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Can People Look Cute With Braces?

hersh3yzhersh3yz Posts: 77Member
edited August 2009 in beauty & fashion
Or are they a turn off?
Hey guys, I am in my early 20s, and I am just NOW getting braces. It's quite sad, but I really need it since my teeth started shifting since college. (wisdom teeth possibly?) I'm getting braces next week, and my teeth right now are not really crooked in a sense that there are several teeth overlapping one another or yellow or any of that - JUST an overbite, etc, and a tooth that I had removed over the summer left a gap in the back of my mouth which braces will help close the gap.

So my question is, do you guys know people that actually look BETTER with braces? If so, what color do you reccommend? I'm leaning towards plain silver because I don't want to look too teenybopperish with the multiple color bands. (no offense, but i'm 20+!!)

Also, since I have an overbite, when I mimic a normal bite, I feel like my chin moves forward, which makes my face look less round (kinda like angela baby post-braces). So my other question is can braces alter your face shape?


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