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[Variety] Dad! Where Are We Going? Season 2 아빠 ! 어디가 ? 시즌2 ♥ ♥



  • tulip06tulip06 Posts: 672Member


    its a shame that there is no subbing team for Appa Odiga even though it's a great show and I really like Bin after watching the cut of the show from YT and she really is different from Joon who is more calm while she's more like Dongil who is very blunt xD
    Bin is Sung Dongil's mini-me. :-)  
    I like how he's very concerned she be involved and get attention too. 
  • tatayuntatayun Posts: 16Member
    waiting for engsub is soooo long :'( aiguuu
  • aproditheaprodithe Posts: 499Member


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    NathaniaK said:
    Chanyoung had watched season 1, means that he knows he's going on tv.
    is that ok ? 
    i know that he probably doesnt understand yet how it would affected his life. his school, friend etc..
    what he know was that he would going on the trip with his appa and have fun..
    and his brother..duhh..soo handsome. Chanyoung is cute while his little brother is handsome 

    He only watch 1 ep in NZ, not all.. He doesnt know what Appa Odiga is, Ryu jin told him, 'going to trip, like NZ, so he showed him 1 NZ eps'. So, Chanhyung agreed to joins Appa Odiga. And Chanhyung was'nt watch that ep full, he states i know about a course and b course, but i dont know which one is faster, bcz i dont watch till the end.. Ryu jin just show what appa odiga is to chanhyung, so he agreed to joins the show.
    oh tks for your explanation. i just read in some blog that he watched nz episode, i thought he watched the whole season1 show.
    Ryujin was one of the appa that got offered for season 1...but he rejected it, probably he's worried how it would affected his sons.
    but i think he decide to join after watching the show, and saw how the production crew are very protective towards the kids on the show. and if dad like Sung Dongil joins, what else could worry ?? hahaha..even Jonghyuk decide to join because he see a strict father like SDI agree to join.

    anyway, i hope that the 3 newbie kids doesnt know what appa oediga is because i  prefer the kids doesnt know what the show is all about and suddenly they'd thrown away in the countryside they didnt even knew exist lol..that's what 5 kids in season 1 faced. their reaction is so pure and showing their true character. most of them are calm and enjoying the nature and the challenge. junsu, Joon, jiah and Hoo. Minguk was surprise and asked to went home. it's a pure reaction.

    Most of the time i admire their reaction regarding their house. considering how their daily life in seoul, which of course full of facilty. when they'd been thrown away in the village they looks happy and just enjoy it. and we rarely saw them complain (i hope it's not because the show edited the complain part lol)...i think that's what we expected to see in season 2 too...except for Hoo, Bin and Minyul i want to see the reaction of the newbie.

    anyway, is that Junsu in your ava ? i want to search junsu's pic for my ava lol
  • niruma_tanpoponiruma_tanpopo Posts: 28Member


    i can't wait to see uri binni ang dongil appa
    i bet dongil appa will explode to see bin behaviour
    and i really hope to see many love line between same age friend bin and ri hwan
    i bet she will soon forget min gooki oppa. LOL
  • sujulovelyasujulovelya IndonesiaPosts: 12Member


    Hi everyone~ i'm new member here..

    I just find my interest to this forum coz Appa Odiga..^^ thank you for your sharing about Appa Odiga.

    still waiting the engsub of last episodes season 1 and ready enjoy with season 2. yeaaah~~

    Hope the children at season 2 make my day great to like before season 1 :)

    *i'm gonna miss our ssang namja junsu and other members in season 1*

  • siposipo a good girl soshidramalandPosts: 212Member


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    @aphrodithe : no, KyuWon is the maknae here..The production team writes the age of the kids' with their age this year in Korean system. So as written in ep 1, in Korean age, she's 5 yo this year,,so normally she's 4 yo this year..but I guess she's not having her birthday yet,,so you can think she's still 3 yo. (you can check out the first page)

    I want comment about RiHwan,,I applaud his mother to educate him really well. How can he tidy up right away the pillows on the sofa or the table cloth after he played / messed with it...??? woahhhh,,I'm quite surprise how responsible he is...

    maybe this is out of topic, i just watched this show in chinese version here (,,so maybe anybody wants to check it out,,but please don't go overboard with comparing,,they're still kid anyways..
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  • linnslinns Posts: 304Member


    edited January 31
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  • loveytiraloveytira Posts: 13Member


    Wowww.. same with me. My bias is ahn rihwan and bin. Handsome boy n care toward bin. I already watched season 2 eng sub.. lol, hoo is funny. Hahaha.. i'm excited for new episode..
  • prism2103prism2103 Posts: 165Member


    loveytira said:
    Wowww.. same with me. My bias is ahn rihwan and bin. Handsome boy n care toward bin. I already watched season 2 eng sub.. lol, hoo is funny. Hahaha.. i'm excited for new episode..
    you've already watched season 2 eng sub? may i ask for the link to the subs pls? thanks! 
  • kiyundy.kiyundy. Shinhwa Changjo CaliforniaPosts: 8,675Friend of Soompi


    @prism2103 if you scroll up a little, @linns provided the link to it already. :)
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  • adrilovekoreaadrilovekorea México D.FPosts: 610Member


    Additional preview cuts from 'Dad, Where Are You Going 2's first vacation released


    The new season two cast of 'Dad, Where Are You Going?' will soon be showing viewers what unfolded on their first trip together, but if you can't wait until Sunday, they've revealed some additional still cuts for viewers to enjoy.

    The fathers and children got to know each other better at a village in Okcheon, Chungcheongbuk and Yoon Hoo especially showed how much he matured as the oldest hyung among the kids. He led the other children around to buy ingredients for their dinner and took care of them by holding things for them, earning the nickname, "General Hoo". 

    Ahn Jung Hwan will also surprise the other fathers by suddenly bursting into tears upon seeing the children leave their side and go off on their own to do errands.

    If you haven't already, welcome the new families on 'Dad, Where Are You Going?' by tuning in this Sunday!


    Credit: Allkpop 
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    I love dad where are we going!  (Season 1 and 2)아빠! 어디가?
    Waiting for ~ Alice: The Girl from Wonderland / Twenty ~
  • haesica_lovehaesica_love Posts: 1New Member
    This episode was absolutely adorable, I'm loving how the cast interacts with each other! Rihwan and Sungbin are my new OTP of the show, Sung Bin has a approachable vivaciousness, and Ri Hwan is such a gentlemanly cutie pie. They remind me a bit of Angela and Kimi in the Chinese ver of DWAG. Min Yool's such a smart fellow, I laughed so much when he bought take out coffee from a cafe. That was really impressive! I hope to see Chan Hyung and Gyu Won open up more in the next episode! :D Hoo is such an angel, I can just melt at the way he takes care of the younger children. He'll always be my eternal favorite, such a caring and loveable chap. He looks really worried about his new status, which makes him all the more loveable. I'm looking forward to seeing his 'Mat-Hyung' side this season :) DWAG is really a healing show, the children are so innocent and precious. Although a part of my heart will be with the S1 kids, I'll be supporting season 2! ^^
  • xopo17xopo17 In Oppa Heart :) Posts: 3,838Member


    Ep.2 :

    1. I don't think Kim Kyu Won is ready for variety show. i don't know, but i think we only pushed our ego to add 1 female so Binnie could get female friend. i believe Binnie is very different with Jiah. Jiah felt lonely because there is no female friend on season 1. but on Binnie's case, with or without female friend, i believe she can survive in variety show. Binie has different character with Jiah.

    Kim Kyu Won is very shyyyy, she almost never let go daddy's hands and her dad almost beside her.. she did not join with hoo,minyul, ahn ri hwan to gave food to the elders. MBC did not say anything but i believe because Kim Kyu Won did not want to go if her dad could not go too. and also Kim Kyu Won is very very little girl sometimes i think, if she can survive for 1 year ?

    i don't hate KJP and Kim Kyu Won. i respect both of them, but i can not deny the feeling about Kim Kyu Won. I prefer KJP's son to join season 2. i think KJP's son is more ready and fit to appa oediga show. IMHO

    2. finally i can hear Lee Jong Hyuk's voice. LJH voice is more crunchy . Lee Juck voice on season 1 more soft. and i love both of them. LJH as narrator is not bad at all. well, perhaps MBC could include Lee Junsu as narrator too along with LJH ?? that will be great :))

    3. Im Chan Young called Hoo Oppa to Hoo. many time he said Hoo Oppa. then Binnie correct him by saying : Its not Hoo Oppa, but Hoo Hyung . LMAO

    4. when Binnie imitating the sound of a dog (barking sound) >>> its very funny. she did not care the impact to her image plus there is handsome boy (Im Chan Young) beside her. Binie >> i adore you so much, my fave. she just imitating the sound of a dog (reminds me a lot on Jeju episode, when Hoo and Lee Junsu imitating the sound of a dog too ) . Im Chan Young only saw her with no expresiion and saying to her, Lets go, Hurry we must send this food. LMAO

                                                            ^=^  Appa Oediga / DWAWG / Lee Junsu  HOO / MinYuL / Song Jun - BInNie / Chan Hyung ^=^

  • xopo17xopo17 In Oppa Heart :) Posts: 3,838Member


    edited February 2
    Torrenttttt Linkkkkk for Ep.2 or Ep.57 :

    1. 720p XTX ( size = 1,4 GB ) :

    2. XViD HANrel (size = 1,01 GB) :

    3. &20p HANrel (size =  1,92 GB)    :

                                                            ^=^  Appa Oediga / DWAWG / Lee Junsu  HOO / MinYuL / Song Jun - BInNie / Chan Hyung ^=^

  • zoddgutszoddguts Posts: 158Member


    Yeah, after seeing the first ep subbed, I could see that Kim Kyu Won would be the weak link in the group. She seems really shy and way too young for the show. Who knows maybe she'll open up a bit later on? Anyways I'm kinda liking the change of the show. I'm liking how their introducing the kids and their father's, it gives us a chance to get to know them before going to the trip as group. 
  • halosilashalosilas Posts: 6Member
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