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How To Make Prune Juice Taste Better?

webmaginewebmagine yellow brick roadPosts: 909Friend of Soompi
I'm sure everyone will agree with me when I say prune juice tastes horrible horrible horrible.

I need to drink it though, because I get constipated alot.

Is there any way I can make this mini cooper taste better? Should I try mixing it with another juice or something?


  • MeenuhMeenuh Rageaholic Supernerd. City of AngelsPosts: 5,724Member
    Sugar? Lol. Sorry I've never had prune juice before although I hear that's what goes in Dr. Pepper.. You can always try a different juice that'll help get things going. Guava works quite well and doesn't taste bad.
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  • vip_gdvip_gd Forever VIP HKPosts: 11,243Member


    edited April 2009
    i drink that too before
    i just pinch my nose and drink it all in one gulp
    gahhh c'mon, aint that bad. don't be a baby .. just drink it
    sry, i'm no help. i used to get scolded for not finishing my drink as a kid xD
  • yours.truly.yours.truly. Posts: 684Member


    edited April 2009
    i've always liked those salty chinese preserved prunes and the sweet candied i never had a problem with how prune juice tasted. tastes fine to me...not my favorite drink out there...but i don't think it's that bad. then again, i haven't had it since i was a little girl so maybe my tastebuds have changed. to add on to what other people said, you can also put ice in it to make it less thick.
  • AngelAngelAngelAngel Posts: 610Member
    Eat a plum, they are also high in fiber. Also root vegetables like potatoes, legumes like peas, whole grains, and certain vegetables like cauliflower! Or eat a graham cookie...

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