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[Drama 2014] Emergency Man and Woman / Emergency Couple 응급남녀 (JH + JH's interview on p627)



  • Yeekrfan2Yeekrfan2 Posts: 1,567Member


    stuartjmz said:
    As for Chang Min's behavior, the thing is that it's specific to Jin Hee (so I expect an explanation) 

    This is an interesting observation, thank you! I hadn't thought about like this before, but certainly so far he hasn't spoken to anyone else the way he does to JH so as you say, there must be a reason. This would also mean it's not generic first-lead douchebaggery, but something whose cause we need to be shown. Pali pali, please 
    Hmm that is very interesting. I didn't think about that. He only has an attitude towards her and only speaks her like that. Which does beg the question, why? How did he go from speaking to her in a loving tone to distaste? Yes, it does mean he's not the average main lead jerkwad. His issues are directly from her and it doesn't extend to anyone else around him. 
    Yes, it seems like they only treat each other like crap so it's their issues to be resolved together!
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  • robbo4robbo4 California, USAPosts: 1,381Friend of Soompi


    StevenD said:
    that jerk deserved a facefull of pee!

    it is funny now, but will be sad later on when she gets together with him agian.   On of the horrible things about kdramas is the number of times the heroinn goes for lice that should never get the girl.  ever.

    this girl deserves comendation for  dealing with the suicide.  Also for noticing something her lead did not.  jerkface deserves a reaming for giving demerol to an obviuos narko.   

    I tend to agree with you on these set ups that end with the unforgivable being rewarded in the end. I never did forgive 'Goo Jun Pyo' for any of the things that he put 'Geum Jandi' (and everyone else that he deemed to be unworthy) through in Boys Over Flowers.  X( But, I have to stay with it if I want to see my girls. What are you gonna do? :-??
  • miles99miles99 Posts: 67Member


    edited January 27
    The chief needs to seriously calm down though ! It's irritating how everything that comes out of his mouth is anger. I don't like Clara's character either she seems too conceited. I hope they go through a major character change other than that I'm excited for the new episodes!
  • drama314drama314 Posts: 467Member


    edited January 27
    stuartjmz said:
    stuartjmz said:
    drama314 said:
    Who's going to hate you? Certainly not me. I agree with everything you said. For these flaws, I do blame the writer because the actors can only do so much. I did have a face like WTF when the nurse said all the doctors were away. Really? ALL of the doctors are gone? How does a hospital operate if they send all of their available doctors away? Major WTFery right there. 


    Maybe this scenario is how the zombie wife was able to still exist in PMAI?! What does the wise k-drama king think, @stuartjmz:))

    Ooh, now THERE'S an interesting idea - a crossover. US shows LOVE doing crossover eps., time for some creative crossover makjang. They divorced around the time that the PM's wife disappeared, so clearly CM was having an affair with Na Young, and Man Se is HIS baby, not Kwon Yul's Although Jin Hee stormed out of the marriage in disgust when she learned this, she's actually Da Jeong's half-sister from a one-night stand her Dad can't even remember, due to his brain tumour. And then, ... 
    Hahaha If Korea ever did crossovers, that would be a very hilarious episode. That should seriously be the next poll. Makjang crossovers, would love to see what others can come up with :))
    You're right, that is a good idea. You've given me something to work with, the first stage will be some further research, which will be conducted shortly. Thank you!

    Hehehe... :))

    Can you imagine the relationship charts that would need to be created for these k-dramas?! We'd need so much paper to draw out the connections. LOL
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