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Big Eyes, Flat Nose?

chocomintSTARchocomintSTAR Posts: 62Member


edited September 2009 in beauty & fashion
Okay, alot of people think that big double lidded eyes are pretty.
And i do too...
but if someone had big eyes and a flat nose, i think that smaller, monolid eyes look better with a flat nose. not very small, but monolid...
like my friend has really big pretty eyes...but she has a flat nose. and it makes it look a little...unbalanced,,?
and sometimes i get double eyelid...and my nose looks FLATTER with it...
-.-;;; so yeah. anyone get me?
oh yeah. good point brought up by Keikoblue2.
the size of the nose & shape of eyes are important too...;
Hi (:
i l o v e y o u : ]
based in cali


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