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[Drama 2013/2014] A Well Grown Daughter/ One Well-Raised Daughter/ 잘 키운 딸 하나

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(ScreenCaps from the teaser)

(posters from the website)

Title: A Well Grown Daughter  /  One Well-Raised Daughter / Well Brought Up Daughter Ha Na

Hangul : 잘 키운 딸 하나

Romanization:  Jal Gi Woon  Ddal Ha Na

Channel: SBS

Genre: Romance, Family, Drama

Writer: Yoon Young Mi

Director: Jo Young Gwang

Broadcasting Date : December 2, 2013

Broadcasting Time: 7:20 pm - 8:00 pm KST ( 40 minutes)

Broadcasting Days:  Mondays - Fridays

Number of Episodes: 122  (Broadcast Date of  the Final Episode : May 30, 2014)

Official Website:

Synopsis / Plot:

Jang Ha Na is a tomboy with charms and strong will. She's the  fourth daughter of  the son of a  family that's been making soy sauce for hundred of years.  She has to dress up like a man and act as the son because of their financial situation in order to inherit the family business.

Cast :

(The character infos are on their website, if I find their English translation, I'll post it here. I hope someone will post the translation in this thread :) )

Park Han Byeol as Jang Ha Na  / Jang Eun Seong 

She is like a Lion King  (famous cartoon character. In the cartoon, baby lion meets many difficulties. Young cute baby lion overcomes many difficulties, then, growing up as a king in the jungle)

She was 4th daughter in a respectful family. As she has no brother, she was raised as a son since 5 years old. (In some old historic family, they want to have son to be able to inherit family name) . Because she was raised as a son for a long time, she talks and behaves like a boy. She is a pretty woman-in-male-attire.

During the days when she lived as a boy, she struggled as she was not a boy.  During these present days when she lives as a female, she’s struggling as she never experienced a life as a girl.

But, she is lovely aggressive girl. She is a type that sees what-she-still-has rather than crying for a lost-thing.

Lee Tae Gon as Han Yoon Chan

Cynical man. His talking style is biting and spiteful. From his school age, because of his rebellious attitude, there was always trouble around him.

But, he has somewhat unknown mysterious charms. Since he meets Hana, his frozen heart melts.

Jeong Eun Woo as Seol Do Hyeon

Sleek and chic handsome gentleman who studied in Europe.

Since his mother died, he filled his mother’s position for his father and younger sister.

He is rich with luxury house, cars and he is the heir of wealthy family.

But, sometimes he acts like female. He is afraid of folksy thing. If he sees something dirty or insects, he screams like a girl.

When he eats something hot or salty, his tongue cannot stand it and washing it with drinking liters of water.

Yoon Se In as Jang Ra Hee 

She is a sensible, fashionable goddess in Gangnam. She has been a queen from elementary school to college. Usually, this kind of girl’s brain is not so smart. But, she is so smart that she uses men to earn what she wants.

Then she falls in real love with Do Hyeon. Now, she starts to understand what discouragement is and feels the pain .

(credits to allkoreandrama for the main characters'  profile)

Jang Ha Na's Family

image Yoon Yoo Seon as Joo Hyo Seon (Ha Na's mother)

image Ha Jae Suk as Jang Ha Myeong (Ha Na's older sister)

image Park In Hwan as Jang Pan Ro (Ha Na's grand father and HS Soy Sauce Chairman)

Lee Yeong Beom as Dr.  Jang Min Seok (HaNa's father)

Jang Da Na as young Ha Na / EunSeong

Kim Min Young as young
Jang Ha Myeong

Jang Ra Hee's Family
image Kim Joo Young as Jang Ra Gong (Ha Na's half-brother  on father's side,
                                               Ra Hee's  half-brother on the mother's side

image Lee Hye Sook as Im Cheong Ran (Ra Gong and Ra Hee's mother)

image Kim Ji Yeong as Byeon Jong Sun (Cheong Ran's mother)

Kim Jing Eun as Go Gwang Cheol / Park Doo Shik (Ra Hee's father)

Jo Min Ah as young Ra Hee

Jang Ming Gyo as young Ra Gong

Seol Do Hyeon's Family:

image Choi Jae Sung  as Seol Jin Mok
(Do Hyeon's father and SS Group Chairman)

image Han Yoo Yi as Seol
Do Eun (Do Hyeon's sister)

Other Characters:

Jeong Dong Gyu as Assistant/Secretary Kim
Sohn Se Bin as Secretary Eun (Yoon Chan's secretary)
Jeong Yeong Geum as Jang Family's  Housekeeper
Kang Seong Min as Doctor Kim Jin Cheol  (Ha Na's doctor and Ra Hee's
suitor and former professor)
Jang Ga Hyeon as Announcer School Teacher (special appearance)
Seong In Ja as 
one of  Hwang So Soy Sauce Executives
Jeong Byeong Cheol
Lee Jong Min
Jo Soo Hyeok
Son Song Eun
Choi Ri Ho

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    More pics from Korean news

    suchadiva42leaaaaaLdy Gmermedensor
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    she really looks like a guy,a more credible one that i saw till now and a handsome one,hope the plot will be good
  • guccigal328guccigal328 Posts: 211Member


    Me too!!

    Count me in.

  • atomickittyatomickitty Posts: 1,567Member


    I like a tomboy too @gene71632. Mostly because there's a chance she won't be a horrible weak character that you sometimes find is so many Kdrama female (and male) leads.

    @guccigal328. I see you on a lot of dramas I also watch. Just want to say hello.

    Will you be watching this @Triton823 ?
  • Triton823Triton823 Posts: 3,420Member


    @atomickitty. Not sure if I will be or not. Depending on how the first few episodes go. Looks interesting though!
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    Hello 2 you as well @atomickitty" If your in then what the hell I'll give it a try, But first I'm going straight to my doctors and have him to increase my blood pressure pills so I can have them on standby just in case this drama turns into a nightmare ;)





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    edited November 2013
    News Articles about Ha JaeSuk who will play as Jang HaMyeong 
    from newsis  and news1

    suchadiva42valsavaLdy Gmerm
  • jigidawjigidaw IndonesiaPosts: 50Member
    Wow daily drama again, but Park Han Byul and Lee Tae Gon in it, I love them.. It seems nice story... yeah now im stuck in 2 sbs daily drama.. :)
  • uglypearluglypearl Posts: 2,507Member


    edited November 2013
    News article of Yoon SeIn who plays as Jang RaHee in the drama.  (link)
    In the pic, It's Jang RaHee when she was a schoolgirl.
    Jang HaNa also attended the same school but as a schoolboy with a name of Jang EunSung.

    Another news article of Yoon SeIn (link)
    In the pic she's with actor Kim JooYoung

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  • krgirl87krgirl87 Posts: 2,140Member


    she's soooo pretty !!!!!!!
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