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Yoo Yeon Seok 유연석 [Youth Over Flowers - Laos Team 3rd episode (ENGLISH SUBBED) is out!!]



  • sailatsailat Posts: 114Member


    Just checked out a bunch of YYS pix - he has the most amazing skin. HOW is it even possible?! Perfect namja's perfect. He should be picked up by some cosmetic brand... unreal! 
  • 8001spring8001spring Posts: 427Member


    zizi624 said:
    Have to share these too: 

    LOL he is so cute!!! 
    Thanks for the CF videos, @zizi624! I've included them in Pg 1 of this thread. Keep 'em coming!
  • kaylanurulkaylanurul Posts: 540Member


    kepogee said:
    Hello guys! Good day to all of you!

    I don't know if this was already posted, but we all need some YYS loving because this Oppa of ours need all the awards, CF, dramas and movies!!

    YYS as Chilbong 2013 is RAWR!!
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  • soujiesoujie Posts: 33Member
    Pretty sure other people may have pointed this out already but anyway might as well let this off my chest bc Idk anymore haha~

    I noticed in the 2013 scenes that neither Chilbong nor Najung have called each other by their names? I am not really sure about this since I only read recaps and watch 사이다 cuts on Youtube instead but I think they really haven't? The scene with Najung calling Trash still as 'Oppa' makes my Chilbong-is-the-husband senses tingling like crazy since even Yoonjin calls him Oppa and yeah. LOL Meanwhile Najung obviously always calls her hubby either Yeobo, as a term for endearment shared between them married couple, or Kim Jaejoon /when her hubby just won't look at her after calling his name for the umpteenth time like the usual coughs coughs Chilbong hi coughs/ lmao

    Maybe them not calling each other by their names yet is to cover up their 'Yeobo' pet name for each other??? lololol ok maybe I'm just delu T_T Can't wait for ep 16!!!

    YYS's performance is stellar as always! He's really such an effective actor. I love him to bits oh my. -vanishes into thin air-
    shinee and chilbong are my endgames
  • day_dreamerday_dreamer Posts: 1,442Member


    aoikarin said:

    Pretty boy having his reading time. I think this is bts for scene 2013? image


    It's probably the bts of one of the music videos he starred in, Yoon Jong Shin (Feat. Sung Shi Kyung) - The Thing To Do Tomorrow.

    Anyway, anyone here can help me with the title of this movie/short movie that he starred in? I think it's probably the short film he did with this friends, but I'm not so sure. I wish to see the film in full because it seems really interesting.

  • chappykoochappykoo Posts: 590Member


    just googling abput yys movies for my watching list reference amd found this interview of Re-encounter writer:
    You Da-In's real-life personality is similar to the character of Hye-Hwa. Yoo Yeon-Seok's real-life personality is opposite to to his character of Han-Soo. Yoo Yeon-Seok likes to talk and is a well raised young man, but when he acts his eyes get different. You Da-In needed time to be Hye-Hwa. Once she got there she was so into it. Yoo Yeon-Seok understands the character well, he acts well. I asked both of them to not express what they felt inside. Let the audience feel that.

    hehe just wanna share that because he sounds just like a real life chilbong :))

    btw i was googling bout his recent movie Hwayi and there's Samcheonpo in the same movie too! :))
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