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[Drama 2013] Good Doctor 굿 닥터-Best Drama: Korea PD & Directors,Baeksang,Banff and Korea Broadcasting

mrdimplesmrdimples Joo Won's WomanIn An Alternate WorldPosts: 6,951Member


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Title : Good Doctor 굿 닥터

Produced by : Logos Film

PD: Ki Min-Soo

Writer : Park Jae-Beom

Official Sites : Good Doctor (KBS Kor) | KBS Global




The lives of pedeatricians who battle daily to help children and their families' happiness.

Few people are aware of the fact that the pedeatric ward exists seperately.
Regardless, the hardworking individuals there steadfastly deliver on their promise to give their very best.
  • They face arduous challenges daily ranging from surgery on tiny preterm infants as tiny as a pen and on fetuses.

    These doctors perform amazing feats day in and day out.

    "Good Doctor" deals with the struggles and triumphs of pediatricians who are devoted to the cause of saving young lives.

    Also highlighted in the drama are social issues like medical insurance systems that are flawed and the hospital systems that are geared towards profiteering rather than saving lives, which ultimately affects the working environment of pediatricians.


    The show will also throw some important questions along the way as the story unfolds such as "What should grown ups do for the betterment of our children."

    The children in the pediatric ward are our children, nephews and more.

    "Good Doctor" seeks to help make the world a brighter place for the children.


    Not disabled but alternately-abled 

    Some viewers might find it strange to find a less-able or alternately-abled individual starring in a drama instead of a documentary.

    Some might feel uncomfortable with the fact that the star of the show is not a lovely lady or a charming young man.


    But there are more ways than one dramas can touch lives and entertain viewers.

    In reality, these type of individuals are marginalized or looked to as subjects of pity.

    But that's not necessarily the case.

    They too have something to offer to this world.


    Too many people have the wrong conception of autism.

    With characters featured in films like "Marathon" being one of the more recognized individuals with such conditions, people still view them as social outcasts and victims.

    Unknown to many, there are many different types and levels of these conditions.

    And some are capable of overcoming them and blend in as a contributing member of our society.

    Unfortunately the biggest obstacles standing in their way is the misconception of people, those who provide a glass ceiling that stunt their growth.

    "Good Doctor" shines light on these issues and portray these individuals as normal people with great aspirations and dreams.

    The show aims to remind viewers that what they need is acceptance, not sympathy. (KBS GLOBAL)




    Other Supporting Casts (Credit Asianwiki)

    Good Doctor-Cheon Ho-Jin.jpgGood Doctor-Kwak Do-Won.jpgGood Doctor-Kim Young-Kwang.jpgGood Doctor-Yoon Park.jpgGood Doctor-Yoon Bong-Kil.jpg
    Cheon Ho-JinKwak Do-WonKim Young-KwangYoon ParkYoon Bong-Kil
    Choi Woo-SeokKang Hyun-TaeHan Jin-WookWoo Il-KyuHong Gil-Nam

    Good Doctor-Wang Ji-Won.jpgGood Doctor-Ko Chang-Seok.jpgGood Doctor-Jin Kyung.jpgGood Doctor-Na Young-Hee.jpgGood Doctor-Jo Hee-Bong.jpg
    Wang Ji-WonKo Chang-SeokJin KyungNa Young-HeeJo Hee-Bong
    Kim Sun-JooJo Jung-MiNam Joo-YeonLee Yeo-WonKo Choong-Man

    Good Doctor-Lee Ki-Yeol.jpgGood Doctor-Jeong Man-Sik.jpgGood Doctor-Lee A-Rin.jpgGood Doctor-Ha Kyu-Won.jpgGood Doctor-Kim Hyun-Soo.jpg
    Lee Ki-YeolJeong Man-SikLee A-RinHa Kyu-WonKim Hyun-Soo
    Lee Hyeok-PilKim Jae-JoonKa-KyungHye-JinNa In-Hae

    Good Doctor-Eom Hyeon-Kyeong.jpgGood Doctor-An Sung-Hoon.jpgGood Doctor-Yoo Je-Gun.jpgLee Jang-KyungGood Doctor-Oh Eun-Chan.jpg
    Eom Hyeon-KyeongAn Sung-HoonYoo Je-GunLee Jang-KyungOh Eun-Chan
    Na In-YoungLee Woo-RamPark Ho-SukKim Ye-EunCha Dong-Jin

    Good Doctor-Jung Ho-Keun.jpgGood Doctor-Yun Yu-Seon.jpgSeo Hyun-Chul
    Jung Ho-KeunYun Yu-SeonSeo Hyun-Chul
    Park Choon-SungOh Kyung-JooByeong-Soo


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  • Miky88Miky88 RomaniaPosts: 3,188Member


    I really hope that both actors will sign for this project...This would be such a good challange for Jo Won because the character is difficult but i'm sure he could pull it off and he is like a kid in a man's body  :)) I saw God's Quiz and i like the writer so it's another plus to this show...Jang Sang Wook is awesome in TEN so i hope to see him in more shows :x
  • cikkicikki Posts: 48Member


    edited May 2013
    OMG can't wait for this drama! Joo Won as a doctor and not just a normal one... I also watched all 3 seasons of God's Quiz, really anticipating the writers new work... Can't it be august yet 
  • aemiaemi Posts: 303Member


  • laruslarus RomaniaPosts: 2,192Member


    aemi said:

    The female lead will be Jung Ryeo Won:


    Really? I am glad they chose her. I wondered when I`ll see her in a drama again.
  • cikkicikki Posts: 48Member


    I want Uee! It would be nice to see them together again... It is not that i have any problems with Jung Ryeo Won :)
  • aemiaemi Posts: 303Member


    edited May 2013

    @cikki, the female lead in this drama is supposed to be quite a bit older (I think I read 4-5)  so I don't think Uee would be in the running.

    I'm not sure if Jung Ryeo Won has been totally confirmed yet but the drama needs to start shooting soon so I'd bet it's a done deal.


  • YolandaYolanda Posts: 17Member
    If this two Confirmed, This drama will be killling me with hotness overload :x i secretly hope Uee will joined this drama not as main role as long she have interaction with JooWon will be great. 

    Please kindly read the signature rules.

  • mekeo117mekeo117 Posts: 883Member


    Yolanda said:
    If this two Confirmed, This drama will be killling me with hotness overload :x i secretly hope Uee will joined this drama not as main role as long she have interaction with JooWon will be great. 

    Totally agreed . Even if it sucks I will still watch for Mr Hot Joo Sang Wook :) :) 

    Anyway I don't mind if it's Jung Ryeo Won ..

  • YolandaYolanda Posts: 17Member
    mekeo117 wrote: »
    Yolanda said:<br />
    If this two Confirmed, This drama will be killling me with hotness overload :x i secretly hope Uee will joined this drama not as main role as long she have interaction with JooWon will be great.  <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Totally agreed . Even if it sucks I will still watch for Mr Hot Joo Sang Wook :) :)  Anyway I don't mind if it's Jung Ryeo Won ..
    Yeah, Jung Ryeowon actually pretty great. I just hope this drama will have good story since if this two confirmed acting will be legit to watch and have good rating

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