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Lee Da Hae 이다해

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 Personality: Cheerful, bubbly, crowd lover, nerve-wreck (sometimes)

Habit: Leaves leftovers during meals

Ideal Guy (2005): Caring, nice and humorous

Motto: To do her best in everything

Fav Actress: Kim Hee Sun, Go Hyun Jung, Song Hye Kyo

Fav Actor: Seol Gyung Gu

Fav Chinese Star: Andy Lau, Jay Chou

Fav Color: White (Not black? Since she loves wearing black? :D )

Fav Food: Korean, Chinese and Viet

Fav Subject in School: English

Fav Animal: Dog (She owns 2 dogs, Cherry and Strawberry)

Childhood Dream: To become a dance tutor

Celeb Friends: Kim Hee Chul, Jang Hyuk, Lee Jong Hyuk, Han Ji Hye, 

Lee Jun Ki, Lee Dong Wook, Jo Min Ki..etc



IRIS II (2013, KBS) - Ji Soo Yeon

Love Actually (China) (2012, Hunan TV) - Qiao Zhi Xia

Miss Ripley (2011, MBC) - Jang Miri

Fugitive: Plan B (2010, KBS) - Hye Won (Cameo)

Haru (2010, Short online Drama) - Lee Da Hae

Chuno/Slave Hunters (2010, KBS) - Un Nyun/ Hye Won

East of Eden (2008/2009, MBC) - Min Hye Rin

Robbers (2008, SBS) - Jin Dal Rae

Hello! Miss (2007, KBS) - Lee Su Ha

My girl (2005, SBS) - Joo Yu Rin

Green rose (2005, SBS) - Oh Su Ah

King Flower Fairy [aka Heaven's Fate] (2004, MBC) - Yoon Cho Won

Sweet 18 (2004, KBS) - Min Ga Young

Star's Echo (2004, MBC-Fuji) - Ji Young

Five Fingers (2003, MBC)

Good news (2003, KBS)

Shoot for the star (2002, SBS)

Ling ling (2002, MBC)

MBC Chun Hyang Pagent (2001, MBC)


.:Music Videos:.

2010: Brown Eyed Soul's "I'll Move"

2009: Kim Hyung Joon's "Today's Fortune" (co-starring Baek Sung Hyun)

2009: Wilber Pan's "Dance for Two" (Taiwan)

2008: Lee Da Hae's "I Love Kimchi/Can Can Can" MV

2007: Lee Da Hae's "I Love Rock and Roll" MV

2005: Kim Bum Soo's "Memory" (co-starring Hyun Bin)

2002: J-Walks' "Someday"




2011: Second Seoul Art and Culture Awards

2010: KBS Awards 2010 (w/ Song Joong-ki and Choi Su-jong)

2010: A Charity Concert

2010: Mr World 2010 (w/ Alesha Dixon and Julian Kang)

2009: KBS Awards 2009 (w/ Tak Jae Hoon and Kim So Yeon)

2007: KBS Awards 2007 (w/ Tak Jae Hoon)

2007: MKMF 2007 (w/ Shin Dong Yup)

2006: SBS Awards 2009 (w/ Ryu Jung Hoon and Lee Hoon)

2004: Humming Tree "Music in Concert" (w/ Kangta)


2009: Rain's Hong Kong Fashion Concert

2008: Andre Kim Shanghai Fashion Show (w/ Jang Geun Seuk)

2006: CHANEL Fashion Show (w/ Lee Jun Ki)

2003: Andre Kim Fashion Show



2008: Can Can Can - Samsung "I Love Kimchi"/ Hauzen

2007: I Love Rock and Roll (Korean/English Version)

2006: If You Are Willing To (My Girl Ep 4)


2013: Happy Together - IRIS 2 Special

2012: Happy Camp - China (Love Actually)

2012: SBS Running Man Ep 82 and 83 (w/ Oh Ji Ho)

2011: Happy Camp - China

2010: KBS Win Win Talkshow (w/ Jang Hyuk and PD Kwak Jung Hwan)

2010: Kim Hee Chul's DJ Young Street Radio Talkshow (w/ Jang Geun Seuk)

2010: Sweet Night (w/ Lee Hong Ki, Kim Jong Min)

2009: Happy Together New Year Special (Chuno)

2007: Sang Sang Plus (w/ Lee Ji Hoon)

2005: Love Letter 190205 (w/ Andy, Brian, Lee Seung Gi..etc)

2005: Yashimanman Ep 105

2005: Come To Play 



2013 Passional Lover (China)

2013 Kia K3

2012 - 2013 G.Borgovani Glasses

2011 - 2012 - 2013 Arnaldo Bassini Clothing Brand

2011 COSHIP and Hyundai Intelligent TV (China)

2011 Marie Mullin Clothing Brand

2010 - 2011 Somang (Danahan) Cosmetics CF

2010 - 2011 Charmsoju

2010 Imperial Clothing Brand

2010 Just BB (Basic Beauty) Cosmetics (China)

2009 BBK Life Electric - Soy Mixer (China)

2009.03 MCM peulraegeuswip

2009.02 Misope

2008.04 Beyond

2008.03 Save Bank

2007.11 Hummings

2007.09 Sopoooong

2007.01 V=B Vitamin

2006.11 BC Card

2006.09 Motorola

2006.08 SAMSUNG Hauzen

2006.05 BC TOP Card

2006.04 J.Polack

2006.04 Dentrala Toothpaste

2006.02 VENUS

2005.09 Hoban

2005.04 DeBON

2005.03 Otsuka GreenTime

2004.12 SOUP

2004.10 LOTTE


 Baidu LDH Photo Gallery


Baidu LDH Video Gallery


2013: Asia Model Festival Awards - Asia Star Award

2012: Third LETV Entertainment Awards (China) - Most popular actress in Asia Pacific Region (Love Actually)

2011: Korean Cultural Entertainment AwardsBest Actress Award (Miss Ripley)

2011: Yahoo Buzz Awards - Korea Top Buzz Female Artist Award

2010: China Fashion Awards - Asian Fashionista

2010: KBS Drama Awards - Best Couple Award with Jang Hyuk (Chuno)

2010:  The 47th Savings Day - The Presidential award for frugality (she is the first female artist to receive the Award)

2009: Asia Model Festival Awards - Popular Female Star Award

2007: KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Mini Series - Actress (Hello! Miss)

2005: SBS Drama Awards - Top Ten Stars Award (Green Rose and My Girl)

2005: SBS Drama Awards - Excellence Award, Special Drama - Actress (Green Rose and My Girl)

2005: 41st Baeksang Arts Awards - Best New Actress Award (Lotus Flower Fairy)

2004: MBC Drama Awards - Best New Actress Award (Lotus Flower Fairy)

2001: MBC Chun Hyang Pageant - (Winner)


Crush On Da-hae







LDH Baidu Bar

LDH's Official Chinese Website

Dahae's Cyworld Minihompy


Last Update: 30 August 2013

 Credits: @maetawinzkomarn, @ripgal and LDH baidu bar



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