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[Drama 2014] Emergency Man and Woman / Emergency Couple 응급남녀 (JH + JH's interview on p627)



  • ErikaJErikaJ Posts: 104Member


    I would love to see a drama do a spin off of what could have been between a second lead and the main lead. Has this ever happened before? Lol like I have serious severe second lead syndrome (SSSLS) and I'm beginning to lose it. Jk, but seriously, I'm dying over here as a Gook- Jin Hee ship.  ~X(
  • ErikaJErikaJ Posts: 104Member


    @hayhayhay HEY HEY HEY! Lol i had to. Anyways, I think that is a little too far fetched. If what happened with that patient was so traumatizing and kept him as a resident, I think he would remember what he/she looked like or at least, her name. Plus, Chang Min would have been there to recognize the doctor who "misdiagnosed" his then wife? Conclusion: We're all over analyzing everything. Lol, I think Jin Hee having a miscarriage came out of left field too. Where did that even come from? Haha we just need to hold on for a few more days and then FRIDAY(:
  • Yeekrfan2Yeekrfan2 Posts: 1,565Member


    I think I saw a BTS of JH with a little girl at the hospital at this thread somewhere which is not broadcasted yet! I wonder whether she is Ji Min, Dr. Shim's child perhaps? If she is the child, then Chief & Dr Shim storyline were planned all along which are consistent with their characters introduction.... :-/

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  • hayhayhayhayhayhay Posts: 2New Member


    @erikaj LOL I have to say though this is the only kdrama that has me speculating, and anxiously waiting for the next episode to come. Cant wait for Ep 10 and 11 ;)

    @kdramafanfan thanks for pointing it out. That's exactly where I kinda came out with the idea that JH probably had a miscarriage in the past, and sort of a ties in to the characterization of the Chief (cold and stern, harboring something from the past?) and maybe finding out that JH is doing okay will bring a closure to his "guilt" of what he did as an intern. Although I have to agree with @erikaj that Chief Gook would remember the face and CM would recognize the intern who misdiagnosed his then wife.. I guess we shall see lol.
  • august101august101 Posts: 159Member


    edited February 25
    It feels more What If to me. If they lost a baby I think it would have been said out right or at least heavily hinted at.

    Something like that overrides even the Monster
  • cedricgordoncedricgordon South East Asia Posts: 784Member


    I'm more captivated by the Dr Shim-Dr Gook arc than first leads.....this drama poses a serious second lead syndrome for me. 
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