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Selling a pair of new Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses!

lazibrattlazibratt Wang Lee Hom obsessedIn Wang Lee hom's heart <3Posts: 920Friend of Soompi
edited October 2011 in selling & trading
$380 but can be negotiated :)
1.Shipping is not included unless stated.
2.I'm not responsible for the damage/lost of the money or items.
3.I'll hold items for a few days or until someone gets it.
4. I'm whitelisted +428
5.No refunds or exchanges
7. email me at <b> </b> if you have questions.
8.If you don't put what you ordered in the mail order form you send me, then it might be delayed b/c sometimes I don't go on the computer.

10. I'm really nice and easy to talk to. So Just pm me with any questions or ANYTHING and I'll pm you back.
11.If you back out after I give you my addy, I'll blacklist you.I'll charge you an extra fee if you want to send in any currency except USD. It's gas money for my mom. I feel bad for her b/c she already sends me to the p.o.
13.I usually don't state the condition unless it's a shirt/used b/c I bought it new. Ask for the condition b/c when you receive it and don't like how it is. I'm sorry =(

-by replying in this thread with the exact order, you will also be confirming your order
15. If you don't send me the shipping money/ put the stamps on the outside, I'll wait until you send it again.
16. I have paypal now!! but you have the pay the 2.9%+.30 cents
17.Concealed cash/ MO/ and now... PAYPAL!!

Order form:
Items w/ quantity in front of it:
Additional comments:

I got them this September but I don't think they look good on my face bc my face doesn't look good with sunglasses on :( I've worn it 3 times max. original price is $420+ (tax) but I'm selling it for $280! cool zebra box and glasses cloth included! lemme know if you're interested :) I have the rose/brown one.
I shall take pictures when I get home!
Shipping is free :)
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