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[Thai Drama 2010] Autumn Destiny ~ ใต้ฟ้าตะว&#

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edited January 2010 in entertainment
Jt Thai-Kor Prodn ~ Mario Maurer, Ryan/PARAN & Eli n Kibum/U-Kiss
Drama Title (Korean) : "같은 태양 아래 지평선"
Drama Title (English) : "Autumn Destiny"
Drama Title (Thai) : "ใต้ฟ้าตะวันเดียว" ["Tai Fah Ta Wan Deaw"]
Broadcast Date/Time : 2010-01-16, 20:40hrs (Thailand Timezone)
Broadcast Days : Saturdays & Sundays
Network Station : Ch9
Press Conference
2009-10-28 : Ryan's BTS
Teaser Ver 1
Teaser Ver 2
Opening Credits
Opening Scenes
Korean Male Cast Interview 1/2 (Ryan / Eli / KiBum / Lee Hae Woo)
Korean Male Cast Interview 2/2 (Ryan / Eli / KiBum / Lee Hae Woo)
Links to Watch Ep # : 1 2


Credits :




Chat and Ryan laughing about Finance

Pictures of Ryan (from the boyband Paran, real name: Joo Jong Hyuk)
and Thai actress Chat Priayachat for their scenes in the Modern 9
upcoming Thai-Korean lakorn fusion:
"Tai Fah Tawan Diew (Under the same Heaven or Autumn Destiny)",
airing this Saturday, January 16.

I find both of them very cute, but the thing that strikes me as odd
is that they laughing while reading a Finance textbook.
What does that say? Foundations of Multinational Financial Management.
It would have been less odd if the film crew gave them something lighter to laugh about
…like a Garfield comic strip book, that would have been better.
Yes, do have a good laugh while reading a complicated college Finance textbook.
Oh it's all so funny.


In the lakorn, Chat is Wendy, she met her first love Park Jung-Min (Ryan) while studying in America.
He wants to marry her, but unfortunately for Jung-Min and Wendy,
her family disapproves because they hate Koreans.
The hidden back-story on Wendy's life is that she is really half Korean/Thai.
Her Korean father abandoned her mother when she was pregnant with Wendy
and that is the reason why her mother and her mother's relatives hate Koreans.
Seriously, that makes no sense, hate the whole male Korean population
because one Korean man did you wrong. Oy.

Aw, he's cutting her hair.

They look cute together, no?

Here we go again, fake reading and fake enjoying another Finance textbook.

Credit : Introducing Lyn's Lakorn Blog

More Updates will be posted in Ryan's Thread (Joo Jong Hyuk)


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