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[Drama 2013 - 2014] Prime Minister and I 총리와 나



  • spideystevespideysteve Posts: 1,105Member



    Yeah, we've only learned about the "affair" from third parties' perspectives, so there's still no definite answer to whether Na Young was having affair with In Ho or not. I also find it tricky that in In ho's flashbacks he was told that the wife's husband called the police. All the evidences In Ho got years ago pointed toward that Yul was the cause of the accident. ...LOL we're entering the territory of possible murder mystery...jealous husband, dead wife, comatose lover, vengeful brother.

    @LavelyShai I still think all the kids are Yul and Na Young's.

  • LavelyShaiLavelyShai ~HYOLO~ Sunny CaliforniaPosts: 8,289Moderator


    I also believe all the kids are Yul & Na Young's. I don't think we have any birth secrets or anything of that nature here
    ~Once A SONE, Always A SONE~ Believe in SoShi~
  • jsubmarinejsubmarine Posts: 171Member


    Orion said:
    Death Scenes.......6 times...all that even the same guy?....... Really says something, huh..

    OOooo....thank you!........I got most of them figured out.......but where was the one with the bloody nose from?

    Eyes wide open?....*laugh* attention to "details"......all of those characters did not want to die.

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