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[OFFICIAL]✩(2PM)Jang Wooyoung♥Park Se Young✩[THE YY NATION]



  • rmdaebakrmdaebak Posts: 95Member


    It's really unusual seeing wooyoung so nervous but it's a good thing because this means that he's really looking forward for his partner ♡♡♡

    I think this week's episode will be fun haha that playful wooyoung is slowly going out hahah
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  • artz_10artz_10 Posts: 52Member


    edited January 17
    2PM seasons greeting 2014 bts

    this video is more than 40min long..they shoot this in oct 2013 in Frankfurt Germany.. feel free to watch if you want to see this aegyo baby.. i mean hubby with his crew
  • DaniaHDaniaH BluntTabi Posts: 1,022Member


    edited January 17
    Duy Quach said:
    [Pic_Preview][140117] WGM 2Young Ep2

    Via : WGMVN

    So romantic, less awkward than 1st episode.
    :x :\">

    I have this thump thump in my heart to see the 1st pic. Kya close..
    I imagine both of them can smell their perfume each other...
    =)) =))

    Sorry for my delusional mind, to much fanfics I have read make me like this..Kyakkk

    And the 2nd pic, Wooyoung intense gaze...OMG..My ship being greater and greater..

    This is the coca cola cf, 2pm and seyoung, I can't post in vid formatting, please if somebody could help:
  • DaniaHDaniaH BluntTabi Posts: 1,022Member


    rmdaebak said:

    [PIC] Wooyoung filming We Got Married at Cheongryangri Station via: besidewooyoung
    Look at his big bag, hmmm...wondering if there's something for his wife
    ;) ;) :D ;;)

    I haven't see other 2pm's wgm, but dunno, Wooyoung is kind of my bias in 2pm,.. so yeaaahhh...I'm curious in this show so much.
  • DaniaHDaniaH BluntTabi Posts: 1,022Member


    Here it is

    Thx @colourgrae ..she's so sexy right??
    OMG, even I'm a girl I'm amazed to hers sexiness...kekeke
    Lucky Wooyoungie.. ur wife so beautiful, sometimes looks so sincere and innocent, but could be so sexy too.

    :x :x :x
  • rmdaebakrmdaebak Posts: 95Member


    The way they smile on the 2nd picturee is sooooo cuteee and also the way wooyoung looks at her ♥♥♥

    Her smile is just perfect ♡♡♡
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  • colourgraecolourgrae Posts: 1,639Member


    edited January 17
    She is a happy, joyful looking person with that innocent look. And she isn't a stick person either. No wonder he is overwhelmed when he looks at her. ;)
    I finally found the show she and he were on. 2pm interviews themselves at the beginning - no subs - they are all very animated :)  Park SeYoung shows up at the very end when they are about to win award.


    She made some impression on him for it to be a memory.
  • Duy QuachDuy Quach Posts: 309Member


    Text Preview from MBC 

    장우영 ♡ 박세영 – 두근두근 첫 만남 ② 초콜릿 가게에서 달콤한 첫 만남을 가진 우영♥세영 커플. 우영은 가게에 있는 피아노를 보고 자작곡을 연주해 주는데... 우영의 연주를 들은 세영은 자신이 직접 부른 노래를 들려주고.. 과연 우영의 반응은? 우영은 초콜릿 만들기를 제안하고, 달콤한 생초콜릿과 초콜릿 장미꽃을 만들며 한층 더 가까워지는데.. 갑자기, 세영에게 등을 돌린 채 뭔가를 만들기 시작한 우영! 과연 세영 몰래 우영이 만든 것은? 첫 식사를 위해 자동차 레스토랑에 간 두 사람! 주문한 음식을 먹으며 대화를 나누던 우영과 세영은 초콜릿 카페에서 결정하지 못한 애칭을 정하기로 하는데.. 과연 두 사람의 애칭은 무엇? 식사를 마친 두 사람에게 또 다시 전달된 미션카드. 봉투 안에는 퍼즐 조각들이 들어있고, 조각 뒤에는 단어들이 하나씩 적혀 있는데.. 의문의 단어들은 다름 아닌 두 사람의 공통점들! 과연 놀랄 정도로 많았던 두 사람의 공통점은 무엇?!

    somebody help me translate it :(
  • serendibiteserendibite Posts: 496Member


    edited January 17
    She would probably attend one of 2PM's concerts in Japan. 
    They have a Japanese comeback in January 29th and a Japanese tour from January 27th till March 26th. He'll be in Japan most of the time.

    Very packed schedule on his side. I wonder how WGM will handle this.

  • nalikahibarnalikahibar lavender suburban..Posts: 397Member


    Translation via google translate..

    ♡ jangwooyoung bakseyoung-pounding first meeting ②

    The first meeting with a sweet chocolate shop seyoung couple ♥ Wooyoung.
    Wooyoung own composition is reported in the store playing the piano juneunde ...
    Wooyoung seyoung listened to hear the songs they sang them directly.
    Wooyoung's reaction really?
    Wooyoung is offering chocolate making,
    Raw chocolate and sweet chocolate roses makin creates a more closer.
    All of a sudden, something seyoung to create them, and Wooyoung turned away!
    It really made seyoung Wooyoung secretly?
    The restaurant for a meal between two cars!
    Wooyoung nanudeon ordered food and ate seyoung the conversation
    Chocolate cafe to decide not to determine a nickname.
    What is the nickname of the two really?
    To complete the meal delivered to the two mission cards again.
    Inside the envelope containing puzzle pieces are, and one piece of written words which followed.
    The question is none other than the words that people have in common?
    Indeed there was much surprised what two people have in common?

    Anyone can translate better? Haha..
    i read soompi rules..
  • wishstarzwishstarz Posts: 120Member


    @reijaye After watching the video Seyoung looked cute, sexy, innocent and awkward...maybe Wooyoung should give her some lessons to give her more confidence. Watching the two of them dance should make them get closer quicker!

  • Fleura ChristineFleura Christine borneoPosts: 69Member


    hope they will dance together...
    ohohohohooo... today is the day...

    my hopefully OTPs : So Ji Sub - Gong Hyo Jin , Jang Woo Young - Park Se Young
    my OTP in my dream : Do Min Joon/Zampano/Kim Soo Hyun - Cheon Song Yi/Yenicall/Gianna Jun

  • rmdaebakrmdaebak Posts: 95Member


    Wooyoung and Park Se Young get to know each other better on next episode of 'We Got Married'

    January 17, 2014 @ 11:00 pmRead more: Follow us: @allkpop on Twitter | allkpop on Facebook
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  • artz_10artz_10 Posts: 52Member


    If wooyoung play the piano in today episode..probably he will play his first self composed song This is Love.. That be a sweet and romantic song TT
  • artz_10artz_10 Posts: 52Member


    Omg.. I think wooyoung screwed up again in this episode...kekeke
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