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Yoo Ah In 유아인

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Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal/He Who Can't Get Married/Choi Kang Chil Woo
Stage Name: 유아인 (Yoo Ah In aka Yu Ain)
Real Name: 엄홍식 (Uhm Hong Sik)
Birthdate: October 6, 1986
Birth Place: South Korea Dae Goo City
Height: 181cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: A
Profession: Actor
Family: Father, Mother, Two Older Sisters
Education: Currently Attending Gun Gook University
Hobby: Playing Piano, Internet Game, Watching Movies, Listening To Music
Sports: Snowboarding, Swimming

유아인 위키백화 (Yoo Ah In Wikipedia) Profile

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Daum Yoo Ah In Fan Cafe - Ainise

DCInside Yoo Ah In Gallery

Uhm Hong Sik (Yoo Ah In) Cyworld Mini Hompy

Yoo Ah In Twitter

Yoo Ah In Preventorium ( tinysunbl's blog

YouTube - Yaihaven's Channel


2008 제11회 디렉터스 컷 어워드 올해의 신인 연기자상 (11th Director's Cut Award: Best New Actor)

2007 제3회 평택 피어선 영화제 신인상 (3rd Pyung Tak Pi Uh Sun Movie Festival: Best New Actor)

2007 제8회 부산영화평론가협회상 남우신인상 (8th Busan Movie Critique's Award: Best New Actor)

Dramas (Click To Visit Soompi Thread)


2010 성균관 스캔들 (Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal) as 문재신 (Moon Jae Shin) aka 걸오 (Gurl Oh)


2009 결혼 못하는 남자 (He Who Can't Get Married) as 박현구 (Park Hyun Goo)


2008 최강칠우 (Choi Kang Chil Woo) as 흑산 (Heuk San) aka 김혁 (Kim Hyuk)

2005 드라마시티 (Drama City) 시은 & 수하 (See Eun & Soo Ha) aired 11/26/2005 as 민석 (Min Suk, Soo Ha's boyfriend)

2004 4월의 키스 (April Kiss) episode 1 only as 16 year old 강재섭 (Kang Jae Sup played by Jo Han Sun)


2003 to 2005 반올림 (Ban Ol Rim aka Sharp Season 1) as 유아인 (Yoo Ah In) aka 아인오빠 (Ah In Oppa)

Movies (Click To Visit Soompi Thread)


2011 완득이 (Wandugi) as 완득 (Wandug)


2009 하늘과 바다 (Sky And Ocean) as 진구 (Jin Goo)


2008 앤티크 - 서양 골동 양과자점 (Antique) as 양기범 (Yang Ki Bum)


2007 우리에게 내일은 없다 (Boys Of Tomorrow) as 종대 (Jong Dae)


2007 좋지 아니한가 (Shim's Family) as 심용태 (Shim Yong Tae)

TV Shows

1/19/2009 야심만만 Season 2 (Ya Shim Man Man Season 2)

11/10/2008 놀러와 (Nol Ruh Wa)


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