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What Do You Do With Messed Up Bangs?!

xDitslanxDitslan Crazy TownPosts: 427Member
UGH!?!?! I can't stand them!! Before I got my bangs cut they were really long (all the way down to my chin). In just 2 SECONDS MY MOM SCREWED THEM UP!! I tried to fix them but I didn't want to do anything too dramatic incase I accidentally screwed it up anymore. Though they look not as bad they still look HORRIBLE! What's even worse is that my mom cuts hair for a freakin' living!!

To those of you who've had a bad haircut, what do you do?!

Also, anyone who is thinking about bad mouthing my mom because she messed up my bangs even though she cuts hair on a daily basis shouldn't even enter this post!! Yeah I am mad at her for messing up my hair, but I won't allow other people who don't even know my mom talk crap her!


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