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Lump On Upper Left Arm And It Hurts.

puckapowpuckapow Posts: 160Member


Help?! T.T
The upper part of my left arm has been hurting for a week already... and today i was touching it and i felt a bump and it also hurted also.
It felt like it was a lump of muscle in a circle shape the size of a quarter. When ever i touch it it'll hurt like when you touch a bruise or something.
But the skin thats on top is normal and there is no visible sign of the lump unless you touch it...

I went searching online but couldnt find thaat much info...

I asked my mom and she said maybe my arm bumped intoo something....but the pain has been there for a week already and now theres a lump.. O.O

Im scared...But any ideas on why i have this lump?

KHUNnie <3


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