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Red Hair After Dyeing?

dancingbymyselfdancingbymyself Delly-where?Posts: 3,099Member
edited April 2008 in fitness & sports
Does this happen to anyone else.

No matter what color I dye my hair (any shade of brown/black/even blue black), when the dye fades after a couple weeks it turns red. Not like crimson red, but It gets definate red tints. Like right not I have what started out as medium brown, but is now auburn, and when I stand out in the sun it has like red/gold tints and looks like I got highlights. I think this is weird because my natural hair color is pitch black, without even a brown/red sheen to it (If you hold it up to the sun it still looks black, and the light reflected off of it is kinda bluish/whitish) Does this happen to any of you guys, or am I just a freak.

And I haven't dyed my hair red, or any shade of reddish brown since like 3 years ago
honestly... you're not half as special as you think you are.


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