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[Drama 2013/2014] A Well Grown Daughter/ One Well-Raised Daughter/ 잘 키운 딸 하나



  • valsavavalsava Posts: 11,705Member



    I wonder if CR ex-hubby will appear and clarify things up. But still we are not sure if he would help.
    If he's a bad guy, he would blackmail CR  to get more money. 
    If he's a good guy, he would tell the truth about everything but CR would make sure that he would not spill the beans.
    If RG finds out that he's not really a Jang, would he back out and change his mind?

    If this man shows back up I look for then to all work together, Would you work against the goose that laid the golden egg. I think how it will be found out by being overheard by the housekeeper or HN sister. I find it hard for G.Pa to stay un deathly touch. That Ex will team up DHD if he gets him what he want's with him he's all for number one. 

    32 min guy's it will be 2014
    uglypearlLdy Gmermsuchadiva42Sarah Maurice-Laplanche
  • idil24idil24 link queen Posts: 639Member


  • idil24idil24 link queen Posts: 639Member


  • uglypearluglypearl Posts: 2,072Member


    I found a raw video link Episode 23.
    Please private message me about the link if you want to watch it. Thanks

    (For those who received the link please check if the link is working)

    I'm maybe still online till 2 am KST Thursday. 
    Ldy Gmermvalsavasuchadiva42
  • uglypearluglypearl Posts: 2,072Member


  • dexter8010dexter8010 Posts: 1,442Member


    uglypearl said:
    What did they say on the preview?


    preview: Its hard to translate word by word but the whole preview meaning that the Gpa have to make a hard decision. Gpa give up one of them, so HN or RG(most possibly) will be disqualify in tomorow ep.
    uglypearlLdy Gmermvalsavasuchadiva42
  • valsavavalsava Posts: 11,705Member


    @LdyGmerm,  Another awesome read I will hurry and watch this episode. Oh so many question going on now and I need to cook so will come back.

    I'm so glad YC was there to HN whoop RG Azz. lol Now go tell DHD that. YC have seen first hand how sorry that bunch is. Hopefully he will HN teach more on her fighting skills as to protect herself there will be the fallen in the arms scene with those eye gazing looks.  If this happens I just love it.  
  • farhah_1986farhah_1986 Posts: 749Member


    How could grandpa let RG become a heir with his current behaviour..does it mean he will forsake JES?i think from the preview...ES mom could sense its time for grandpa to make a decision to choose either JES or JRG as the heir..after all i don't think its time to reveal hana as a women..because i think they gonna take at least 50-70 ep before hana revealed as a women
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