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Which Is Worse On A College Transcript? A "w" ? Or "f"?

vstacey820vstacey820 Posts: 11Member
Please help! Thanks!
Which is worse on a college transcript? A "W" ? Or "F"?

My friend's boyfriend is having trouble deciding whether to take a "W" or a "F" for his accounting class this semester. He plans to transfer, so that's why he can't decide. He is trying to get into a business school because he wants to major in accounting.

He says that if he withdraws from his introductory level accounting class, his gpa will not be affected. However, he is afraid that if he has a "W" on his transcript, business schools might not accept him at all due to his withdrawal. On the other hand, he is trying to make sure that his gpa does not drop below a 2.5.

Which is worse on a college transcript? A "W"? Or "F"?


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