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●-●-●____ Gil Me (길미)

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Music Bank [0724], Music Core [0725]
길미 Gil Me
GYM Entertainment (same company as Eun Ji Won)


Real name: Gil Mi Hyeon 길미현
Born: April 10, 1985
Place of birth: Daegu Metropolitan City
Physique: 162.0cm
Blood type: B
Hobbies: reading, food, recipe quest
Favorite food: 빵, 떡, 군만두, 냉면, 치즈 들어간 음식
Favorite musicians: 로린 힐, 루다크리스, 메리 제이 블라이즈, 티아이, 크리스티나 아길레라
Career: GGI vocal vocal Academy Instructor
Other works:
Musical 2007
[Featured] 2007 마르코 (Marco) - 미치도록 (Crazy)
[Lyricist, composer, featured] 2008 Cross KC - 모닝커피, So What?
[Featured] 2008 은지원 (Eun Ji Won) - Go Show
[Rap Making, Featuring] 2008 정시영 (Jung Shi Young) - 우리 사랑해요
[Rap Making] 2008 제이제이홀릭스 - 솔비야!
[Rap Making, Directing]2008 신지 (Shin Ji) - 울지 말고 잘가
[Rap Making, Directing] 2008 스위티 (Sweety) - White Story
[Rap Making, Directing] 2008 스위티 (Sweety) - 크리스마스에 축복을
[Rap Making, Featuring] 2008 강현주 (Kang Hyun Joo) - 이름만 들어도
[Rap Making, Featuring] 2008 은지원 (Eun Ji Won) - Kill Me
[Rap Making, Featuring] 2009 낯선 - Say My Name
[Rap Featuring] 2009 리오 (Leo) - 청룡열차


*click to enlarge*

[Single] Gil Me - The 1st Purple Dream Sound
release date:
genre: Hip Hop / R&B

01. 러브 시크 (Love Sick) (Feat. Bobby Kim)
02. 러브 컷츠 (Love Cuts) (Feat.Eun Ji Won)
03. 헤이보이 플레이보이 (Heyboy Playboy)

[MV Teaser] 길미 (Gil Me) - Love Cuts ft. 은지원 (Eun Ji Won)
[MV] 길미 (Gil Me) - Love Cuts feat. 은지원 (Eun Ji Won)

another female rapper debuts into the music industry
her song sounds nice


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