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Official Shinee 샤이니 Thread



  • m.Coolm.Cool Posts: 50Member
    @seoullights: lol im dying of laughin' now lah =]] u did it all yourself?
    at the 2nd mon, why did tae min was the 1st generation and johuyn go for the 2nd and 3rd? =.=
  • walll fl0werwalll fl0wer "I BELIEVE!" - V'_'* inside your eye.Posts: 1,157Member
    edited March 2009
    ^ HAHAHHAHAHA ♥♥♥., you're so cute XDXD ♥. Way to get technical! Hahahahahha image~~~

    Thanks for the video links and pictures, Emmy ♥! SHINeeMon is sososososo cuteeeee XD ♥~ The pictures the fan chose to photoshop are so perffectt, lolol image!

    Narumi, thanks for all the pictures! I was like "Whoawhoawhoaaa where did all of this come from!?" hahaha XD ♥.

    And oh =___=. I got hotlinked +________________+. Ahhh, you hotlinkers D:. What am I going to do with you guys?! D;, please please pleaseee stop hotlinking~ It's not nice to me or other fans who backtrack. I'm going to reupload some stuff, but do know that alll those pictures from SMTOWN'08, Bangkok is gone -__-.
    av. cr. Lisa
  • SHINee-girlSHINee-girl Posts: 325Member
    @seoullights: i think i jsut died
    those pics XD hahahahahahhaha love the MinHo ones Xd
    credit: shenlu
    Foreverfive;Keep the Faith
  • little_genielittle_genie ♥ let's fly! Posts: 744Member


    i miss my SHINee boys. tsk tsk. T____T sorry sorry for not posting. thanks everybody 4 da goodies!! SHINee world jjang!

    sharing key's pic! he looks really good in purple. kyaaaaaa~~


    DIED. whysohandsome ><

    cr: bstiz

    , sorry that you got hotlinked. hotlinkers really image annoying!

  • j-ferj-fer ?__? Posts: 697Member
    edited March 2009
    QUOTE (seoullights @ Mar 15 2009, 11:02 AM) »
    Let me introduce....


    credit: Bestiz; as tagged

    LOLL so funny! Aw, of course Jonghyun is Charmeleon & Charizard, my favourite evolutionary forms of Charmander. Where is Charmander? Why is Taemin as Eevee there? o__o lol

    & of course, Key as sassy Vulpix & Ninetails xD
  • walll fl0werwalll fl0wer "I BELIEVE!" - V'_'* inside your eye.Posts: 1,157Member
    Ah, no need to be sorry Sarah, but thanks for your concern image~~

    Back with some AHEMMMM pictures of Bling, lolol image.

    v Oh, this picture iss sdglkjsgd hot image.
    Here comes the AHEM pictures, lolol:

    ....AHEM, right? XD~

    Credit: BabyPink♡ @ Bestiz / As tagged
    Reuploaded by walll fl0wer
    I will punch a koala bear for every account hotlinked image.
    av. cr. Lisa
  • j-ferj-fer ?__? Posts: 697Member
    ^ woah his tongue is just like hanging all over the place, bahahahah!! <3 image
  • kaychunkinskaychunkins USAPosts: 15Member
    doesn't minho look like the male version of yoon eunhye?
    i dont knoe but for me
    when i saw shinee in every1 army idol show
    there were times when minho looked like yoon eunhye
  • pimvareeyapimvareeya THAILANDPosts: 33Member
    edited March 2009
    i'm not sure whether this has been posted yet..
    but anyways..

    IDOL SHOW 2PM & SHINee EP.14 ENGSUB IS NOW AVAILABLE at mellogreenleaf channel!!!
    check it out here image
  • SHRISTeeSHRISTee Posts: 15Member
    Hey, does antone has pictures of when shinee when they went to shimshim tapa radio station on the 081128 where taemin is wearing the blue beanie thing. Can anyone please post the picutres? Thankyou! ^^v
  • *lyrynne**lyrynne* 내맘깊은속에서~바로 윤리더 있는 곳이다~♪♫ &#44284;&#52380;&#49884;, &#44221;&#44592;&#46020;Posts: 4,554Member


    what with the tongue?? jonghyun's uberly sexy! gahhh! Jenni thanks for sharing^^


    onew's soooo funny there! especially the last one! SHINeemons!!
  • ~hAeLiN~~hAeLiN~ Posts: 676Member
    edited March 2009
    I haven't posted here for a days..and I'm really missing the boys.. *sigh*
    Thank you guys for all the shares.. from the pics, vid, info, etc!!! You know I love you all!
    I just got around watching the subbed episode of idol army (thanks to melody(??) btw).
    Not as hilarious as I thought it would be. LOL! But I loved seeing the boys so that makes up for it. image

    *waves to lala* - I missed you too.. I miss you guys! XD
    yeah, I've been a bit busy with some things.. and since there's too little update on the boys.. I also tried to catch up with my other fandom. XD
    How are things over there???

    Have nothing to share.. just some fanarts!
    ^Was done for white day. XD Candy Jong!
    ^ Dubu and cute...
    cr: as tagged; bestiz

    @ SHIRSTee : Is this the one you're looking for?

    || ^▽^ || ㅎㅅㅎ || 'ㅂ' || ㅍ_ㅍ || ^^;; ||
  • lala_landlala_land SingaporePosts: 895Member
    haelin! the fanarts are super duper cute! (:

    thanks everyone for shares image

    pictures of SHINee during their taiwan trip




    can i call key beautiful? ^^



    flaming charisma XD

    credit bestiz

    who knows 어쩜 우리 잘 될지도 몰라~ ♥
    Fanart credit: ëž­
    SHINee HD Performances from Replay to Hello!
  • pwnzrzpwnzrz Posts: 255Member
    key and jonghyun have great skinnn~ but minho looks like hes breaking out slightly >.<
  • iChangminiChangmin sanso gateun neo ? New York CityPosts: 533Member
    edited March 2009
    QUOTE (seoullights @ Mar 15 2009, 01:02 PM) »

    LOL I like Onew's, Taemin's, and Minho's the best. Squirtle and Wartortle crack me up.

    QUOTE (~hAeLiN~ @ Mar 16 2009, 09:07 AM) »
    Have nothing to share.. just some fanarts!
    ^Was done for white day. XD Candy Jong!
    ^ Dubu and cute...
    cr: as tagged; bestiz

    Whoa, whoever did those is really good. I love their drawing style and coloring. Thanks for posting them.
    Changmin has stolen my soul and heart.

    (80517) 2008 Korean Music Festival ; (090310) Wonder Girls & 2PM in Times Square ; (090509) 2009 Korean Music Festival
    (090522) Epik Movement
  • walll fl0werwalll fl0wer "I BELIEVE!" - V'_'* inside your eye.Posts: 1,157Member
    edited March 2009
    Haeeeeliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn image ♥! Hi there ;-;!! I understand the catching up to other fandoms part, bahahah XD. Come back though, you hearrrr T__T?! X3 ♥. Thanks for the fanart! The one of Bling is ridiculously cutee. And it makes me want to eat him, bahah XDD. Actually, no. I'd just keep him on that stick and feed him food everyday, bahaha XD. And the Dubs one is ridiculously cute too! I would die of laughter cuteness overload if the boys ever wore shorts that short and showed us, hahahahahha XDD.

    Huishan, thanks for the pictures! They're so upclose and pretttyy X3. And eeeeeeeeeee!. That is indeed quite a magnificent picture of Key, bahah X3. Beautiful is fosho the right word image~~ And my my my. Do the boys look handshum or whaaa image?!
    av. cr. Lisa
  • *lyrynne**lyrynne* 내맘깊은속에서~바로 윤리더 있는 곳이다~♪♫ &#44284;&#52380;&#49884;, &#44221;&#44592;&#46020;Posts: 4,554Member


    i love the fan art. who would like jonghyun as a candy?? akeke everyone does.
    i love that jinki's kid. totally adorable!!
    thanks for sharing

    too close! perfection!
    thanks for sharing the pics guys^^
  • dingyikming89dingyikming89 ??? ???? MalaysiaPosts: 88Member
    edited March 2009
    QUOTE (walll fl0wer @ Mar 15 2009, 04:02 AM) »
    So Ding Yik Ming, do I call you Ding? Or Yik? Or Ming? Or Yik Ming? XDDDDD image?~

    LOL.. U can call me Yik Ming... My nickname is Yuki ^^
    *Sigh* My internet connection was so bad so I didn't get to go online for these 2 days... Felt so disconnected from any updates on SHINee...
    Anyway, walll fl0wer... What's your name and where are you from?
    ~ Credit: NANAKiryu ~
  • seoullightsseoullights Posts: 104Member
    edited March 2009
    m.Cool - Haha, I wish I had the skill to do all of that photoshopping! But it was made by super amazing Korean fans :D

    walll fl0wer - You're welcome, Jenni! Korean fans are just wayyy too pro at this kind of stuff, lol. And stupid hotlinkers! I'm sorry that all your effort had to be ruined by them ): -pats head & hugs- Also, thank you so so so so much for those Jonghyun pictures! Jonghyun, STICK THAT THING BACK IN LOL.

    SHINee-girl - The Minho ones are my fave too! I love that It's so unlike Minho to make that kind of face ~xD

    - Thank you so much for those Key pictures! How can a boy be so pretty, guh *__*

    - Key is absolutely perfect as Ninetails...can't think of another Pokemon that's more Key-like, haha.

    - Haha, yeah. I love the last evolutionary form of Onew, where he's just screaming xD

    ~hAeLiN~ - Thank you for sharing the fan art! Korean fans are so talented *__* I especially love the Onew one w/ the bunny~ ♥

    - Thanks for the TW pictures. They're so upclose O_O Yay for super cameras w/ insane megapixels, haha. everyone ready for some cringe-worthy UFO replies by Minho? Haha~
    (Honestly, since the boys are on hiatus and all, I really anticipate these UFO replies...and it seems like Minho is replying quite frequently lately ♥)

    March 15, 2009: Cringe-worthy UFO Replies By Minho ♥
    Fan: I'm sick...If I can hear just one line from Oppa, then I think I can get better really quickly...
    Minho: Recently, the weather is really cold...don't suffer anymore, quickly get better~

    Fan: Minho yah~ In just a few more days, the flowers will bloom, let's admire it together, okay? ^^
    Minho: It's already....spring! After the warm spring, then it will be the hot summer, and we will return with a handsome aura!

    Fan: The song 'Sorry, sorry' seems to be filled with my true feelings towards Oppa...
    Minho: Hey!girl....when I close my eyes, I think of you. Hey girl, everyday and everynight, every hour and every moment, I actually only have you in my eyes.

    Fan: [OnewJonghyunKeyMinhoTaemin] Today is my birthday^^ Please wish me "Happy Birthday"~
    Minho: Good thing that I haven't missed it yet! Even though it's a bit late, but I truly wish you happy birthday~ I hope that from now on, only happy days will be around

    Fan: Stand by me...look at me~ Even though now~ Still don't understand love~ Stand by me, protect me by my side~~
    Minho: The more I look at you, my mood gets better and better...

    Credit: SHINee 中国首站 [] for Chinese translation; seoullights @ Soompi for English translation

    Wow...even though Minho is the member with the least things to say, he seems to be the member with the sweetest words~ ♥
    And more on their comeback!! Sometime in the summer?? Can't wait...
  • autumn.breezeautumn.breeze Posts: 118Member
    when is there comeback?
    i miss them sooo much image
    too bad sm only promotes one singer/musical group at a time
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