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여인천하 Ladies Of The Palace

DnC_DnC_ Planet Earth ^^vPosts: 44Member
where to download this drama

does anybody know where I am able to download this drama - 여인천하 - Ladies of the Palace - in High Quality?
I already tried asking this in the - clubbox link requests - topic, but I did not get a reply.
Clubbox / Megaupload, etc.


  • chaegyeongchaegyeong school term & summer 662Friend of Soompi
    i saw the torrent file for the whole drama in cute girl's some time ago but her files are automatically after 1 month so i don't know if it's still available or not
  • wndrswanwndrswan Posts: 26Member
    edited December 2010
    Found and uploading!
    Visit for links

    History Relived!
  • cutekidcutekid SONE, Kamillia, Wonderful the philippinesPosts: 2,718Member


    i think you can't download it here because the drama have been licensed by yesasia if you really want to download it try looking at silentregrets or aja-aja. if you want you can also try searching at torrent sites. :)
    love the wonder girls esp. yoobin and sunye also loving Girl's Generation and KARA too
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  • iledramailedrama Posts: 501Member


    Those anyone know if this drama was subbed in English, I would really like to watch this. I am a huge Sageuk lover.
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