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Roman Abramovich’s $52,000 Lunch Bill / What Rich people eat

gafunleegafunlee Posts: 92Member
edited November 2009 in current events

"yes people, that is FIFTY TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS"


Roman Abramovich is working wonders for the global GDP.

First, there was the recent soft-launch of his yacht, the world’s largest.

Then there was his purchase of a $90 million estate in St. Bart’s.

Now comes word of a $52,000 lunch in Manhattan.

According to TMZ, Mr. Abramovich hosted nine guests at Nello’s on the Upper East Side on Friday. The tab came to $47,221.09. He added another $5,000 tip (on top of the $7,328 gratuity already included) for a total of $52,221.09.

In an email, a spokesman for Mr. Ambramovich denied the bill was Mr Abramovich’s. He said Mr. Abramovich did eat at the restaurant but that the “party spent no more than a tiny fraction of that amount - less than a couple of percent.”

A manager at the restaurant declined to comment.

The bill shown by TMZ, however, is rich with details–and explains how someone could rack up a $52,000 bill. The main culprits: wine and truffles.

There were the three bottles of La Tache, for $5,000 each (alas, the bill doesn’t give the vintage). There were the two bottles of Petrus, also at $5,000 each. And two bottles of Cristal Rose, at $5,000 each.

The food was typical Manhattan, with most entrees going for $50 or less. But the group had two orders of truffle carpaccio for $100 each, and three truffle taglionis for $585.

Is this shocking and abhorrent at a time when so many in the U.S. are losing their homes and jobs?

That is one way to look at it.

Another way is to thank him for being a one-man stimulus package. Beyond the lunch, I’m sure the Abramovich visit included plenty of shopping, hotels, drivers, nightclubs, and (perhaps) artwork at this week’s big auction nights.

And as a New York resident, I look at the $3251.89 tax line and have two simple words for Mr. Abramovich: Thank you.

What do you think of the Abramovich lunch bill?



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