to save my life. (plus sewing machines are expensive!)
    sewing by hand takes too long. i used to do embroidery and knit.
  • kikkiekikkie Girl. L.A., CaliforniaPosts: 1,808Member


    I sew~! Sometimes. <___<

    My mom used to work in the fashion design industry so she knows how to pattern make and drape (although we no longer have a body form/dummy). So I usually just ask her to help me on projects.

    I actually haven't made anything worthy to be mentioned though.

    And I want my own sewing machine. My mom has vintage machines but they're loud and scare me. They're really durable though. LoL.
  • prisonerzeroprisonerzero North Carolina, USA.Posts: 4,512Member
    i remember i used to want to sew, but now i don't anymore.
    makeup tutorials || tumblr || makeup blog || shop
    sincerely, rikki.
  • CHOMP!CHOMP! Posts: 1,064Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2010
    I wish I knew how to sew ):
    I think it'd be so cool to make my own clothes image

    Post your creations and any patterns/sites you use! (:

    Off topic, but how do you type the way you did in the title?
    ι ɴ ɢ т н α <-- those letters o _o.
  • nobody knowsnobody knows what I think outof thisworldPosts: 13,081Member


    I sew, but not clothes xD

    if I want clothes, my mommy makes them for me ;x because she's a patternmaker image! yaaaay~
  • goofipinaygoofipinay Posts: 165Member
    edited January 2010
    I made a lotta things,..but i never ever ever use patterns,...
    I'm more visual, so I can figure out how to do it + I have a dressform

    Burdastyle has patterns (some free, some cheap, etc)
    Not bad, I don't think image

    I guess I'll post later,...I don't feel like pulling up pictures

    alright, I have time now, lol

    I guess I'll do a range of what I've done...
    I actually used to be REALLY proud of the fact that I don't use patterns, and I only MAKE them (and throw them out)...I always threw them out, because I always told myself I was gonna make everything different, and what made stuff unique was that they weren't gonna be from the same pattern... I was wrong -.-'
    But anyway, here's just a couple from when I started teaching myself (trial + error)

    Full Picture
    ^^ Halter Hoodie (I saw someone from the UK selling some for $85?! so I wanted to make my own,...)
    Pleated skirt looks REALLY pro, but my mom helped =X

    Full Picture
    ^^ First dress I made,...I didn't hem it when I took the picture, so that's why the side is actually longer then the front and what not

    Full Picture
    ^^ I got my dressform like 4 months after teaching myself for Christmas! (I begged and begged my mom for it, and she caved!)

    Full Picture
    ^^ First time I did sleeves. I hate making sleeves, (I just take way too long to sttach it on the body)...if you haven't noticed, I don't do sleeves xD

    Full Picture
    ^^ First hat,'s actually easier than I thought!
  • Alma_Alma_ UKPosts: 72Member


    I like to sew in my spare time.
    I'm not that great at it yet but have to keep practising!

  • mynameissecretmynameissecret CandyLandPosts: 329Member
    ^that dress is super cute! i tried to sew a dress, but i didn't really put too much effort and it didn't even fit lol. im trying to get more into sewing, taking a sewing class right now image
  • kp1shadowkp1shadow yo yo yooooo CaliforniaPosts: 1,782Member
    I sew. Kind of. I sew really basic stuff though. I'm not that talented to make something from scratch. Yet.
  • yukinohanayukinohana Posts: 1,181Member


    yep, im a fashion design major.
    although I cant say im really good at it. I like drawing better image

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