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[Drama 2014] Emergency Man and Woman / Emergency Couple 응급남녀 (JH + JH's interview on p627)



  • saranghaechoiseunghyunsaranghaechoiseunghyun IndonesiaPosts: 2,284Member


    booha said:
    @saranghaech...   Hello!  I'm glad you started this thread. Thank you for all those articles.  Very impressive about fan art postings!  I don't yet know much about Song JI hyo. I hope her fans will come here and post to show more about her. I know she is a member of Running Man and Choi Jin Hyuk participated in that show last fall.  Here are some of clips from it.

    cr to Choi Jin Hyuk DC

    hahahha... ur welcome chingu, actually I same like u, but I didn't know much about CJH. I just know, he played heirs, but I havent watched this drama. I hope u can share too about CJH and this new drama. gomawoo ^^
    Waiting everyweek: ^Emergency Couple^ ^Empress Ki^
    ^Running Man^ FOREVER
  • boohabooha Posts: 1,993Member


    @saranghaech  I have a feeling this drama will give us plenty of fun times. Thank you for postings. So you didn't watch Heirs. I,myself, tried really hard to watch Heirs because of CJH but I couldn't. I liked all of the cast but the story line was just too young for me. One of your postings gave added description on these two characters which was called for "to an amusing love story."  Even though my kdrama talking ability is zero, I enjoyed listening, with a great deal of envy, others who have such a fun way talking about kdramas.
    PS (just comment) I wonder if we could do christening these two couple' name?  Oh Jin Hee/ Oh Chang Min   For Heirs, CJH/Kim Won and IJE/Jeon Hyun Joo  was called 'WonJoo.' (the WonJoo love line) If you are interested, you could start to ask when there are more members.  bye
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