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Hong Kyung Min (홍경민)

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Hong Kyung Min (홍경민)


Real Name : Hong Seong Min (홍성민)
Date of birth : February 9th, 1976
Physique : 175cm, 58kg
Blood type : AB
Hobbies : Internet surfing, computer games
Talent : Cooking
Favorite color : Black
Habit : Drinking water before singing
Education : Chungbuk National University
Family : Brother (Hong Seong Hun)
Debut : 1997 1 album, 'Dedicate'

Hong Kyung-min made his debut as a rock-ballad singer in 1997 with the song “Now.” Although he was recognized as a talented singer with his strong husky voice successfully appealing to many music lovers, his place in the pop music market wasn’t significant in the beginning. However, in 2000 when Hong released his 3rd album with the title song “Shaky Friendship,” the response was great putting him on top of stardom. Different from rock singers with loud high-pitched tones, Hong Kyung-min’s mid-to-low voice color and stable tone approached listeners with a more comforting sensation. Breaking away from the rock style of music, the successful factor of Hong’s 3rd album was the converting of style to more Latin dance music. As his new music gained more popularity, Hong Kyung-min was nicknamed as “the Ricky Martin of Korea.” Since then on, Hong Kyung-min has been steadily popular among music lovers even after a 2-year-hiatus due to serving in the military. Having finished full military service in the beginning of 2005, Hong Kyung-min is actively performing new tracks of his album in various broadcast shows and live stages.

* Dedicate (1st album, 1997) : Into Memories, My Weary Soul, Renounce
* Free Throw II Shot (2nd album, 1998) : For My Love, I Will, A Promise for Myself
* Third Album (2000) : Shaky Friendship, Letting You Go
* Fourth Album (2001) : Take It, First Time, Today Different From Yesterday
* Forever and a Day (5th album, 2001) : I’m Sorry, After
* Listen & Repeat (6th album, 2005) : Tonight, To My Friend, Our Story, When I Miss You
* Evolution of Rhythm (7th album, 2006) : The Time is Back, Play Ball, Curtain Call, Love Hurts, Lady Come Lady Go, Even Though I Fall in Love Again, Returning Home, Telephone
* Music For My Life, Life For My Music (8th album, 2007) : Fool, Style, That's Why I'm Thankful, I Guess I'll Do It, Neighbors, Fighting!!, Wannabe, Dreamer etc
* Keep Going (9th album, 2008) : Come Back, Come back, come back, The way, Did You Not Know?, Call me call me, To the end of the world, Thanks etc
* Someday (10th album, 2009-08-20)

* 못난이 (Mot Nan I; Fool)
* 돌아와 돌아와 (Torawa Torawa; Comeback comeback
* 그녀가 간다 / She Goes
* 행복한 나를 / Happy Me

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