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[Drama 2009] Queen Seon Deok 선덕여왕



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    "Seon-deok" still No.1 TV show, gains more viewers

    기사입력2009.11.16 15:10최종수정2009.11.16 15:10 0 0


    MBC's historical drama "Queen Seon-deok" continued to dominate Korea's TV ratings chart, taking the top spot for the fifth consecutive week.

    "Seon-deok" scored an average 44.7 percent viewership rating for the week of November 9 to 15 to remain the No. 1 television show in Korea, according to statistics released by TNS Media Korea.

    The hit drama recorded an even higher rating than last week's with one of its main characters Lady Mi-shil, played by Ko Hyeon-jeong, exiting the show.

    KBS2 TV's blockbuster drama "Iris", starring Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-hee, followed in second place with 33.2 percent rating, gaining from last week's 30.8 percent. Daily soap "Jolly Widows" (KBS1) and weekend drama "Three Brothers" (KBS2) trailed behind with ratings of 28.8 and 26.3 percent, respectively.

    In the non-drama category, KBS's "Happy Sunday" topped the chart with a 26.3 percent viewership rating. SBS's "Family Outing" and KBS2 TV's "Gag Concert" trailed behind with ratings of 23.1 and 21.1 percent, respectively.

    Reporter : Lynn Kim
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    Go Hyun Jung Kim Sun AH and Lee Seo Jin
    mystery 4ever. in my heart ...
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    edited November 2009
    EP51 Princess becomes Queen
    cr: DC-qsd
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    edited November 2009
    EPISODE 51 (XviD-MHaN - MU link) is up in the AM-ADDICTION forum image

    Edit: EPISODE 51 (XviD-HAN - MU link) is now up as well! image
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    Thank you Soulan for the brief summary image
    I like happy endings so i am contemplating whether to continue watching image
    It is good to see DM becoming Queen image
    I do not want to see Bidam turning bad image
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    Thanks for torrent link ep51
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    Ep 51 Bidam-Deokman hug image
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  • alchocoholicalchocoholic Posts: 2,813Member
    EPISODE 51 (450p-HAN - MU link) is up in the AM-ADDICTION forum image
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    Did Bidam just say what I think he said: "Your Highness, without reserve, I will take everything from you"?
  • cahyacahya Posts: 953Member


    QUOTE (danchin616 @ Nov 16 2009, 07:09 PM) »
    Did Bidam just say what I think he said: "Your Highness, without reserve, I will take everything from you"?
    Yes, although he said to MS that he'll take care of his love himself, but he immediately started to follow MS advice: "Love is something that takes everything without mercy & can't be shared". I think that's what BD means by saying those words at DM coronation. Such a posessively thinking image

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    Main Translator & Timer: MisterX
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    Editor/QC: thunderbolt
    Coordinators: mily2, ay_link

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    What's the difference between the HAN and MHAN (ripped) version?

  • MisterXMisterX &#22856;&#33853;Posts: 187Member
    edited November 2009
    QUOTE (82 @ Nov 16 2009, 12:51 PM) »
    What's the difference between the HAN and MHAN (ripped) version?


    HAN is the official rip of... well, a certain private webhard in Korea (you know, first rule of Fight Club et al). Mhan is a private ripper who posts there, amongst dozens of other rippers.

    Difference is just compression and encoder, filters, details like that. HAN is generally one-pass "factory" encoding to offer the quickest possible releases. They'll probably be both perfectly watchable, but note that we only use HAN for our subs. Might be a few milliseconds off here and there.

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    Hi Mr. X. Thanks for the explanation, good to see you checking the QSK thread.

    QUOTE (MisterX @ Nov 16 2009, 04:21 PM) »
    HAN is the official rip of... well, a certain private webhard in Korea (you know, first rule of Fight Club et al). Mhan is a private ripper who posts there, amongst dozens of other rippers.

  • AQUARIANUNICORNAQUARIANUNICORN aquarianunicorn CA, USAPosts: 852SoGonger



    1st time posting.
    this is one of the very few dramas that i really like
    i liked it so much that i actually bought volume 1

    i have downloaded the 1st 6 episodes/subs and made my own dvd's so i can watch on tv
    but i told myself - not anymore, i have to be patient and buy this dvd set

    so i did - i'll get my delivery this wed.

    if you guys are interested i can "rip" the copy and forward through aja-aja for you guys to dl.
    let me know so i can work on it by this weekend.

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    Episode 51 Preview

    1. [SeonDeok] Henceforth, united with one mind and one will, we will open a new era.
    2. [Chunchu] The Sang-Jang-Gung Kim YuShin has annihilated the army of BeakJe general ChilGyung.
    [SeonDeok] And how is it that you arrive here ahead of dispatches?
    [JukBang]: Actually, his lordship has started to enjoy horse riding.
    3. [JukBang]: Actually, that wretch is quite the ignoramus
    [GdDo] Wretch?!!!
    [JukBang]: My dear fellow, (subject unsaid) is pretty worthless.
    4. [YuShin]Your are not drinking?
    [AlCheon] Truth to tell, I am still on duty.
    [YuShin]: Your majesty, the captain of the royal guards is very dissatisfied these days. Just a while ago, he was complaining to high heaven.
    5. [SeonDeok]: However, the Bogyahoe must cease to exist.
    [YuShin]: Where is commander SeolJe?
    [SeonDeok]: Even the name of Bogyahoe is treasonous.
    6.[GoDo]: What wrong have we (actually no subject) committed?
    [YeomJong]: Hey Porky, did you just show me disrespect?
    7. [BiDam]: We are eradicating the Bogyahoe spies who have infiltrated us. Please grant us permission to investigate the Sang-Jang-Gung.

    Episode 50 ( complete + minor changes to fix typos.)

    [DeokMan]: MiShil. If you had not been, I might have come to nothing. Mishil. The age of MiShil, farewell.

    [YuShin, AlCheon waiting outside the hall]
    BiDam storms out to the astonishment of AlCheon and YuShin and they wonder what he is doing here. BiDam stomps off without a word and DeokMan runs out after him. She calls to him. She asks YuShin to run after BiDam and detain him as she must speak to him. YuShin rides after him.

    [DeokMan's headquarters, DeokMan, AlCheon, ChunChu]
    SeolWon leads SeoHyeon and JuJin to DeokMan's conference. SeolWon reports that the surrender has been proclaimed to MiShil's supporters outside of Fort DaeYa so DeokMan need only take over the forces. DeokMan asks JuJin to take over the forces in fort DaeYa dnd SeolWon to take over the forces outside.
    (JuJin, SeoHyeon, SeolWon leave)
    DeokMan asks ChunChu to take over the administration of fort DaeYa. She tells the shocked ChunChu that MiShil committed suicide. She asks AlCheon and ChunChu to administer the fort until JuJin has consolidated his command. She adds that there might still be remnants who refuse to lay down their arms so they must not let their guard down. In the mean time, she must speak to BiDam.

    [YuShin in pursuit of BiDam]
    BiDam refuses to slow down. YuShin takes a fork and heads him off. YuShin wants to know why BiDam is acting this way. BiDam throws a punch, then before the fight degenerates, he threatens YuShin with his sword. DeokMan arrives and confronts BiDam.
    DeokMan: You lied to me. The reason I asked you that time was becauseI wanted to know if I could trust you. I order you to tell me. What is your relationship with MiShil? Tell me.
    (BiDam shoves her aside and leaves. DeokMan tells YuShin to wait, she will talk to him privately).

    [MiShil Faction headquarters]
    SeJong, HaJong, BoJong, MiSaeng. ChunChu tells them MiShil has committed suicide. Princess has commanded that her remains be cared for by family. HaJong and BoJong run to the body. MiSaeng and SeJong cannot stand.

    DeokMan catches up with BiDam.
    [DeokMan] You must tell me now. Didn't I warn you last time? What you said to me that night will be the foundation of the relationship between you and I. And you claimed you had no relationship with MiShil. Yet today, you were tearful when MiShil died. If you leave me now without clearing this up, you and I are finished. So speak. Why did you have to cry at MiShil's death. And the day MiShil seized power, why did MiShil send you on an excursion. And the day MiShil vowed to become king, why were you by her side? (grabbing him by the scruff and shaking him and yelling at him) What is the reason?
    BiDam: Mom.. She is ....
    DeokMan: Whaaaat?
    DeokMan: MiShil gave birth to me.

    [ChilSuk, SeokPum]
    Officer says Chilsuk received orders to disarm and stand down. The officer will take command so they are told to obey. ChilSuk asks about MiShil. MiShil is dead. Troops openly weep. She committed suicide. Please find out the details at fort DaeYa but disarm first. As SeokPum drops his sword, ChilSuk cuts the throat of the incoming commander. ChilSuk says he will not obey.

    [DeokMan, BiDam]
    DeokMan: How can she be your mother?
    BiDam. Indeed. I found out I was born between the deposed king JinJi and the SeJu MiShil. After she deposed king JinJi, she no longer needed me to become queen, so she abandoned me, with no regrets. And lord Munno took me in and raised me.
    DeokMan: How can something like this...
    BiDam: Although she realized it at some point in the past, the SeJu never once acknowledged me as her son. Even until the moment she died.... And here you are asking how I am related to her. How am I supposed to answer you? My own mother refuses to acknowledge me, how can I... how can I say I am her son. The day she seized power, why did she send me away instead of killing me? I wonder about it more than you do. If she had tried to kill me... if she had tried to kill me, it would have been simpler for me. It would have been easy and I would not be so troubled. It would not have been so difficult and so trying.

    ChilSuk: Therefore, for the first time I shall disobey the SeJu. But the one order she gave me, the one order I was not able to carry out, I intend to carry out this day. I will kill princess DeokMan.
    (troops are astonished)
    SeokPum, lead the men home. This shall be my final resting place. I will not let this opportunity pass by. I, alone, shall lead this rebellion. It is now ChilSuk's rebellion.
    SeokPum: No. I cannot let that be. It shall be ChilSuk and SeokPum's rebellion. I shall be one with you my lord.

    DeokMan: Why, why did you not tell me? No... You hated it. That you were abandoned. It is hateful. Truly it is hateful. However you could have told me.
    BiDam: So. I tell you and because of it the princess no longer wants me.

    (DeokMan caresses him and embraces him)

    DeokMan: It must have been so painful. It must have been so painful.
    (He returns her embrace)

    AlCheon's men and WolYa's men fight SeokPum's rebels. AlCheon and SeokPum go man to man. AlCheon defeats SeokPum and orders rebels to lay down arms, which they do. He realizes ChilSuk is missing. As he searches for ChilSuk, SeokPum says his duty was up to here and kills himself. AlCheon realizes Princess DeokMan is in danger.

    [BiDam and DeokMan]
    Walk back together. ChilSuk rides up and attempts to behead DeokMan from his horse, but BiDam throws her out of the way. YuShin rides up and shoots an arrow at ChilSuk which he bats away with his sword. BiDam and YuShin fight ChilSuk.
    ChilSuk: It is finally ending. In the end, DeokMan, I SoWa....
    ChilSuk dies.

    DeokMan: (Thinking) Finally it is the end. MiShil.

    [DeokMan's council of war]
    SeoHyeon and ChunChu say all of MiShil's forces have capitulated and are under their control. BoJong, HaJong, SeJong, SeJong, MiSaeng, DaeNambo will all be transported to Serabol. A servant runs in muttering "his majesty is... his majesty is..."

    DeokMan hurries back to Serabol and greets the prostate king. DeokMan begs JinPyeung to get up, MiShil is gone. JinPyeung says it is now the age of DeokMan, and he will contest MiShil from the other side, where CheonMyeong is waiting for him. DeokMan calls out "father". He commands her to fulfill the impossible dream. She can do it. She must become the possessor of the three Hans. JinPyeong passes away.

    Royals lay JinPyeong to rest. Elsewhere SeJong hold rites for MiShil. MiSaeng wonders how they can send her off this way. SeJong wonders what will happen to them. BoJong, holding MiShil's mirror, is weeping.

    DeokMan holds conference. After the state mourning, the coronation will be on the seventh day of the month. SeoHyeon says before the coronation, she must finish off MiShil's family. Because of the mourning period, they are under house arrest but they must be brought into the department of arms. They must be publicly punished to set a precedent. This DeokMan refuses to do. They will not be punished.

    [MiShil's bedroom]
    BiDam shows up. HaJong is indignant. SeolWon asks whether he came to see his mother. BiDam is lead to her alter.
    SeolWon: King JinHeung's command to kill the SeJu MiShil. Is it not mysterious how that command still survived? The SeJu wanted to give it to you. That command...
    BiDam: Give it to me? Why. That could have ended everything. Then why?
    SeolWon: So that you could inherit a great task. So that you could fulfill a great deed. Before she seized power, she had made a resolution. Should things go awry, the next stage...
    BiDam: In the end, ordered to tidy up after mother's failed dream?
    (SeolWon grabs BiDam)
    SeolWon: Do not insult your mother's wishes. The SeJu... your mother handed over to you all of her great tasks and took her own life. She endured that shame to make you.... you king. You.
    BiDam:Me... Me. Why?
    SeolWon: For the same reason you could not publicize that command.

    [DeokMan, Queen, ManMyeong, ChunChu]
    Queen is outraged that DeokMan wants to let the traitors live. Others agree. DeokMan says if they were to treat them as traitors, they will have to execute thousands. All the great men who supported MiShil, must be executed whether they number in the thousands or the ten thousands. Chunchu says it must still be done for the future of the country. DeokMan says they cannot proceed as long as they are the focus of the rebels' resentment and their pain. ChunChu points out that even if she lets them live, not all of them will be her supporters. DeokMan says she will still try. It is not an effort to still their resentment but to make them into her supporters.

    [DeokMan's military council: DeokMan, YuShin, WolYa, AlCheon]
    DeokMan says MiShil accepted her offer of alliance ( HapJong alliance of six kingdoms to combat Qing during the Spring and Autumn period ) and ordered unconditional surrender to her troops. But there are still those who resisted to the end. She says to proclaim it is SeokPum and ChilSuk's rebellion. Then there is no need to execute MiShil's family.

    [BiDam at MiShil's alter]
    BiDam holds rites for his mother.
    BiDam:(thinking)Why. Why at this point? Why.

    [DeokMan's council: Previous plus ChunChu, YongChun, SeoHyeon]
    They are still protesting DeokMan's policy of clemency, because the traitors will bring about another crisis to the kingdom.
    ChunChu: Princess do you not also have a grievance against MiShil?
    DeokMan: Is there any here who has more grievances against MiShil? Because of MiShil, my life was stolen from me. Furthermore, I lost my mother. I lost my sister. Even I want full payment for my mother, my sister and myself. However, MiShil is now dead. What is left? Silla. Only Silla.

    [DeokMan addresses SeolWon, SeJong, BoJong, HaJong, MiSaeng]
    She tells them they are traitors to the country. They will lose the land they received from the king, and they will lose their arms and troops. Furthermore, for the next ten years they will be under surveillance. However, she will not take their lives. ChilSuk and SeokPum will be blamed. As repayment for sparing their lives, DeokMan demands they dedicate their lives for the kingdom. The five kneel in obedience and vow loyalty yet SeolWon has clenched fists.

    [YeomJong and ChunChu]
    YeomJong says DeokMan is different from others. He says he would be so suspicious, he could not have made such a decision. ChunChu says Mishil's family would not be able to amass power since they had their arms and their land confiscated. YeomJong says the only person who lost out is ChunChu. He was not able to get repayment for his mother's death and his position....
    ChunChu: For me, things are just starting.

    [Hwarang's temple]
    When SeokPum's nangdo attempts to place a memorial to SeokPum in the temple, dae-nangdo JokBang intercepts him. He confiscates the memorial and remarks he know something like this was going to happen. As he is about to be arrested, the nangdo tearfully says SeokPum's dream was to have his memorial placed in the temple. JokBang slaps him and tells him to wake up and get his priorities straight, or he will end up losing his life. The other nangdos ask that he be let go.

    [SeJong, SeolWon, MiSaeng, BoJong, HaJong]
    The others are outraged at being asked to support BiDam. SeolWon says MiShil predicted that DeokMan will spare their lives, so if they survive to follow BiDam. SeJong says he will retire to the countryside. He cannot live on with such humiliation. He asks SeolWon to fulfill the SeJu's last dream.

    [DeokMan and BiDam]
    BiDam: Speak princess.
    DeokMan: Did you give that letter to MiShil? Did you threaten her with its publication? In the end, you are the one who broke MiShil's will. The heart of the son who could not publicize that awful letter, the heart of the son who threatened his mother with that letter. That was what broke MiShil. Your self-reproach must be heavy. I thank you. I think you did that for me. Thank you.

    DeokMan announces she intends to institute a department of audit to oversee all the other departments in the palace. It will be under her direct control. YuShin realizes it will help her convert the departments that used to be loyal to MiShil to her side. ChunChu says the palace was under MiShil's control for a long time, so creating a single department will not make that big of a difference. DeokMan is aware of this. So she intends to staff it with people she knows best, namely SeolWon, BoJong, YeomJong, and HaJong. AlCheon wonders how she intends to control them. DeokMan says she has a strategy to control them.

    [BiDam in courtyard]
    BiDam recalls SeolWon's words that MiShil took her own life so that he would inherit her last great task. That she would suffer shame in order to make him king. He also recalls DeokMan saying she will grant him a great task because he demonstrated his loyalty to her. He recalls MiShil's words. "What is love? Love is that which spares nothing as it seizes all . That is love. If you love DeokMan, you must do this"

    [YeomJong, SeolWon, BoJong, HaJong, MiSaeng]
    At the department of audit. HaJong is disgruntled that they must work with a merchant. As they wonder who the department head is, the new department head walks in and introduces himself. It is BiDam.

    [AlCheon, YuShin, DeokMan]
    YuShin wants to know why DeokMan would place BiDam at the department of audit. AlCheon also wonders how she could place the son of MiShil in such an important position. ChunChu wonders whether it is to give a false sense of security to the followers of MiShil. DeokMan confirms his deduction. She also says, only BiDam can govern MiShil's followers. Since they are the same bloodline, they would trust him. Also he stood by her side and was instrumental in eliminating MiShil. And lastly, no she won't say the last reason.

    [BiDam at department of audit]
    BiDam says they will now gather all the information from the palace departments and manage them. He orders them to gather and report in the morning 9-11AM. HaJong wants to know if the princess ordered him to watch over them. He says all of MiShil's people are here, except for father and mother. BiDam says HaJong will no longer use the word MiShil in front of him. He tells them it is not MiShil who is before them, it is BiDam. From now on, they will follow BiDam, who is not MiShil. Only his methods, only his will, only him. Only he must be followed.

    [ChunChu, YuShin]
    ChunChu tells YuShin the last reason DeokMan left unsaid was, she is trying to give power to BiDam. She is trying to check the power of AlCheon, YuShin, and ChunChu. She is deliberately placing BiDam on an important post and allowing him to grow powerful. YuShin remarks that she is asking them to compete. ChunChu agrees, and says in any case she is extraordinary. When YuShin wonders whether BiDam can be trusted, ChunChu says she does not trust BiDam. Yesterday was different. But today, she trusts nobody. She is now walking the path of the king. YuShin says he has great pity for her. She enjoys trusting and following other people. She enjoys opening her heart and embracing other people. Now she can no long walk that path.

    [Queen visits DeokMan]
    Queen says tomorrow is the day. Had CheonMyeong lived to see her, she would have been overjoyed. At least, she lived to see DeokMan achieve her dream. She cannot send her husband in this way so she intends to enter a monastry. Now there will be no one by DeokMan's side to watch over her. Now she must, by her self, watch over the heavenly kingdom, the peasants, and those she loves. There is now no one to fight in hear stead, now there is no one to mourn in her stead. Now she must trust no one, yet she cannot not-trust everyone. Can she do it? Can she overcome the loneliness? DeokMan vows to endure.

    (Queen embrace her daughter)

    [DeokMan with AlCheon]
    DeokMan (recalls MiShil ) This MiShil uses heaven yet does not dread heaven, knows the heartlessness of the world, yet does now bow before the world, governs people yet does not depend on people. (thinks) Truly, I can no long trust, yet I cannot distrust, I can no longer depend on anyone. Truly I am now on my own.

    YongChun: Her Majesty has arrived!
    (enter Deokman in regallia escorted by YuShin, AlCheon, BiDam, and WolYa. She ascends the steps and takes the throne).

    YongChun: This is our majesty, who will lead our heavenly kingdom.

    YuShin: (to himself) your majesty, unsparingly, I shall give you my all.
    BiDam: (to himself) your majesty, unsparingly, I shall take from you all.

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