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[drama 2008] Powerful Opponents (강적들)



  • HanjaeHanjae the one panda ♫ Posts: 1,442Member


    The article about Choi Ja Hye joining is interesting; it states that she'll be a powerful love rival of Chae Rim's character in the drama. (catfights? Yay!) Does that mean Chae Rim's character'll be interested in the President's son afterall? Originally one would think the main pairing would be Lee Jong Hyuk/Chae Rim, if we look at some of the pictures and the order the cast is listed.
  • CindyW88CindyW88 Chicago, USAPosts: 696Friend of Soompi

    [News] CR takes the challenging action scene


    [MoneyToday] 4/8/08

    Chae Rim's action scenes in her new KBS2 drama "Powerful Opponents" attract people's attentions.

    On 4/8, she herself performs in one scene where one big hand grabs her throat. According to the production team, "The situation could be somewhat dangerous, so we recommend use other ways of filming the scene." However, Chae Rim explains her aspiration to take the challenging action scene, "I'd like to directly perform the scene to express the right emotion."

    During the drama's press conference held on 4/7, Chae Rim says, "Bruises resulted from action scenes wouldn’t make me look like Dalmatian."


  • c_gunawan541c_gunawan541 Cool Holy Pig Pig FarmPosts: 3,012Member


    Hmm... their relationship is really interesting. Looking forward for this love triangle.
    And the female lead is actually a bodyguard? That's very rare, i wonder whether Chae rim will be able to act as a strong girl...hmm.
    I like her perfomance on Dalja's spring and Lee Jin Wook is cute.

    Currently fangirling over Jasper Liu and Im Chan Hyung.
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  • ay_linkay_link WITHS2aholic 이정재 연인Posts: 4,106Friend of Soompi


    edited April 2008

    Hi everyone image

    WITH S2 will be subbing this drama but as you all can see, April is the busiest month for our team with 3 new projects on hand.
    Therefore, we'd really appreciate any help we can get in subbing this drama, especially translators (korean/chinese translators).
    Please contact mily2 or myself or you can email us at if you're interested in helping out.
    Thank you and let's rock this project! image

  • *sayuri**sayuri* obSESsedPosts: 723Member
    edited April 2008
    +Thank you WITHS2 taking this project in your hand ......image
    +Since, ovette is busy with school works ..... I will help her (for now) updates the navigation thread!!! ..... thank you everyone for making contribute to this thread .....image
    +I'm excited for next week!!!
  • Gummi BearGummi Bear Pattinsonistic Posts: 567Member
    I am so happy WITH S2 is taking on this project. Unfortunately I can't help out since I don't know Korean or Chinese. Hopefully someone can help out...
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  • antinh85antinh85 Posts: 1,464Member


    QUOTE (monalisa @ Apr 8 2008, 02:15 AM) »
    I absolutely agree that CJH's very pretty, but she looks too young to be holding such a high profile post. Will she be a nice or bitchy rival to Chae Rim?

    i think she'll probably be playing the rich pretty girl that loves LJW since she's little.. and Chae rim is like the strong will girl that has a big heart that usually attracts rich men like the president's son because he never met such a girl...

    i hope they will add some comedy to this... it would be great
    i feel bad that the other actor has to play second leads again but i like LJW more...heheheh they will make a cuter pairing.. plus he's too cute...
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  • CindyW88CindyW88 Chicago, USAPosts: 696Friend of Soompi

    [News] Ryu Jin Visits the "Pray for Success" Ceremony for the Drama "Powerful Opponents"


    [MyDaily] 4/10/08

    On 4/8, the "Pray for Success" Ceremony for the Drama "Powerful Opponents" is held at Kyunggido Pajoo filming site. The PD, filming crew, main leads Chae Rim, Lee Jong Hyuk, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Duk Hwa, and many people attend the ceremony.

    Among people attending the ceremony, one person especially attracts attention. He is Ryu Jin who collaborated with the PD Han Joon Suh in "Capital Scandal" as well as Chae Rim and the script write Kang Eun Kyung in "Oh! Must-win Bong Soon Young". Currently, RJ's weekend drama "Mom Has Grown Horns (aka Mom is Angry)" is also filmed at Pajoo filming site, so he visits the ceremony to show his close friendships with the PD, CR, and KEK.

    The PD prays, "We will work hard with smiles till the end. Please bring us good result." Actors and actresses say, "Powerful Opponents, Fighting!" Lee Duk Hwa says with confidence, "Starting from the ceremony, there will be no big problem for us to score great TV ratings."


  • cutiepiecutiepie Posts: 2,562Member
    thanks again Cindy image

    20080409 Etn News - press conference
    source: ETN
  • fashionistafashionista USAPosts: 5,137Member


    from kbs














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  • CindyW88CindyW88 Chicago, USAPosts: 696Friend of Soompi
    edited April 2008
    QUOTE (cutiepie @ Apr 10 2008, 01:04 AM) »
    thanks again Cindy image

    cutiepie, you are welcome. image

    More News:

    [News] "Powerful Opponents", Pusan Splendid-Scale Filming


    [NationKorea] 4/10/08

    The filming team of the KBS2 new drama "powerful Opponents" did the largest-scale filming at the site where once hold the APEC Summit in Nuri Maru of Pusan (부산 누리마루).

    They filmed important scenes in which Chungwadae rookie bodyguards received trainings to handle situations such as guarding the VIP sedan and overpowering desperate terrorists’ counterattacks. The intense suffocating atmosphere filled the site where once hold the APEC Summit.

    Especially, so far no drama has ever been filmed inside Nari Maru. PD Han Joon Suh states, "We sure want to use Nari Maru to shoot the trainings of rookie bodyguards." To express his appreciation, he states, "We were glad that we got the permission to film at that site."

    Moreover, splendid-scale filming is undertaking in front of Pusan Haeundae (해운대) starting from 4/9. According to the production team, The 'Office of Chungwadae Bodyguard' was consulted with regarding bodyguard action trainings. So far, Chae Rim and Lee Jong Hyuk have received Taekwondo, boat and other physical trainings. During the filming, they receive applauses from the filming crew and staffs for their fully demonstrating their capabilities resulted from those trainings.

    Chae Rim states, "Today, I participate in filming the scenes that show the result of bodyguard trainings. I put in nice efforts. I am glad that no accident happens." Likewise, Lee Jong Hyuk states, "Till now, I have received real bodyguard trainings. I feel that this filming is the evaluation of the trainings. I feel the nervousness and thrill during filming."

  • CeriseCerise Deserted IslandPosts: 686Member
    Only 4 days for the start... image

    Thank you everybody, for the pictures, videos, and news updates...
  • ~XoX~~XoX~ FloridaPosts: 314Member
    edited April 2008
    Thank you everyone for keeping this thread up-to-date with pictures, videos and news!

    I really love CR and I can't wait for this drama to come out (only a couple of more days). I'm actually really excited with CR pairing up with LJW. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with LJH, it's just that I'm more drawn to LJW's character. For some strange reason, I prefer the loud, boisterous guys to the the laid back ones (probably b/c I find them more entertaining to watch).

    From the recent previews, this series seems to have what it takes for success. It seems to have action, drama, political intrigue and most importantly, romance.

    The opening song is pretty catchy. I can't wait to hear more of the soundtrack. image
  • ashleesimpsonashleesimpson Posts: 4,619Member


    wow it looks great
    this drama sounds interesting
    I think there are so many action scenes in this drama.
    wow thank you so much with2 for subbing this drama
    can't wait to see this
  • cooper372cooper372 Posts: 11Member
    KBS2TV 새 월화미니시리즈 <강적들> 제1부 "상상, 그 이상!" | 4월14일(월)

    KBS2TV월화미니시리즈<강적들> 첫 방송!

    4월 14일(월) 저녁 9시 55분 방송

    <1부> 상상, 그 이상!

    수호(이진욱 분)는 대통령(이덕화 분)인 아버지의 생일 날 불법 이종격투기장에서 시합을 겨루다 부상으로 입원하고, 영부인(이경진 분)은 경호실에 수호를 통제할 특별 전담팀을 만들어줄 것을 요청한다. 한편, 신입 경호관 훈련 막바지까지 신경전을 벌이며 툭하면 싸움을 일으키는 영진(채림 분)과 관필(이종혁 분)을 지켜보던 표과장은 관필에게 영진의 사격점수를 올려놓을 것을 명령, 점수 미달일 경우 두 사람을 탈락시키겠다고 말한다. 영진은 관필의 도움으로 사격점수 최고점을 받는 동시에 명예상까지 받게 되고, 표과장은 영진과 관필을 수호의 전담팀으로 추천하는데...

    (연출/ 한준서, 극본/강은경)


    KBS2TV 새 월화미니시리즈 <강적들> 제2부 열(熱) vs 냉(冷)! | 4월15일(화)

    KBS2TV월화미니시리즈<강적들> 4월 15일(수) 방송 하이라이트

    저녁 9시 55분 KBS2TV방송

    <2부> 열(熱) vs 냉(冷)!

    수호(이진욱 분)의 수행경호관으로 또 다시 한 팀이 된 영진(채림 분)과 관필(이종혁 분). 수호와 첫 대면을 하는 날, 허겁지겁 병원으로 향하던 영진은 길에서 마주친 수호의 건방진 태도에 화가 나 수호의 아버지 강민국(이덕화 분)에게 전화를 걸어 큰소리를 치고 만다. 한편, 수호와 대면한 관필은 묘한 분위기를 풍기며 수호를 단번에 제압하고, 강민국은 관필을 보자 잘 돌아왔다며 따뜻하게 안아준다. 수호는 영진과 관필에게 일주일만 수행경호를 버티면 두 사람을 인정해주겠지만 못 버틸 경우 사표를 쓰라는 제안을 한다. 영진과 관필이 그 제안을 받아들이자마자, 수호는 오토바이를 타고 두 사람이 탄 경호 차량을 향해 질주해오는데...!

    (연출/ 한준서, 극본/강은경)

  • ldh-ldw loverldh-ldw lover Posts: 1,720Banned


    ohmo! am i late or something??
    I LOVE CHAE RIM! I LOVE LEE JIN WOOK! ohmo ohmo ohmo!
    cant wait to see the pairing! SURE TO WATCH!
    farewell,wonbin. i'llmissyou,buti'llsupportthefiveofyou,whereveryouare,forever.

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