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[Drama 2013] Marry Him If You Dare 미래의 선택

msmallmsmall Posts: 117Member


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 Drama: Marry Him If You Dare / Mi-Rae's Choice / The Future Choice (미래의 선택)

Genre: Romance, fantasy, time travel

Episodes: TBA

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast period: October 14, 2013 to ? ? ?

Premiere Date: October 14, 2013

Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 (Korean time)

Replaces: Good Doctor

PD: Kwon Gye Hong (Crime Squad, Bad Love, Special Crime Investigation)

Writer: Hong Jin Ah of the Hong Sisters (The King 2 Hearts, Beethoven Virus, Over the Rainbow, Beating Heart)

Website :




(Credit To KBS Global)

We have many choices to make in life.

We ask ourselves, "Should we keep this job or quit?", or

"What should I do for a living?" or even,

"Is it okay for me to like this man?"

Our choices determine the direction of our lives, for better or for worse.

In the midst of our lives full of choices,

wouldn't it be great if someone from the future came

and made the choices for me?

What if we had a navigation system for our lives?

Our drama begins with these questions in mind.


And here, we have a average Jane,

a 32-year-old woman who experiences this dream come true.

She is a contract worker who has trouble enough trying to keep her job.

She was too caught up in the daily rut to even think about her dreams and life, when suddenly a woman appears claiming she is her future.

This woman from the future says from now on,

SHE will make the right choices and change her life.


Does this average Jane trust this woman who claims to be her from the future,

or her own choices right now?

The Current Me VS The Future Me

A success story from the struggles of two women on one life.


And, we ask all of you, who have choices to make in life...

What is it that you want from life?What is the meaning of happiness from life?







Marry Him If You Dare OST - Kim Tae Woo (김태우) - My Lady


Dramabeans Episode 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


News Portals : Hancinema | AllKpop

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  • winniewinnie Posts: 35Member


    Any news about this drama? I can't wait.
  • noelle cruznoelle cruz Posts: 1New Member
    미래의 선택 (mi-la-eui seon-taeg)
    Add to my movies & dramas
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    Directed by Kwon Kye-hong (권계홍)

    Screenplay by Hong Jin-ah (홍진아)


    KBS | Airing dates : 2013/10/__~Upcoming

    Mon, Tue 22:00
    The story and work and love of a producer, a writer, an announcer and the people working around the broadcasting service.


    The Future Choice | Cast

  • kiefshi1056kiefshi1056 Posts: 833Member


    sandara park/ kim so eun as leading lady please :)

  • StaRixStaRix Waiting4SJK Posts: 10,861Member


    edited September 2013
    I read that this will replace Good Doctor... GD is already airing but they still don't have at least one CONFIRMED cast for this drama???  :-/
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  • jjeennyy19jjeennyy19 Posts: 1,883Member


    @eeldeerlove: Waaahhhh..A fellow windblower in the house.. <:-P 

    Netizenbuzz posted reg. YEH and LDG's casting..

    Take it with a grain of salt as the comments does not represent the whole nation.. ;)
  • eeldeerloveeeldeerlove hallyuphile Posts: 459Member


    hi @jjeennyy19! its been a long time! haha

    im still visiting our favorite thread but im more of a lurking mode lately. :) hope to see more windblowers int his thread too. :)
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