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What Is Your Everyday Makeup Routine?

yours.truly.yours.truly. Posts: 684Member


so how do you do your makeup everyday? do you go for a more natural or heavy look?

this is mine:

- foundation (revlon colorstay in fresh beige)
- blush (mac in peaches)
- curl eyelashes (elf curler)
- eyeliner (l'oreal hip for tightlining and revlon colorstay for waterlining)
- mascara (max factor 2000 calorie)
- fill in brows (i use some dried l'oreal hip on an angled brush)
- lipstick (revlon superlustrous lipstick in silver city pink)
- lipgloss (revlon superlustrous lipgloss in nude lustre)

the end result looks natural because i use a little of each.


  • wees2deewees2dee MelbournePosts: 298Member
    i dont wear much make up at all actually, some peopel say i have foundation skin?? heheh

    i usually just put eyeliner on and lip gloss or lip balm
    sometimes eye lash curler and mascara but only when i can be bothered =)
  • JentageJentage Fangirls = Stupidity at its best. New York CityPosts: 1,443Banned
    Why do you wear so much makeup ?
  • emysiuemysiu L.A., CAPosts: 147Member
    - Skin Food Aloe BB Cream #2
    - Burt's Bees Concealer on zits, undereye circles, etc.
    - Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish Foundation in Look 4 dusted over forehead and anywhere I need a little more coverage
    - Revlon Brow Fantasy to fill in brows
    - Shu Uemura eyelash curler to curl my lashes only slightly (they look so weird when I put too strong a curl in them)

    I'd love to wear eyeliner but I feel that everytime it just winds up making my eyes look smaller and uglier. I really do like the natural look but I feel like eyeliner and me just don't work for that kind of a look.
  • pocketsoulpocketsoul New YorkPosts: 1,221Member
    - Lotion
    - Revlon Skinlights (this stuff really makes your face glow!)
    - Concealer
    - Blush (sometimes)
    - Eye Primer
    - Stila Black Eyeshadow
    - White Eyeshadow (for under my eyes)
    - Vaseline (because my lips get chapped very easily during the winter)

    I don't really care what anyone says about wearing "too much make up". I dress up on most days, and I don't want my clothes to be the best part of how I look.
  • xhoshiiixhoshiii -*@$ m a n i a c mmm tejasPosts: 320Member
    Hmmm, for work I wake up an hour before work <333 but @ school I have to do my make-up in the car... ):

    + Clean off the oil ):
    + Concealer
    + Foundation
    + Eyeliner
    + Eyeshadow
    + Curl lashes
    + Mascara
    + Shape eyebrows
    + Blush/bronzer/sculpter .

    Not THAT much hahaa
    _____________ image
  • NamineNamine chu chu kya kya ? Posts: 4,534Member


    QUOTE (Jentage @ Dec 27 2008, 09:43 PM) »
    Why do you wear so much makeup ?

    its not even that much, imo, more like basics. o_O
  • i-kandii-kandi United StatesPosts: 176Member
    Circle Contacts
    curl lashes
    White liner in water line and tear duct

    Afterwards I look like the perfect ulzzang, as upposed to before, where my eyes are small and dim. I look beautiful with makeup, and a train-wreck without. I'm kind of ashamed of it. I don't like people to see me without makeup. Only my best friends do.

    I where falsies sometimes, but they tend to make my already thick long lashes TOO thick. So they end up making my eye thinner more than wider. If I DO wear any, I make sure they're pretty sparse. I only want the lenth, not the plumpness.
    Cute and lovable!
  • cynstar.cynstar. feed meee! JapanPosts: 1,793Friend of Soompi

    here's the basic routine.

    -contacts (not that it counts)
    -moisturizer / primer
    -brow liner (anastasia)
    -concealer, for undereyes (bare escentuals )
    -mineral veil (bare escentuals )
    -undereye liner (cargo, purple)
    -eyeliner (cargo, silver)
    -liquid/creme liner (mac fluidline)
    -eyelash curler (shu umera LE gold curler)
    -chap stick

    on lazy days, i toss out the powder stuff and just stick to eyes.

  • AeroliteAerolite SoCalPosts: 768Member
    This is when I usually go out...

    -Primer (Smashbox)
    -Concealer (Rimmel)
    -Powder (Bare Escentuals)
    -Bronzer as a blush (Lancome)
    -A hint of pinkish blush (Milani; I haven't found the perfect blush shade yet so I mix what I do have)
    -Eyeliner (Rimmel)
    -Neutral eyeshadow on eyelid and crease (Smashbox)
    -Shape eyebrows (Mac)
    -Mascara primer (Smashbox)
    -Mascara (I actually really like Rimmel over my more expensive Lancome, Smashbox, and Too Faced ones)
    -Lipgloss (Mac)

    But if I'm lazy or in a hurry:
    -Mascara + Blush if I'm really lucky haha
  • slynnslynn Washington statePosts: 429Member
    edited December 2008
    I go for the more natural look and this is what I do every day for work:

    (put on moisturizer of course)
    - concealer for under eye circles
    - foundation
    - blush
    (curl eyelashes)
    - mascara
    - light eyeliner
    - pressed powder

    makes quite a difference though XD
  • anjuu62anjuu62 Posts: 803Member
    On the weekend I do..

    - moisturizer
    - revlon colourstay eyeliner as base
    - clarins automatic liquid pen liner
    - shiseido mascara base
    - dior iconic mascara
    - l'oreal brown eyeshadow w/ angle brush
    - jane blushing cheeks blush
    - mac cremesheen lipstick in speed dial

  • purplepuffypaintpurplepuffypaint CaliforniaPosts: 260Member
    When I'm feeling lazy or in a rush:

    1. Eyeliner with MAC Fluidliner in Blacktrack, top & bottom
    2. Any neutral color eyeshadow
    3. NYX Round Lipstick in Circe topped with any gloss
  • fabulousjewelfabulousjewel Posts: 115Member
    edited December 2008

    -toner & lotion
    -bare minerals powder (medium)
    -two faced shadow insurance & estee lauder eye shaow in tea biscuit & cinnamon
    -bobbi brown gel eyeliner
    -mac pro mascara
    -mac lipglass
    -mac powder blush in prism &countur blush
  • AppleLoveAppleLove Sydney, AustraliaPosts: 2,446Member


    # Moisturise/sunscreen
    # if i'm wearing foundation, then primer
    # loose powder
    # eye liner --> set my eye liner with eye shadow
    # curl lashes
    # mascara
    # blush if i'm looking pale that day.. or depends on the shade of my gloss
    # moisturise lips
    # lip gloss

    and i'm good to go. Doesn't take long.. no longer than 10 minutes image
  • I_play_with_dollsI_play_with_dolls c: under your bedPosts: 2,752Member


    I don't really do much.

    lip gloss
    salmon colored eyeshadow under my eyes.
  • tastytasty Posts: 2,382Banned
    + concealer
    + eyeliner
    + mascara

    that's it.
  • carmelalalalacarmelalalala junpei's wifey ? Chi-town.Posts: 205Member
    man, i dont wear makeup on everyday situations...

    but when im not lazy and if i do...

    1. contacts
    2. concealer
    3. lil foundation
    4. blush
    5. eyeliner
    6. lip gloss

    i always wanna look natural, so sometimes i just put on lipgloss and eyeliner.. tadaa!~
    "God has connected our pinkies with a single 赤い糸..."
  • JJKAJJKA Van.couverPosts: 296Member
    When I do bother to do a "natural", "everyday" makeup look I....

    - moisturizer (Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel OR cetaphil daily moisturizer w/ SPF15)
    - concealer on blemishes, scars and undereye (MAC Studio Finish in NC30)
    - loose powder (Clinique blended face powder invisible)

    - no eyeshadow OR brown, smudged eyeliner (Rimmel exaggerate)
    - tightlined eyes (MAC Fluidline in black track)
    - mascara (Maybelline colossal)

    - chapstick

    looks like a lot. it's not. XD plus, I do this like once or twice a month...normally, i just slap on moisturizer and sunscreen and rush out the door heh
  • centriccentric lulz wut? Southern CaliforniaPosts: 1,452Friend of Soompi
    I go for a more natural look. For me it's just the basics:

    Mascara Base + Mascara (with eyelashes curled of course)

  • Jasmine&lt;3Jasmine<3 Posts: 2,056Member
    Laura Mercier oil free TM, BE in light, or BBcream.
    Mac Concealer (undereyes)
    curl eyelashes & if i have time mascara - clinique
    i've been loving blush lately~ so i either use the 'WARMTH' from BE or an array of other blushes! <3
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